Amazing Weird National Costumes

The national costume, also called folk costume, regional costumes or traditional dress, according to national symbols, colors, geographical areas and history of one’s country and region, national cultures and traditions, is as symbol to identify which group of ethnic people they belong and their country respectively. It also indicate social, religious and marital status of a person. The national costumes are commonly worn during festivals or important event of their country. There are countries or regions where the national costumes are required by their laws to wear as a respect for their religion, cultures and traditions just like in Saudi Arabia, where the women are strictly obliged to wear their Abaya or in Bhutan, where the Bhutanese men wear traditional Gho and Kera, while the women wear their Kira and Toego.

1)   Gho and Kera, for Bhutanese Men

King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk, wearing a Gho and saffron kabney

Gho with saffron scarf are worn by the King or Druk Gyalpo and the chief abbot or Je Khenpo.

Gho with orange Khabney, worn by the ministers of Bhutan

The orange Khabney or scarf are worn by the Bhutan ministers. The Blue scarf, are worn by the Royal consultant councils (Lodoi Tsokde) and members of the National Assembly. The red khabney are for the royal family male members  and the higher officials; the green khabney are for the judicial members; the white khabney with red stripes are for the headmen or Gups of the 205 gewogs or geogs; the white khabney with blue stripes are worn by the members of the National Assembly or Chimi and the plain-white khabney are for the ordinary citizens.

Bhutanese women wearing their national costumes, Kira and Toego

Bhutanese women wearing national folk costume during a festival

Tibet National Costume

Tibetan women wearing a U-Tsang Chubas, traditional dress

Tibetan National Costume

Tibetan Costumes

National costume of Tibet is called Chuba.

2) Abaya Dress, National Costume for Islamic Women

Abaya, women in Saudi Arabia

Muslim woman fo Yemen, wearing a Niqab, covering her face

Yemeni doctor wearing a white Niqab

The Abaya is the traditional dress worn by the Islamic women in Turkey, North Africa and the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula. The traditional Abaya are usually black with a cloak-like fabric draped from the shoulders covering the whole body. It is commonly worn with caftan or head covering cloth and the niqab, a veil that covers the face leaving only the eyes exposed. Some wear black gloves to cover their hands.


Burqa national costume for Afganistan Islamic women

Kurta National costume for Afghan men

Kurta national dress for Afghan, Pakistani men

Pashtun traditional dress with Karakul hat, Afghanistan

Woman wearing a Burqa in Iran wiki

Burqa is an outer clothing worn by Islamic women to cover their whole bodies and worn with niqab, a veil covering their faces.

3) Kebaya (Indonesia and Malaysia National Costume for women)

Kebaya, traditional national costume worn by Peranakan Chinese and Baba-Nyonya

Kebaya National Costume in modern look

Flight Stewardess of Garuda Airlines in Kebaya and Kain Batik sarong

Sarong For Men in Indonesia and Malaysia

Javanese men wearing Sarongs as their traditional and national costumes

Baju Melayu (national costume for men in Brunei Darrusalam)

Baju Melayu, traditional dress for Malay men

Baju Kurung, typical traditional dress of the Malay women

4)   Thailand National Costume

Thailand national costume for men

Thailand National Costume for women

Miss Thailand, wearing her national costume during the Miss Universe

Thailand National costumes

Sampot Chang Kben, National dress for women in Cambodia (Khramer Dancers)

Sampot Chang Kben, worn by traditional Khramer dancers in Cambodia and Burma

Kachin Burmese national costumes

Myint Aung, Burmese traditional costumes for men

Traditional costumes, Myanmar, Burma

Longyi or the sarong and the Eingyi (blouse or shirt), Burmese national costumes.


Traditional costume, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Cambodia national costume worn by Khramer dancers

Cambodia's traditional wedding dress

Sampot and padaan the national costumes in Cambodia, also adopted by Laos and Thailand. The women’s clothing is commonly called Sampot Chang Kben or Chong Kraben. The luxurious fabrics worn by rich or royal Cambodians is called Sampot Phamuong Chorabap. Their traditional checkered scarf is called krama.

5)   Vietnam National Costume

Vietnam Traditional costume for men

Vietnam National costume called Ao Dai

Ao Dai, Vietnam national and traditional costumes for women in Vietnam

Ao Dai and Ao Ba Ba, national costume in Vietnam

Ao dai is the national costume of Vietnam. Ao Ba is the silk pants worn by men and women.

6) Traditional National Costume of Korea

Korean national and traditional costume Hanbok Dangui

Korean National costume for men and women

Jeogori (upper blouse of Hanbok) and the Chima, the wrap around long skirt

Korean national costume is called Hanbok in South Korea and Choson-ot in North Korea. The blouse is called Jeogori and the wrap-around skirt is called Chima, and so they commonly called their traditional dress as Chima Jeogori.

7)  Japanese Traditional National Costume, the Kimono

Japanese national costume is called Kimono

Japanese Kimono, National Costume of Japan

Japanese kimono National costume for men

Kaiso Kimono traditional dress for Japanese men

8) Philippines National Costume

Philippines national costume

Philippine National Costume

Barong Tagalog, Philippines national costume for men

Philippines Barong Tagalog national costume for men

The Philippine national costume for women is called Baro’t Saya and for men it is called Barong Tagalog.

9) Chinese National Costumes

Chinese traditional national costume for men

Cheongsam, Chinese national costume for women

The Chinese national costume for women is called qipao but most common name is Cheongsam or Mandarin gown. The men’s national clothing is called Changsan, Changpao or dagua.

