Weird Dangerous Hanging Bridges

Bridges are made to make it easier for the traveler to cross from one place to another. In some remote areas, bridges are the most important way of transporting crops, goods or selling and buying to the nearby town markets. But if these man-made hanging bridges are dangerous and sometimes can cause casualty, would you cross these bridges? Do you have Acrophobia (fear of heights) or Gephyrophobia (fear of crossing bridge)?Count me in, and I would rather take the long route.

1) Monkey Bamboo Hanging Bridge, Can ThoVietnam
The Can Tho bamboo-made hanging footbridge also called “monkey bridge’, They bounce, creek and swing while people cross the bridge.

Monkey Bamboo Hanging Footbridge, Can Tho,Vietnam (

2) Hanging Bridge of Thenmala, India

Hanging Bridge in Thenmala, India (wilkipedia)

The Thenmala hanging bridge is one of the tourist attraction in Punalur Town, Kollan District in Kerala. Thenmala is famous for movie making spot by Malayalam and Tamil movies. Tourists love the bouncing and swinging while crossing this bridge.

Siju Hanging Bridge, India

Siju Hanging Bridge, India at Sunset (

The long and dangerous hanging bridge of Siju in India.

4) Cherrapunji Hanging Footbridge, India

Hanging Footbridge, Charrapunji, India (

Charrapunji footbridge, are made up of live roots and vines of trees, one of the wettest place in the world. The War-khasis tribes in Meghalaya, bend and twisted, cut and formed the ‘growing’ bridge, making it strong and steady, and could carry as much as 50 people to cross this bridge. The 500 feet long Charrapunji bridge was built over 500 years ago.

5) Loboc Hanging Bridge, Bohol, Philippines

Loboc Hanging Bridge, Philippines (crazy-picsblog.blogspot)

Loboc Hanging Bridge, Philippines

The Loboc Hanging bridge in the Philippines built in 1972 and made of steel cables and woven bamboo strips. Some tourists found it fun to cross as it sway and bounce.

6) Millau Bridge, France


Millau Bridge, France (



Millau Viaduct, France

Millau Bridge in France is the most tallest vehicular bridge built and opened in 2004 for the public, with unimaginable breathtaking views.

7) Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Royal Gorge Bridge (

The Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado in United States, was the record holder of the most tallest suspension bridge with towering rods at 1053 feet(321 meters) above the ground below.

8) Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland


Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland (Wilkipedia)


Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland (

The Carrick-a-Rede bridge swings and bounce as people cross the 20 meters long bridge and 30 meters above the rocks, located near Ballintoy, County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Make sure when you cross the bridge it is not on a windy day.

9) Aiguille du Midi at the Mont Blanc Mountain, France

Aiguille du Midi at the Mont Blanc Mountain, France (

The Aiguille du Midi at the Mont Blanc in the French Alps, is a very short bridge that is connected to two mountains, and at first glance i don’t look so scary but after crossing and look at the sight, it might cause you to panic and have acrophobia attack, how high are the structures could be at 3842 high.

10) Hussaini-Borit Lake Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

Hussaini-Borit Hanging Bridge, Pakistan (

The Hussaini-Borit Lake bridge is the most dangerous bridge in the world, but there are no way and still used in regular daily basis by those attempting to travel to the larger cities in Northern Pakistan. This bridge is an old bridge with missing lumbers, very narrow and high above the lake level. No figures of how many had died or accidentally fell while crossing the dangerous hanging bridge.

11) Taman Negara National Park Bridge, Malaysia


Taman Negara National Park Bridge, Malaysia (

The 500 meters long Taman Negara National Park hanging bridge and the 50 meters long above the ground, is so terrifying for people who fear heights or fear of crossing the swaying unstable bridge while you cross. The Taman Negara bridge claimed to be the owrld’s longest canopy walkway and made of ropes, pieces of plumbers and few ladders, and made of rope bridges connected and tied into the trees.


12) Ghasa Hanging Bridge, Nepal


Ghasa Hanging Bridge, Nepal (

The very long and intimidating suspension hanging bridge of Ghasa in Nepal, to help curve the traffic or take the short cut route. The local villagers of Ghasa, used the bridge daily for their herds of animals or traveling their crops to the nearest city. The bridge was created for the villager’s necessity.

13) Arenal Hanging Bridge, Costa Rica

Arenal Hanging Bridge, Costa Rica (

The Arenal hanging bridge is about 100 meters long and 45 meters feet above the ground. The bridge is shaky, the hike makes gripping adventurous and challenging.

14) Trift Glacier Hanging Bridge, Switzerland

Trift Glacier Hanging Bridge (

The Trift Glacier Bridge is the most beautiful places in the world and most spectacular daunting bridge, the longest and highest suspension for the people to cross in the alps in Switzerland. You can take the cable car or hike to reach the long hanging bridge and see the raging waters or cinematic views from the bridge.

15) Canopy Walk in Kakum National Park, Ghana

Canopy Walk, Kakum National Park, Ghana (

Canopy Walk, Kakum National Park, Ghana (

The Kakum National Park in Ghana, or called Canopy Walkway, is made out of nets and wires, and always inspected for safety measures by the local officials in Ghana.

16) Iya Hanging Bridge, Japan

Iya Hanging Bridge, Japan( far right image

In a remote area in Iya Valley, Japan a difficult village to reach and once became the hideout for bandits , disgraced warriors and refugees , the Iya hanging bridge is located and used to cross to the other side of the mountain. This bridge is made and created from wisteria vines.

Musou Tsuribashi Bridge, Japan

Musou Tsuribashi Bridge, Japan (

Musou Tsuribashi Bridge, Japan (

The old Musou Tsuribashi bridge, a very old bridge and built sometime n 506, and was not properly maintained by locals and this suspension bridge was tag as the most dangerous and scariest bridge in southern Japan made of old wood and ropes.

17) Capilano Suspension Bridge, British Columbia, Canada

Capilano Suspension Bridge, British Columbia, Canada (

Capilano Suspension Bridge, British Columbia, Canada (

Capilano Footbridge, British Columbia (

The Capilano footbridge in British Columbia is now a famous tourist attraction. The scary long suspension bridge is known as Vancouver’s oldest tourist destination in British Columbia, Canada.

18) Historic Hagwilget Bridge, British Columbia, Canada

The Old Hagwilget Bridge, British Columbia, Canada (

Hagwilget Bridge in British Columbia, Canada (

Hagwilget Bridge Today, British Columbia, Canada (

The historic old footbridge of Hagwilget, the scary footbridge built. (above pitures). The new Hagwilget Bridge not only for pedestrian purposes but also for vehicles used.

19) Vjose River Bridge, Southern Albania

Vjose River Bridge, Southern Albania ( credit: Roberto Ferri

Vjose River Bridge, Southern Albania ( Image: Roberto Ferri

In Southern Albania, the Vjose footbridge can be found, the long, old bridge is 10 miles away from the Greek border.

20) Macritchie Bridge In Singapore

MacrRitchie Suspension Bridge, Singapore

The free-standing suspension walkway bridge in MacRitchie, connecting Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang, the two highest point in MacRitchie Bridge.

Sentosa Hanging Bridge, Singapore


Lapinsalmi Bridge,Repovesi Nature Park , Finland

Lapinsalmi Hanging Bridge, Repovesi Park

The Repovesi Nature Park in Finland is the most interesting destination for tourists and the Lapinsalmi Hanging Bridge connecting eastern and western side of the Lapinsalmi Sound in Valkeala, Finland. The 50 meters long Lapinsalmi suspension bridge weighs 5 tons.


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