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Weird Hairstyles

The men and women’s styling of hair is called a haircut, hairstyle or hairdo, which is an important practice, cultural and popular trend of fashion, personal grooming and cosmetics. People used various hairstyle that depends of their facial structures, the culture where they live and mostly the trend of fashion according to ages. Commonly, most hairstyles are […]

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Weird Traditional Chinese Feasts

The whole world just celebrate the traditional New Year in many different ways or practice, but it always means a new life and a new beginning to start 2014. The traditional Chinese holidays are constituting the essence part of offerings for harvests or prayers. For the Chinese communities Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is the […]

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Funny and Weird Mixed English Word

English is a West Germanic languages compose the widely three traditional branches of languages of the Germanic family including  languages such as English, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, the Frisian languages and Yiddish or Jewish of Ashkenazi Jewish origin, spoken in many parts of the world, which was first spoken in early medieval England and is now the world’s […]

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Weird Characters Portrayed By Famous Actors

A person in a narrative work of arts such as novel, play, TV shows and series, and films, is called a character performing strange, weird, odd or eccentric behavioral character of a person played by an actor. A particular character, enacted by an actor in the theater, or cinema, involving illusion of being a human […]

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Common Weird Skin Problems

There are common skin problem that may annoy us and just looking at these weird skin diseases it makes us uncomfortable or disturbing feeling. Our common reaction, buy some ointment or see our nearest dermatologist. Some people do self medication due to some skin disease are quite embarrassing and just wanted to keep it by […]

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Michael Jackson's impersonator, JD

Weird Impersonators and Artists

A person who imitates or copy someone’s behavior or actions of other individuals such as famous celebrities in politics, music and acting industry, is called an impersonator. There are several known entertainers who portray an impersonator, impersonating a celebrity generally for entertainment, or makes fun of the celebrity’s recent scandals or known weird behavior characters. […]

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Weird Look-alike with Famous Celebrities

A person who resembles another person is called look-alike, or who have physical resemblance to famous celebrity, politician or any royalty member. Many of these “look-alike celebrity” use this opportunity to earn a living by making guest appearances at public events or performing on television or film, playing the role of the person they resemble. […]

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