80 s attire- unique or tacky ensembles

Nineteen Eighties is the decade of colorful ensembles-80s attire (1980′s fashion). I was actually born in the eighties and I did enjoy listening to Cindy Lauper and Madonna. Anyway, in this post I simply highlight those 80s attire you’d be the judge as to whether these 80s pieces are unique or just plain tacky.

1. 80’ s Glasses- These glasses are commonly known nowadays as 3d glasses. However, back in the 80s they call these shutter glasses. You probably have seen Kanye West wear this type of glasses as well as some other celebs like Paris Hilton.



Shutter Glasses (image credit:solarforamerica.org)

Shutter Glasses (image credit:solarforamerica.org)













2. 80’s Leg Warmers– I really didn’t know the purpose of leg warmers, but after researching about 80′s attire I found out that leg warmers are used by dancers in order to keep their muscles warm (apparently, the leg warmer keeps them from getting muscle cramps and injuries). Now, I know why Olivia Newton John was wearing a pair of leg warmers in her Physical music video. I honestly never wore leg warmers not even in the winter time. However, I am considering trying a pair of leg warmers this coming fall.















3. 80’s Parachute Pants– I am not sure what to make of this. I do enjoy (still do) watching MC Hammer on his “Can’t touch this” music video. His pants puff out like a parachute when he dances. I do think that this pant has a big contribution to hip hop baggy trouser trends.

80's Parachute Pants

80’s Parachute Pants












4. 80’s Pop Skirts– I am not certain about the history of the 80’s pop skirt. All I know is that one pop artist can pull it off so well back in the eighties and that’s no other than Madonna. I mean I can’t wear a tutu with matching knee length tights, but she can. Oh yeah, Miley Cyrus came out with a clothing line and she have one specific skirt that seems to be coming from the 80’s attire.

80's pop skirts

80’s pop skirts (credits to: halloweenalliance)

Miley Cyrus 80's inspired skirt line

Miley Cyrus 80’s inspired skirt line












5. 80’s Shoulder Pads– the 80’s shoulder pads are trends I really can’t stand looking at. The shoulder pads are probably the worst fashion style in the 80’s. I just can’t believe that my mom used to wear blouses with thick shoulder pads. I am just glad those days were over.

80's shoulder pads/ Lady Diana

80’s shoulder pads/ Lady Diana

6. 80’s Gym Shorts– I don’t know what to make of these 80’s attire either. Seriously, my dad used to go out with those really short- shorts whenever he plays tennis or basketball. The worse thing is that he has some pictures wearing these 80’s gym shorts.

80's Gym Shorts

80’s Gym Shorts

7. 80’s Colored Tights/Cycling shorts– I can’t remember wearing colorful tights back in the eighties, but I do remember wearing cycling shorts that have really loud fluorescent colors. It’s funny how you glow in the dark with these colored tights and cycling shorts. I must say, the cycling shorts are really comfy, except you won’t see me wearing one anymore.

80's colored tights (menudo wearing colored 80's tights)

80’s colored tights (menudo wearing colored 80’s tights)











80's Colored Tights

80’s Colored Tights










8. 80’s Lace Gloves– I’ve never worn lace gloves accessories. I know these were popularized by pop artists. I also believe that the 80’s lace gloves were considered as parts of 80’s party outfits in the 1980′s fashion.

80's lace gloves

80’s lace gloves/madonna wearing lace gloves










9. 80’s Women Shoes– There is nothing really unusual about the 80’s shoes. Women in the 80’s are commonly seen with stilettos, the only different is that they pair with leg warmers.

80's women shoes

80’s women shoe

10. 80’s Jumpsuits– These 80’s attire is probably the most interesting ensemble. There are still celebs that go out wearing jumpsuits and they still manage to look good in it. However, not all people can pull it off that well. Okay back in the 1980’s, people will go out with jumpsuits and they won’t get criticized, because almost everyone you see on the street will be wearing the same attire.

80's jumpsuits

80’s jumpsuits (image credits to vintagefirm)


Thanks for reading; again, you’ll be the judge. What do you think of these 80’s attire?

Unique or Tacky?

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