Weird Celebrities?

Do you know that Tom Cruise wash his hands for 5 minutes and wash it thoroughly and meticulously? And he usually have his bodyguard inside the bathroom especially in public bathrooms. He admitted in an interview that he still does Risky Business underwear, dances when he is at home – he callls it dance of freedom. He was enrolled in a seminary to become priest during his younger days but quit. (

2) Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey


In her high school days, she was nicknamed “Mirage” for being a regular class absentee. Mariah has sleeping habits that we don’t know; she sleeps 15 hours a night, with 20 humidifiers (device for increasing the humidity in a room). She likes her room to be like a steam room. (Yahoo group/Wilkipedia)

3) Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson, was the first American Idol winner to win a Grammy Awards. Kelly, finds it hard to sleep at night- the reason could be due to her creativity in musical and lyrical composition.As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she hurries up and note down whatever song and lyrics that hit her mind before she doze to sleep.(

4) Martha Stewart


Martha Stewart(source:Wilkipedia)


Martha Helen Stewart, born August 3,1941, is an American businesswoman, TV host, and was named one of the most powerful woman in America. She sleeps less than 5 hours a night, she claimed,”there’s not enough time during the day”. She was convicted for lying regarding stock sales and served 5 months imprisonment. Now she’s back in business again.

5) Rosie O’Donell


Rosie O’Donell


Roseann “Rosie” O’Donnel, born March 21,1962 known as a stand-up comedian, actress, singer and author. Married to same sex Keli Carpenter. She has apnea sleeping disorder (it is a temporary absence or cessation of breathing) and snoring problem. Before medical treatment, her doctors said she stopped breathing maybe 200 times or more. (Wilkipedia)

6) Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger(Wilkipedia)


Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, born July 30, 1947, Austrian-American, actor, businessman and 38th Governor of California. Suffered child abuse during his childhood and likes boiled chicken.

7) Bruce Springteen


Bruce Springteen


Bruce Frederick Joseph Springteen, born September 23,1949, American-singer and songwriter. He eats only vegetables from his owned New Jersey farm

8) John Travolta


John Travolta


John Joseph Travolta, born February 18, 1954, American actor, singer and dancer, and a certified pilot. He owns 5 aircrafts and former Australian Boeing 7070-138 airliner. His son Jett, 13 years old an autistic child died of Kawazaki disease (severe frequent seizures). John was known for “sending back a dish”, until freaked out- staffs get it right.

9) Kim Kardashians


Kim Kardashian (


Kim Kardashian actress and model, has a weird travelling habits; she don’t mind having an excess baggage. She brings her own comforter, king size pillow and eye pillow, anywhere she travels.

10) George Clooney


George Clooney (Wilkipedia)


George Clooney is a 49 years-old actor who claimed that he sleeps in the walk-in closet of his Los Angeles mansion, “all bedrooms are too light”, he said. He have a pet pig named Max.

11) Rob Lowe


Rob Lowe (Wilkipedia)


Rob Lowe’s right ear is completely deaf from a virus when he was a child, “no stereo for me, it’s a mono world”, he said.

12) Beyonce Knowles


Beyonce Knowles


Beyonce, born September 4,1981. She appeared in Tommy Hilfiger’s “True Star Fragrance” as an endorser-model, but it was reported that she had allergy to any perfumes.

13) Heather O’Rourke


Heather O’Rourke (Wilkipedia)


Heather O’Rourke, born December 27, 1975 she played the role of Carol Anne Freeling in the movie Poltergeist. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and died at an early age. Some sources said the film was cursed because all staffs involved in this film died.

14) Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman, the leading actress of Kill Bill loves knitting and glue-gun projects.

15) Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton, 29 (Wilikipedia)

Paris Hilton, born February 17, 1981, American socialite, heiress, media personality,model, singer, songwriter, author, fashion designer and actress and the great granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton hotels. She have size 11 feet and claimed to have difficulty to find her size. Three times arrested for traffic violation and recently arrested for smoking marijuana outside World Cup stadium in Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

16) Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman (famouswhy)

Nicole Kidman born June 20, 1967 is an actress and ex-wife of Tom Cruise. Her number one enemy is sunlight and she is scared of butterflies.

17) Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts, 42 (Wilkipedia)


Julia Fiona Roberts. born October 28, 1967, one of Hollywood famous actress. Her left eye tears up every time she gets nervous.

18) Claire Danes


Claire Danes


Claire Catherine Danes, born April 12, 1979 said she had a swing in her house since her parents had trapeze and trampoline in their house and said,she was inspired by her parents. In 1998 she was into controversy when she quoted that the city of Manila in the Philippines was so “ghastly and weird”, all her films was banned in the Philippines, and she later gave her public apology through Entertainment Weekly.

19) Walt Disney


Walter “Walt” Elias Disney(Wilkipedia)


Walt Disney was scared of mice, but then when Mickey Michell or mickey mouse was created, he named it after Mickey Rooney whose mother he dated for a while.


Mickey Rooney(Wilkipedia)


Joseph Yule, Jr, better known as Mickey Rooney, born on September 23, 1920, married 8 times, was hooked to drugs, gambling and bad investments made him nearly bankrupt. He claimed an angel appeared before him and helped him change.

20) Mel Blanc


Mel Blanc (Wilkipedia)


Melvin Jerome, commonly known as Mel Blanc was born on May 30,1908. He is an American voice-actor comedian. He was called “The Man of a Thousand Voices”, he died at the age of 81 on July 10,1989. He is the voice of “Bugs Bunny”, and is allergic to carrots.

Alfred Hitchcock


Alfred Hitchcock (Wilkipedia)

Born Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, on August 13, 1899 was known for his suspense-thriller movies. He was named,”Hitch, the Master of Suspense”. He said he had a lonely childhood because of obesity. Alfred Hitchcock don’t have belly-button.

Marilyn Monroe




Marilyn Monroe(Wilkipedia)


Born Norma Jeane Mortenson on june 1, 1926, but baptized as Norma Jeane Baker, grew up in foster homes and having weird behavior like hyper-sexuality, sleep disturbances, abuse on substances like drugs, distorted interpersonal relationships. The weirdest rumor about her is regarding a sixth toe- this was unproven and has been considered as an urban legend.

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