Strange and Amazing Transparent Creatures

I am really amazed about the fact that there are transparent living things that are existing around us. What if I put them together in one aquarium, will they survive? Thanks to our modern technology and the interne we can now share and explore the unknown; and thanks to all the researchers and expeditions putting all their effort and life for us nature-lovers to see the world around us. I am sure you will be fascinated with this list of strange and amazing creatures.

1) Glass Frog


Transparent Glass Frog ( photo: Heidi & Hans-Jurgen Koch


The Glass frog or Centrolenidae Corder Anura commonly found in Venezuela. It has a color of lime green and its internal organs like liver, heart and digestive system are visible to the naked eye because of its transparent abdominal skin.


Transparent Frog (


This transparent frog was created in 2007 by the Institute for Amphibian Biology at Hiroshima University in Japan, to make it easier for the students to make a study about amphibians.

2) The Glass Squid


Transparent Squid (Image by: Peter Batson)


The glass squid or Teuthowenia Pellucida, commonly found on the Southern hemisphere’s ocean. It has light organs and its eyes and possesses the ability to roll into a ball, like an aquatic hedgehog.(


Glass Squid (Wilkipedia)

Squid Papua New Guinea (

The Squid Papua New Guinea is an opalescent squid with big eyes that can surface around the sea waters of Papua New Guinea.



3) Transparent Squid-like Pig


Transparent H. Pfefferi Squid (wilkipedia)



Heliconcranchia Piglet Squid (Wilkipedia)



Piglet Squid (

Squid Piglet-like looking mollusk, cute and odd sea creature commonly found in Nigeria.






Pelagic Octopus (






The Pelagic octopus or Open-Ocean Octopus, has no internal skeleton, unlike other cephalopods. It has neon glow that surfaces in Hawaiian sea.

4) Transparent Cave Goby


Transparent Cave Goby (


Transparent Cave Goby or Cory Phopterus glaucofrenum, a salt water fish found in the reefs of Maldives.

5) Transparent Cave Crayfish

Transparent Cave Crayfish (WebEcoist)

Transparent Cave Crayfish has 39 species found in North America, some of them are restricted and isolated inside the caves. Cave crayfish has an albino to transparent appearance.

6) Transparent Larval Shrimp


Transparent Larval Shrimp (Imageby: Chris Newbert/ Minden Pictures))

Commonly found in the salt waters of Hawaii. These transparent Larval shrimps looks like the transparent jellyfish.

Antartic Krill






Antartic Krill (






The Antartic Krill are species commonly found in Weddell Sea with a stomach full of yellow algae that makes it critical link in the “food web”.






Zooplankton (






7) Transparent Flounder


Transparent Flounder Fish (



Transparent Flounder in seabed camouflaged in color (

Transparent Flounder fish are tasty- it of course got its name because of its flat and transparent appearance. Transparent flounders keeps low profile on the seafloors and can disguise itself my changing its color (camouflaging). See pic above.

8) Transparent Zebra Fish

Transparent Zebra Fish (

This Zebra fish was created by scientists in 2008 to make a study on fish’s diseases like growing tumors and cancers.

9) Transparent Barrel Fish

Transparent Barrel Fish Frontal View (

Transparent Barrelfish (image by: MBARI)

The transparent barrelfish or Micropinna Microstoma has a tubular eyes and transparent head. The color-green-like leaf inside it’s head are the eyes, which are sensitive to brightness. It can alo a rotate its eyes within. The two eyes-like form above their mouths aren’t eyes, but their “olfactory organs” calles “Nares”, which are compared to human nostrils.

10) Transparent Ice Fish

Transparent Crocodile Icefish (image by: uwe Kils)

The Crocodile Icefish or Channichthyidae have no hemoglobin or defunct Erythrocytes that’s why their blood are transparent. The metabolism of a crocodile icefish depends only on the oxygen that passes through blood-liquid and believe to be absorbed by the skin from the water, and works because the coldest water can dissolve the oxygen. The myoglobin gene in a crocodile icefish’s muscles are lost that’s why the creature’s heart is pale white.

11) Transparent Goldfish


Transparent Goldfish (



Transparent Goldfish (

The transparent Goldfish are created by the Japanese researchers in Mie University, to make the experiment easier for the students in Biology subjects.

12) Transparent Jellyfish

Transparent Jellyfish ( Image by: Bill Curtsinger)


Transparent Jellyfish (

Transparent Jellyfish (

Transparent jellyfish are very common, found in the deep ocean and sometimes floating on sea surfaces. The Arctapodema Genus size are of an inch-long or 2.5 cm long.

13) Transparent Sea Cucumber

Transparent Sea Cucumber Enypniastes (

Transparent Sea Cucumber (

Transparent Sea Cucumber (

The transparent Sea Cucumber are commonly found in 656 feet ocean deep, where the sunlight cannot reach. The enypniastes sea cucumber are found in Northern Gulf of Mexico.

14) Transparent Aphipod

Transparent Aphipod (

The transparent Aphipod or Phronima, is a strange species found recently in an expedition to a deep-sea mountain range in the North Atlantic. The tiny shrimp-like creature shows their ability in an vanishing attempt.


15) Transparent Salps


Transparent Salp (Image by: DM)

Transparent Salp (

Transparent Salp (


The transparent Salp looks like jellyfish. These species feed on small plants in water called Phytoplankton (marine algae). Their shapes are like barrels, which can grown to 10 centimeters in length.

16) Glass Tulip Worms (Tunicates)


Glass Tulips Worms (


The Glass Tulip worms or “Tunicates”, are curious animals found in the dark waters of Antartica. These plankton-eating tunicates can grow up to 3.2 feet.

Venus Flytrap






Venus Flytrap (






This new specie found in the deep sea of Australia, this creatures are like venus flytraps can trap it is capable of trapping preys.

Bristle Worm






Bristleworm (






The head of the Bristleworm has a trumphet-shaped mouth. This creature is commonly found in Antartica’s Weddell sea.

Sea Butterfly Snail






Sea Butterfly Snail (






The Sea Butterfly snails are tiny aquatic creatures, can be in various forms like heart-shape found in Antartica’s Weddell sea.

17) Transparent Butterflies


Transparent Butterfly (Image by: Hemmy)



Transparent Butterfly (


From Central America, Mexico to Panama these Glasswing Butterflies, are transparent and their feet are like brushes. (

18)Firefly Squids


Firefly Squid on Daytime (Dante Fenolio)(se48)

Firefly Squid Nighttime (se48)Image by: Dante Fenolio

A delicacy in Japan, and can be seen gathering in millions every month of March to May in Toyama Bay, to lay their eggs. These are active predators which uses their blue lights to attract preys. Firefly Squids stay in 1,200 feet depth during the day and surface during the night to hunt for food.

19)Juvenile Cow-Fish





Juvenile Cowfish (



The round-belly Juvenile Cowfish commonly found in Kona, Hawaii otherwise called transparent Box-fish, has two short horns above their eyes.

20) Larval Leaf Scorpion Fish



Larval Leaf Scorpion Fish (





The tiny transparent Larval Leaf Scorpion Fish found in Hawaii sea, lacks any defense from their predators. Therefore this strange transparent sea creature use camouflaging as a form of defense.

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