Weird Men on Woman’s Body

The world that we live in is filled mysteries. Often times we realize that we do live in a planet that is strangely (weird!) or bizarre. I remember one saying, “Men and women are created equal”, but as I grew up I was wondering why my favorite uncle has transformed into a woman? And another female cousin of mine was a lesbian and dream to be a real man through surgery. Here are some lists of men became woman and made a successful careers in their own way:

1) RuPaul (Famous Transvestite)

RuPaul (

Ru Paul became famous with his dance tracks that hit the radio airwaves in 1993 and continued to release albums and had his TV shows. Born in San Diego on 1960.

2) Aurora Sexton

Aurora Sexton (

Became famous in hosting pageants and benefit shows, and also won in many pageants. Born in Denver, Colorado but recently residing in Chicago, Illinois.

3) Mimi Marks

Mimi Marks (

Mimi Marks born in Iowa as Mark. At the age of 21 he lived as a woman and won many titles, appeared in music videos and various TV shows. She performs regularly at the Baton Show Lounge in Illinois.

4) Frank Marino

Frank Marino (

Frank Marino became famous in his acts and shows in Las Vegas as “Joan Rivers”, since 1985. He have the longest running shows in Las Vegas and it took 20 years.

5) Lana Blake

Lana Blake (

Lana Blake a famous performer in the state of Texas for the last 15 years. Lana won 10 titles and is well loved all over the state of Texas.

6) Lisa Beaumann

Lisa Beaumann (

Lisa Beaumann, a famous versatile performer and entertainer and a well loved figure in Louisiana. She impersonates Liza Minelli, Carol Channing, Shania Twain and many famous celebrities.

7) Romy Haag

Romy Haag (

Born Edouard Frans Verbaarsschott in 1951 in Netherlands and was known famously as Romy Haag, transvestite in Germany and Continental Europe. At the age of 16 he started his performing artist- career as a woman. She starred various German movies. In 1972, she performed in America for few years.

8) Roberta Close

Roberta Close (

Luiz Moreira as a child AKA Roberta Close

Roberta with Husband/Manager Roland

Luiz Gaambine Moreira was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on December 1964. She started liveng as a girl at her teens and started injecting female hormones and at the age 17 and her career began to rise, until she underwent many plastic surgeries and later on married his manager Roland, but ended up in separation.

9) Pete Burns

Pete Burns (

Pete Burns was born in 1959 from an English father and Jewish mother. Married for 25 years but ended in divorce from his wife. Became famous as vocalist of ‘Dead or Alive Band’ and made his autobigraphy about his personal life and married his companion. He underwent plastic surgeries.

10) Steven Wayne

Steven Wayne (

Steven Wayne was born and grew up in West Virginia. He started performing in “The Shamrock Club” in 1987 and been residing in Las Vegas since 1999. Steven was impersonating Cher and became known in his field of impersonation for the past 21 years and love and enjoy his job.

11) Chad Michaels

Chad Michaels (

Chad Michaels famously and world leading impersonator of Cher and impersonates popular other celebrities for almost 20 years, worked with many famous producers and actors. Chad was a member of “Dream Girls Revue” in California.

12) Dr Christine McGinn

Dr Christine McGinn (

Dr Christine McGinn, formerly a Navy pilot who has served as ground medical crew for NASA missions. In year 2000 she have her transition surgery and became very vocal about the trans-gender and have been an activist and speaker on many issues. She is the founder of Papillon Gender Wellness Center.

13) Rustum Padilla (Philippine Movie Actor)

Rustum Padilla (Wilkipedia) Philippine Cinema Actor

BeBe Gandanghari (Rustum Padilla) Image by:Richard Grimaldo

BeBe Gandanghari (yahoo.image)

Rustum Padilla a Philippine movie actor portrayed an action movie, the boy-next-door, a character actor and was married for more than two years to an actress, Carmina Villaroel but ended up in an annulment. His brother was the famous action star of Philippine movies, Robin Padilla. In 2008 he confessed to one of his housemate that he was gay. He is one of the housemates of a reality TV show in the Philippines “Pinoy Big Brother House”. In January 18,2009 he publicly announced his new transformation on air as BeBe Gandanghari.

14) Renee Ramsey

Renee Ramsey (

Born Richard, a green beret in Vietnam, a tough guy and has served the military for over 20 years, but dreamed of wearing dress someday. Twice married, but when his wife died he decided to undergo sex change, which he dreamed of, in The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery. And he is now known as Renee Ramsey, the oldest transgender woman at the age 77 years old.

Here are some images of transvestites:

Former Boxer turned Beauty Queen

Japanese Boy turned Beautiful Lady

Hunk Teen turned into a sexy model

Boy next door became a sophisticated woman

Handsome guy became sexy lady

Sir became Mam of the Military

Cute Teen boy turned into a woman

Handsome boy next door, now a woman

Men became woman (

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