Strange Underwater Creatures

Do you love sea foods? I always love fish, crabs, shrimps or any sea food cuisine on my dinning table. Visiting many countries like in Asia, sometimes they serve you with their exotic delicacies and be amazed that this ‘poisonous’ fish is a good delicacy. And would you believe that this kind of species are very expensive, like the Fugu fish in Japan, (take note only professional chef could cook this kind of puffer fish species). And there are many kind of fish species existing in our seas and rivers.

1) Goliath Tigerfish

Goliath Tiger Fish (

Found mostly in the river of Congo, Zambezi River, Lake Kariba in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Cabora Bassa in Mozambique.

2) Frilled Shark


Frilled Shark (


Frill sharks found in deep sea water about 1,500 meters deep with six gills, identifying it as shark. It grows as 7′ in maximum length.

3) Goblin Shark


Goblin Shark (

Goblin shark, like the frilled shark are found in the deepest sea of 1,300 meters. Goblin sharks are first discovered in the deep seas of Japan.

4) Piranha Fish

Piranha Fish or Caribes (wilkipedia)


Piranha or Pirana, are omnivorous fresh water fish and inhabitants in the rivers of South America. Also found in the rivers of Venezuela, and commonly called Caribes. Their sharp teeth like razors could tear flesh of their prey with their voracious appetite for meat. Piranhas are found in American basin in Orinoso in the rivers of the Guyana.

Red-Bellied Piranha (Wilkipedia)

The red-bellied piranhas are known for being ferocious that could tear the flesh of its victims in seconds because of their razor-like teeth. The red-bellied piranhas are found in Amazon River Basin, Paraguay river basin, Essiquibo rivers and the coastal rivers of North Eastern Brazil.

5) Lamprey Eel

Lamprey Eel (

Lamprey Eel (Wilkipedia)

An aquatic parasitic marine, a funnel-like toothed-sucking mouth. They suck the blood of their preys. Their names are based on stone-licker, lives mostly in coastal and fresh waters, though some Geotria Australis species travels in open ocean between New Zealand and Australia.

6) Pelican Eel

Pelican Eel (

Pelican eel, named after the Pelican bird because it resembles like the pelican beak. Found in the deep sea and rarely seen by human except when caught by fishing nets. It is sometimes called umbrella-mouth gulper.

7) Big Ocean Sun Fish

Ocean Sun Fish (

The ocean big Sun Fish or sometimes called Mola-Mola are found, heaviest known bony fish in the world. The sun fish eats jelly fish for their meal. They are related with the puffer fish and porcupine fish. Mola mola are also delicacy in Korea and Japan and some Asian country, but is now banned selling meats of sunfish in the markets.

8) Crustacean (Baby Isopod)

Crustacean (Baby Isopod) Wilkipedia

The baby Isopod or Ceratoserolis was discovered in an expedition in the water of

9) Axolotl

Axolotls Fish (

Axolotls (image by: John Clare)

Axolotls are amphibians commonly found in Lake Xochimiko, Mexico.

10) Mudskipper Fish

Mudskipper Fish (

Mudskipper Fish (

The Mudskipper fish can stay by land aside in water. Commonly found in Indo-Pacific in the Atlantic coast of Africa. These species are more active in land than in water. (

11) Spotted Hand Fish


Spotted-Handfish (


The spotted-handfish or Brachionichthys hirsutus, are rare types of fish that can walk across the ocean floors, like the mudskippers, red-lipped bat fish, axolotls and the African lungfish that can walk through the use of their pectoral fins.

12) Red-Lipped Bat Fish


Red-Lipped Batfish (



Red-Lipped Batfish (

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