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80's Gym Shorts

80 s attire- unique or tacky ensembles

Nineteen Eighties is the decade of colorful ensembles-80s attire (1980′s fashion). I was actually born in the eighties and I did enjoy listening to Cindy Lauper and Madonna. Anyway, in this post I simply highlight those 80s attire you’d be the judge as to whether these 80s pieces are unique or just plain tacky. 1. […]

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10 Weird Things to Google About

How I came up with weird things to Google about- I was researching about my next post when I started noticing Google’s auto complete search feature. It kept trying to provide search suggestions that were a bit irrelevant to what I was searching for. I then realized that people are entering weird things to Google […]

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Crude Noose

15 Insane Weird Deaths Stories

You probably read and heard insane weird deaths stories that are ridiculously unbelievable. Some of these stories are true and some are fictional (like the urban legend thingy). I decided to compile and research about true weird death stories. I managed to come up with 15 weird death stories and I hope to gradually add […]

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Weird disorders-Pica Disorder

It’s a fact that there are several weird disorders that we may or may not know about. In this post, I discuss about Pica Disorder (pica- pronounced as “pie-ka not pee-ka”), is disturbing and weird. People with pica disorder often have the cravings of eating things that are inedible.   I used to work in […]

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Bizarre and unique kind of dating

Apparently, dating has become unique and a bit bizarre. I came across what you now called virtual date. Just imagine meeting someone online and dating him/her virtually, to me, it is unique and really weird at the same time. I took the time to try it; to my surprise, it is definitely enjoyable. Let me […]

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