Chinese Ethnic group traditional costume

Qu Xuedong, China national costume

Mongolian Chinese National Costume

Mongolian National costume

Hohhot Mongolian ethnic tribe national costumes

Hohhot Mongolian women wearing national costumes

Mongol Deel , Mongolian national costumes

Buryat Mongolian man in National Costume

The Buryat deel, has a square opening edges on the chest area, while the Khalkha deel, it has round and thin chest opening.

Mongolian women, wearing the Khalkha deel design

10)  Bangladesh

Bangladesh women in National dress

Bangladeshi women wearing National costumes

Bangladesh Traditional bridal dress

Nepal National Costume

Gunyou Cholo, traditional dress for Nepali women

Gunyou Cholo, national dress for Pakistani women and Dhaka Topi, national dress nor Nepali men

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka or Tamil women in Sari, national dress wiki

Sri Lanka national dress, using Batik fabric

Miss Sri Lanka, wearing the national costume

Sri Lankan man, wearing the traditional Achan Dhuti national dress

In India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the national costume for women is called Sari, but come in different variations according to region. The men’s national dress is called Sarong, dhoti or pancha, or Lungi.

11)  Maori National costumes, New Zealand

Maori traditional costumes, New Zealand

Maori warriors wearing traditional costumes

Tonga National costumes

Tongan National costumes

Ta'ovala national dress, newly wed Tongan couples (wikipedia

Ta'ovala mats, worn by grieving family in a funeral in Tonga

Kie-kie, Tongan dress worn by women made of knitred plastic rope

Tupeno and Lungi names of Tongan national costumes. The Ta’ovala are woven mats made from pandamus leaves.

12)Albanian Traditional Costumes

Albanian man in traditional costume wiki

traditional Albanian's women's dress

Northern Albanian couple in their National costumes

Greek Guards wearing Fustanella skirt, as their uniform, Athens, Greece

The national costume of the Republic of Albania (south of Greece and east of the Republic of Macedonia) is called veshjet kombetare, veshjet popullare or kostumet kombetare. The traditional belt is called Brez, and the traditional pants is called corape, Xhaqele is the traditional vest and opinga is the traditional shoes. The Fustanella skirt is the national costume worn by men in Alabania and in  some European regions. Tirq or tirc, is the traditional pants. The Brekusha is the traditional pants for men and women, the Xhubleta and Mbeshtjellese is only for women’s wear.

Austrian Traditional Costumes

Austrian Black Forest Tracht, traditional Austrian costumes for women

Austrian Tracht, national costume for Austrian men

Austrian Tracht, Traditional costumes

Traditional Costumes of Bavaria

Bavarian Lederhosen Miesbascher Tracht (Traditional costumes of Bavaria)

Men of Bavaria, wearing traditional Lederhosen shorts

13)  Traditional Costumes of Croatia

Croatian men's Dinaric traditional costume

Croatian National costumes

Croatians National dress, Croatia

Dalmatia Region national costumes, Croatia

Dalmatia Region's traditional costumes, Croatia

14)  Czech’s and Slovenia Traditional Costumes

Czech's and Slovaks Kroje, National costumes

Czech Folk costumes (male and female)

Slovenia Folk costumes

Slovenian national dress

Slovenian national costume during a festival

Slovenian national costume

Traditional Costumes in Ukraine

Ukraine Carpatho-Rusyn folk costumes

Carpatho-Rusyn national dress, Ukraine

Poltava national costume worn by Ukranian women

Ukraine folk costumes

15)  Russian Traditional Costumes

Russian Traditional dress

Russian traditional costumes

16)  Germany’s Traditional Costumes

Dirndls national dress of German women

Germany's Dirndle traditional dress

17)   Horn of Africa Traditional Costumes

Ghanians wearing Dashikis and Kufis, national costumes of Accra, Ghana

Ghanaians wearing national costumes in a ceremony in Ghana

Ghana Dashikis National costumes for men

Uganda National Costumes

Kanzu worn by Uganda men in a ceremony, Kampala, Uganda

Gomesi national costume for Ghanian women

Kenyan National costumes

Khanga worn by Kenyan as national dress for everyday use

Maasai, Kenya National costumes

Maasai men wearing traditional national costumes

Masai, Kenyan national costumes

Nigerian National Costumes

Nigerian woman wearing a Buba and skirt, a traditional costumes

Kaftan worn by Nigerian woman as their national costumes

Nigerian Aso-Oke national costume

Miss Nigeria in her national costume

Head tie of Ivorain woman, a traditional headress of Afican women

Djibouti woman in her national costume

18)  Amauti, National costume of the Inuits

Amauti national costumes of Inuit

Amautit angajuqtaujaq national costume of Inuit

19)  Peru National Costume

Peru national costume men

Patacancha Inkans national costumes

Chile National Costume

Chile National Costume

Chile National Costume

Cuba National Costume

Havana, Cuba, women in their national costumes

women of Havana, Cuba in their national costumes

Haiti , Port Au-Prince

National costumes in a traditional ceremony in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Haitian women wearing national red costumes

20) Turkish National costumes, Turkey

Turkish and Balkans National costumes, Turkey

Turkish wearing national costumes

National costumes of Turkish in the Isle of Karpathos, Greece

Morocco National Costumes

Women of Morocco wearing national costumes

Moroccan garment for men, national costume

Moroccan woman in her National costume


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