Feast of the Heart and Weird Love

Saint Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Day of Heart or Feast of the Heart, is a February 14th holiday, commonly celebrated by the early Christians, named after the Christian martyrs, Saint Valentine. Some 14 martyr saints including Saint Valentine was executed during the ancient Rome ruling. Saint Valentine tried to convert Roman Emperor Claudius ll from being a pagan. Valentine’s name origin was derived from “Valens”, which means “strong, powerful and worthy”. Valentine was born on April 16, and was buried on February 14. Before Saint Valentine’s execution, he wrote a love letter to a girl he met and healed, and fell in love with her. Thus, the Valentine cards and love letters was believed to  originate. Love is a passionate feeling, profound tender affection to another person, attachment for a parent, child and friend or an admiration for the attractive quality of the opposite or same sex partners. Eros, is the god of love in Ancient Greek myth, which rendered “love” into English word. The three types of love, in which Eros referred to as an intimate love or romantic love are the; storge to affection or fondness to an individual person; philia to brotherly love,  friendly love and love for family; and lastly the agape refers to selfless love or unconditional love to an individual.  Platonic love, a decent, modest and non-lustful love to an individual, such as childhood friend or long time friends.

Saint Valentine's Shrine, Carmellite Church in Dublin, Ireland

1) Eros, Greek Myth God of Love

Eros god of Love Or Cupid

Eros (cupid or god of love) and Psyche, a tale of true Love


2) Storge Love

Storge Friendship Love

Storge an affection or love which will be forever love

Storge love, a long term of love, respect and companionship

3)  Agape Love

Agape Love, unconditional love, love is giving and forgiving, and selfless affection

Agape Love is love for Jesus, the Greatest Kind of Love

Agape Love or Love for the family, an unconditional love

4)  Philia Love and Platonic Love

Philia love or Brotherly love or Friendly Love

Platonic Love,is a decent and modest love for a friend

Friendship Bracelet, a friend's gift

5) Romantic Love is an affection and love for an individual, a feeling that excites an individual after a meeting or introduction, the feeling of excitement and pleasure, and the mysterious emotion of love. Then the romance can lead to dating, courtship, marriage proposal and engagement and marriage.

Introducing  New friends

Introducing new friends

Meeting new friends in a Get-together gathering

May-December Love Affair

Bruce Willis with young partner, Emma Heming

Demi Moore, 15 years older than partner Ashton

Love is Blind: Love without reservation and lovers are blind to their partners fault or mistakes, or when you truly love a person, it could be an overwhelming love, that the person blind of that love, don’t realized what is going on around them.

Love is Blind

Weird love or Love is Blind

Love is Blind

6) Dating

Blind Dates

Blind date

Blind Date

Blind date, funny and hilarious date

Blind date

Blind date is a date with unknown person, introduced by friends or family member or an office mate. The date can end up into romance or worse nightmare.

Virtual Date

Meeting new friends and chat via Social Connect site

Social Connect virtual date

Virtual dating via internet

7) Courtship

Courtship Victorian era


8)  Holding Hands

Holding hands, is a brotherly love or friendly love gesture

Holding hands, an Arab traditional friendship gesture, former President George Bush And King Abdulla of Saudi Arabiah

Lovers holding hands

Holding hands of an adult and daughter

9) Cuddle / Hug

Friendly hug, of both males

Victory hug is a sign of happiness and joy

Mother and daughter hug

Lover's hug

10) Kissing is an act of love, affection and emotion towards an individual to another person.

Romantic Kiss

Kiss of a father to his son, a kiss of affection

Affectionate kissing between two men

Kissing the Cross as a religious ritual

11) Marriage Proposal and Engagement or Betrothal is a promise to marry his /her fiancee.

Engagement or marriage prosposal at the beach

Proposal at a party

Engagement ring given during the marriage proposal

Engagement Announcement and Wedding Date

Engagement announcement

Engagement announcement

12) Infatuation most of the time mistaken for true love, and an act of emotionally carried away by an unreasonable passion of love. 

Infatuation,is an admiration or obsession of a fan to his favorite actor

Infatuation or crush on your friend

13) Erotomania is an obsessive love or a kind of delusion, believing that a famous person, is in love with her or him. Stalkers are believed to be suffering of erotomania. An example is Margaret Mary Ray, who was obsessed to David Letterman and began stalking him. Miss Ray was believed to be suffering from schizophrenia, a mental disorder, and committed suicide on October 5, 1998.

Margaret Mary Ray, Stalker suffering from Erotomania

Facebook Stalker

14) Broken Heart

Saint of the Broken Hearted

Tears of Broken heart

Broken hearted girl

Woman in pain, heartaches and solitude

Grieving for someone's loss, caused heart break

15) Internal Attraction is a act of discreet motion of attraction physically and affection that can lead to friendship and romantic relationship between two people. Internal attraction involves physical attraction not only to beauty and attractive, but can also fall in love  to unattractive person, and also related on how much we “like, dislike, hate or sense of smell, what you hear, taste and touch”. Internal attraction can be defined as an act between tow people, that can bind them together or also can lead to misunderstanding and separation.

