Weird, Strange and Amazing Sinkholes

These large sinkholes are amazing, strange and weird.

If you ever see a deep excavation, a man-made or natural sinkholes, how would you feel? In my case it would really feel so eerie, maybe because I have fear in heights and darkness. I would like to share you these weird, strange and unbelievable deep sinkholes on earth. (Thank you very much from my reliable sources.)

1) Glory Hole of Montecillo Dam, California


Glory Hole of Montecillo Dam, California(Wilkipedia)


Montecillo Dam Top View (Wilkipedia)

The Glory Hole of Montecillo Dam, found in California and the largest in the world. The size that could consume water estimated every second, almost 15,000 cubic feet of water. The Glory Hole is used to drain water when the dam reach the full capacity from the reservoir.

2) Great Blue Hole, Belize

Great Blue Hole, Belize (Wilkipedia)

Great Blue Hole in Belize (Wilkipedia)

This amazing Blue hole in Belize, can be found 60 miles from the mainland of Belize. It is considered geographical phenomenon. There are various blue holes in the world, but the blue hole in Belize is great for it’s perfect circular hole with 1/4 mile wide, and 145 meters deep to the middle and the hole was huge.

3) Blue Hole in Micronesia, Guam

Blue Hole in Micronesia, Guam(

Blue Hole Micronesia, Guam (

The blue hole is located in Orote Point, southern part of the land of the Apra Harbour entrance; it is a natural limestone shaft that descends into the reef.

4) Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas

Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas (

The Dean’s blue hole is the 8th largest cave body in the world. Blue Hole in Belize is named the largest.

5) Cenote Poza El Zacaton

Cenote Poza El Zacaton Sinkhole (

Deepest sinkhole that began to develop and formed during Pleistocene from volcanic.

6) Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman


Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman (Wilkipedia)


Bimmah sinkhole is one of the world’s natural oddities. Bimmah’s resident developed the sinkhole for tourist attraction and swimming resorts.

7) Bermuda Triangle


Aerial View od Bermuda Triangle (

Bermuda Triangle also known as “Devil’s Triangle”, found connecting from Miami, Florida- San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas within the triangular area of the Atlantic Ocean. The mysterious Bermuda Triangle according to some have a sinkhole with great gravity to suck air-crafts, ships or any traveling boats and cause the mysterious disappearance of many air-crafts and sea crafts. But some say it was just a myth, so what are the explanation of the unexplained disappearances of this crafts? In 1451 – 1506, Christopher Columbus wrote that the compass reading were turning and twisting in that area, now called Bermuda Triangle, and were confused by shallow areas and no land near this area; and the term of Bermuda Triangle was first use by Vincent H. articles.

8) Kimberly Big Hole

Kimberly Hole, South Africa

Kimberly Big Hole, in South Afica, the largest man-made excavation hole. Over 3 tonnes of diamonds were mined in this 1,097 meter deep hole before it was closed in 1914. Over 22.5 million tonnes of earth was removed and dug by workers.

9) Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah


Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah (


Bingham Canyon mine in Utah, began its digging in 1863 and still the mine is still operational as of today. The man-made excavation pit is increasing in size and current hole is 3/4 mile deep and 2.5 miles wide.

10) Mir Mine, Siberia


Mir Mine In Yakutia, Siberia (


Mir mine in Yakutia, Siberia is said to be beastly and have the title of the largest open diamond mine in the world. First opened in 1955 located in East Siberian region in Russia that caused the city to be polluted, and the operation was stopped and this sinkhole was deserted. The hole 525 meters or 1,720 feet deep and the diameter is 1,200 meters or 3,900 feet wide. Mir means “peace” and called Mirry Mine.

11) Berezniki Hole, Soviet Russia


Berezniki Hole, Soviet Russia (

Berezniki Hole in Soviet Russia began in 1986. It is becoming worse as the years pass by, because the hole did not stopped growing deeper and currently it is now 200 meter deep, 80 meters long and 40 meters wide. The Berezniki hole is a threat for damaging the Polash mine’s only rail line and 10% of the world output polash.

12) Guatemala Gigantic Sinkhole

Guatemala Gigantic Sinkhole (

Guatemala Sinkhole (Guatemalan Government’s Flickr)

In June 1, 2010, a crumbling sound was heard by Guatemalan residents, and this deep sinkhole appeared and was believed caused by recently Typhoon Agatha and some analyst said massive underground water current soften the foundation. Thus resulting into gigantic sinkhole that emits foul odors according to residents nearby in Zone 2 in Guatemala City.

13) Sarisarinama, Venezuela

Sarisarinama, Venezuela (

Sarisarinama sinkhole is said to be mysterious and beautiful natural wonders. Even the scientists can’t determine how and when these stunning sinkholes originated.

14) Mount Gambier, Southeast Australia

Mount Gambier, Southeast Australia

Mount Gambier also known as City of Craters, located between Adelaide and Melbourne, Southeast Australia, with caves, caverns and channel of waters beneath the residential areas. Atop is limestone and the city has volcanic craters and natural sinkholes filled of water.

15) Mysterious Sinking House, Florida

Mysterious House Sinking, Florida (Steve Kluge)

Steve Kluge made his listings of impressive of geological disasters. This unfortunate house in Florida are one of his photographed weird disaster. Sinkholes in Florida are the most persistent and popular problem of this state not only floods and hurricanes.

16) Agrico Gypsum Stack, Florida

Agrico Gypsum Stack, Florida

Florida is sudden by sinkhole erosion, and in 1994 was one of the devastating disaster that happened so far. And the 15th story sinkhole appeared and widely open right beneath an 80 million ton pile of gypsum stack or toxic industrial waste that contaminated drinking water and air in Florida. And named the “Journey to the Center of the Earth”.

17) Sinkhole In South Florida

Sinkhole In South Florida (

The ‘karst’, a type of bedrock in this urban place in southern Florida area, that weakened the foundation and collapsed and created this devastating sinkhole.

18) The Devil’s Sinkhole, Texas

Devil’s Sinkhole-Double, Texas (

The Devil’s sinkhole in Texas, lime-stones wonder and the 400 feet cavern deep, dark and the vastness was still considered ‘sacred’ by native Americans. The locals collect various aquatic plants, stalactites and other treasure found in the sinkhole.

19) Daisetta, Texas

Daisetta Sinkhole, Texas (

Daisetta sinkhole, in Texas started with only 20 foot hole and spread to 900 feet over the neighborhood that causes the fall of many telephone posts, buildings and cars as it grew larger. Local authorities checked on the gas pipes and oil and suspected for leaks from oil fields to totter and fall into the pit that created mud, ooze covering the ground or forming waterbed that destroyed many homes and structures near the sinkhole.

20) Macungie, Pennsylvania

Macungie, Pennsylvania (

Macungie sinkholes become disastrous because of Pennsylvania aging water systems. If the sediment(materials that settles to the bottom of liquid-solid fragments) and saturated with water then the sinkhole will tear an open and become disaster to the community or place that will be affected.

21) Bowling Green, Kentucky


Bowling Green, Kentucky (


Kentucky Trimodal Transpark was abandoned when 200 foot sinkhole in Bowling Green opened and the region was sinking underground that sinkhole could open wide anytime and put the area in danger.

22) Qattara Depression, West Cairo Egypt


Qattara Sinkhole, Cairo, Egypt (


In West Cairo, Egypt the most natural and largest sinkhole in the world that measures 80 km long by 120 km wide. This semi-solid material composed of sewage treatment mud and mire covering the ground and forming riverbed-filled quicksand pit is unearthly size and appearance.



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