Extreme Body Modification Implants

The body extreme body modification implants or body alteration is the process of changing or modifying human body for for non-medical or aesthetic purposes like denoting affiliation, rituals, sexual enhancement, trust and loyalty, shock values, self expression and religious rite purposes. And the most extreme body modification is the subdermal implants or the 3-D implant or pocketing. The two types of implants are the subdermal implant, where the accessory or molded silicone are inserted in the skin, used for medical and cosmetic purposes. Teflon implants can do well too. Transdermal implant, the process of inserting underneath the skin and make it protrude, done by “dermal punching” process.

1) Erik Sprague : The Lizard Man

Lizard Man


Lizard Man (Erik Sprague)


Lizard Man (www.funny-games.biz)

Lizard Man (www.funny-games.biz)

Erik Sprague, born on June 12,1972 famously known as the Lizard Man, was a sideshow performer and freak show artist. He became famous when he had a total body modification like full body green scaled tattoos,subdermal implants, sharpened teeth split-tongue, and the green-inked lips. The Ph.D candidate of the University of Albany, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Hartwick College in Oneonta,New York. He is now currently residing in Austin Texas with wife,Meghan and ferret pets.

2) Dennis Avner: The Stalking Cat


Dennis Avner, The Stlaking Cat


Stalking Cat, Dennis Avner

Dennis Avner born in Flint,Michigan on August 7,1958, now residing in Tonopah,Nevada famously known as the “Cat Man”, but he prefer most to be named “Stalking Cat“. The former navy sonar technician and a computer programmer , spent for his body modification and implants to look like a tiger.

3) Paul Lawrence: The Enigma

Enigma ()

Enigma, Paul Lawrence (images.searrch.yahoo.com)



Paul Lawrence, a musician and sideshow performer had undergo extreme body modification in December 20,1992, such as: full-body jigsaw puzzle tattoos, body piercings, subdermal implant of facial and horn and reshaping of his ears. He was tattooed by “Katzen the Tiger Lady“, a tattoo artist whom he later married but now divorced.

Katzen the Tiger Lady

Katzen the Tiger Lady


Katzen, The Tiger Lady

Katzen the Tiger Lady is a stage performer and tattoo artist covered with body tattoos of a tiger. “Katzen” means cat in German language.

4) Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich ()


Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich born in 1971, New Zealand was named the world most tattooed man, which Tom Leppard was the former title holder. His full body covered tattoos including scarcification,mouth and ears extensive piercings and holds the world record in 2006.

5) Pauly Unstoppable

Pauly Unstoppable

Pauly Unstoppable


Pauly Unstoppable


Pauly Unstoppable


Pauly Unstoppable, world most modified man

6) Etienne Durmont

Etienne Dumont

Etienne Dumont

Etienne Dumont, an art and culture critic in Geneva newspaper, had full body modification including full body colored tattoos, extensive piercings with ear plate plugs, and subdermal implants of horn.

7) Kala Kaiwi

Kala Kaiwi (image credit:www.taringa.net)

Kala Kaiwi (image credit:www.taringa.net)











Kala Kaiwi Kaiwi had undergo weird body modification implants for extreme piercings, tattoos, silicon implants for his horns, bolt hole on his head and screw spikes in it, had his own split tongue using dental floss, stretched-earlobes. He runs his own studio in Lawai,Hawaii.

8) Bagel-head in Japan

Bagel Head body implants

Injection of saline solution on their foreheads is a trend now in Japan. Saline solution is water and salt solution.

9) Bear Big Ears

Bear Big Ears, Extreme piercing and implants (images search.yahoo.com)


10) Rafa Gnomo

Rafa Gnomo


Rafa Gnomo, wierd body modification

Rafa Gnomo had his extreme body modification and plate on his lips.

Pearling and Genital Beading

Pearling or Genital Beading implants ()


Pearling or Genital beading implants process is inserting beads of any materials in the beneath genital foreskin or labia. Inflammation occurs in healing process, although careful and slow healing process can minimize by complete medication. Skin rejection can happen but these are rare cases.

Spike implants

weird spike hand implants

Tentacle look-alike implants

Extreme subdermal implants

Subdermal Implants and Body Modification

Woman with horn implant

weird arm implants

Collar-bone implants


Ear design subdermal implant on arm


Weird chest Subdermal implant (iamges.search.yahoo.com)

Tattooed leg with boobs implant

Subdermal Implant


weird subdermal implant on the head

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