Smell scent of flower is an internal attratction or Interpersonal affection

hate or anger, is an impersonal affection or internal attraction

Touch: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Smoothness, Roughness, Heavyness

Taste of sweetness or sour

16) Valentine’s Day or Feast of the Heart

Candle-light dinner on Valentine's Day

Dating couples dancing on Valentine's Day

dating in a ballroom

dating on a beach is the cheapest but romantic date on Valentine's Day

Bouquet of Pink Roses on Valentine's Day

17) Valentine’s Day in Japan

White Day (Japan's Valentine's Day), White Cake for White Day

White Day in Japan, female offer chocolates to the man they like

Giri-choco, Obligatory choco

White Day Bouquet

White chocolates on White Day

White marshmallows

Japan’s Valentine’s Day is called White Day celebrated on  March 14, where office girls are obliged to give gift to their male office mates, male friends whom they thought they love or like and give the hommei-choko (favorite chocolates), giri-choko (obligatory chocolates) to the man they feel neutrally) and the cho-giri-choko (a super obligatory and cheapest chocolates) to the man whom they disliked and unpopular. Man who received the expensive gifts on White Day, should give back more expensive gifts to the giver.

South Korea Valentine’s Day (White Day and Black Day)

Jajangmyeon, black noodle cuisine served on Black Day for single men

Korean White Day candy offering, Valentine's Day February 14

Black Day for Korean Singles every April 14

In South Korea, Valentine’s Day or White Day is observed by giving candies instead of chocolates to their partners, and dedicate aspects of love every 14th day of the month such as White Day or Valentine’s Day on February 14, Black Day on April 14, where all single people get-to-know each other gathering, eating the traditional black noodles called Jajangmyeon to celebrate their singleness.

Pepero Almond Stick for singles, South Korea

The Pepero is a cookie stick. dipped in choco syrup, which they celebrate every November 11 as their Valentine’s day which is also celebrated in China.

Rose Day, celebrated in Korea every month of May 14

Wine Day in South Korea is October 14

Hug Day in South Korea is on December 14

18) Valentine’s Day in France, Weird and Strange

Man and Woman yelling with each other

In France, a weird custom they call “une loterie de amour”, the single men and women gather in a house, facing each other and yell with each other in a form of “argument”, and after the yelling scene, they would be paired off. But if the man disliked his partner, he leaved the woman in the middle of the feast day. The woman which could be declined, builds a bonfire in the night and burn the pictures of the man who abandoned them. However, the French government banned these malicious  practice.

Bonfire on Valentine's night

Valentine’s Day in the UK

Children singing

In the UK, children sing sweet songs in return of candies, fruits or gifts. Single women believed that early in the morning, and the first man they meet on the street or see outside the window, will be their future partner.

woman meets man in the morning

Valentine’s Day in Africa

Lupercalia, a Roman Festival similar to Valentine's Day

Zambia man cooking meal for his loved ones

In the rural areas of Zambia they still follow the traditional way of Valentine’s Day, by giving chicken, vegetables or any kind of gift that will make the recipient happy. Some prepare a special meal like cow, chicken, or goat which they could afford only on special occasions, showing their love and appreciation to their love ones on the heart festival.

Dragobete Valentine’s Day


Dragobete Valentine's symbol

The Traditional Romanian festival of the heart is celebrated on February 24, and also known as the “mating season of birds”, as they begin to build their nests. Dragobete is the day of lovers, and their common belief, that stepping on their partner’s foot, means he/she can dominate the partner with their relationship.

19) China’s Valentine’s Day : Qixi Festival

Qixi Chinese Valentine's Day or the Seventh Night Festival

Qixi Chinese Valentine, Cast a Needle

Qixi Festival, Thread a Needle

He-He Er Xian,the two Chinese cupids or fairies

China Singles Day, November 11

China Singles Day, rush to marry, November 11

20) Valentine’s Day , Day of Heart, Day of Love

Valentine's Day in India

Gothic Valentine’s Day

Heart if Nails, the Gothic Valentine's Day

Valentine's Dragon heart, the Gothic way

Gothic unique Valentine's gift for women

Jewish Valentine’s Day

Jewish Valentine's Day dance, the Av- Tub'av dance

Jewish Valentine's gift for women

The Jewish celebrates the festival of love or Av-TuB’av is celebrated on the 15th day or late August, and girls wear white dress and dance in the vineyards, where the male partners are waiting for them. However, the modern Israel culture, Valentine’s Day is the day for engagement and marriage proposals, giving gift of cards and flowers.




The government of Malaysia banned Valentine’s Day celebration since the country is dominated bu Islamic religion. But for the Christians in Malaysia, the traditional way of celebrating Valentine is to write their phone numbers in the river, hoping that, the man of her dreams would pick it up and call her. Most of the fruit vendors, picked up the floating oranges with the phone numbers on it and sell it, and considered them as lucky fruits. And lucky for the girl if someone text or call her number.

Text or call using mobile phones

Philippines Valentine’s Day / The Lovapalooza

Lovapalooza, Valentine's Day, Philippines World Guinness, most number of simultaneously kissing couples

Lovapalooza on Valentine's Day in the Philippines

Feliz Dia dos Namorados

Vinegar Valentines: Insulting greeting cards and come from different forms of insult, with cartoon characters and insulting kinds of poetry or messages. Some of these greeting cards are sent by bullies, or someone who hated or dislike one type of recipient such as the spinsters (or old maiden), floozy (or prostitutes), scholars (nerds, genius, weird people), and the dude (male and female, an informal person with fancy or sharp attire and become unique to other people).

Vinegar Valentine's cards sent to scholars or nerds

Vinegar Valentine's card

Vinegar Valentine's card for Fat women

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