10 Weird Things to Google About

How I came up with weird things to Google about- I was researching about my next post when I started noticing Google’s auto complete search feature. It kept trying to provide search suggestions that were a bit irrelevant to what I was searching for. I then realized that people are entering weird things to Google search. So I experimented and tried to enter short key phrases and see what Google auto complete would suggest.


Here are 15 random search phrases that I came up with:

1. A girlfriend’s concerned about her boyfriend’s STD and penis size

boyfriend has std and small penis Google search auto complete


2. Inquiry about condom sizes- After clicking the search phrase suggestion, I’ve found a somewhat weird but informative article regarding condom sizes written by an About.com author named Elizabeth Boskey. I also added a screen shot below.

condom sizes search

Condom Sizes Article by Elizabeth Boskey

Condom Sizes Article by Elizabeth Boskey| About.com

3. Do people eat… placenta? Perhaps, a spider in their sleep? -Not sure about this one, but probably the searcher is dreaming about eating spiders in his/her sleep and trying to figure out if this is normal or not. I am also not sure about the placenta I didn’t bother to look at it. This is definitely a strange thing to Google about, don’t you think so?

Do people eat Placenta or spiders in their sleep? Search term

4. The xenophobic searcher- if you look at the search phrase I entered “I am scared” and Google auto complete added “I am scared of black people” and at the bottom “I am scared of Asians”- OUCH! I am Asian by the way.

I am scared search term


5. I eat my… – this one falls into the gross category. These searches are definitely weird things to Google about.

I eat my search term

6. I have a dirty… – I was actually expecting to see “I have a dirty mind lyrics,” and I was definitely surprised to see a search term “I have a dirty diaper.” I am sure a toddler is not searching for this term. And if ever the person searching for an info regarding this search phrase and happens to land on this page, the info I am providing is simple– change your diaper or use an underwear for goodness sake!

I have a dirty search term


7. Justin Bieber Dilemma- I just randomly entered Justine Bieber (incorrect spelling) . Check and see what Google’s auto complete have suggested.

Justin Bieber is search term


8. Continuation of Justin Bieber Dilemma… Justin Bieber’s stalker! Note that I only entered “where does” and Google’s auto complete is trying to help me out– NOT!

Where does search term


9. Another stalker, this time it’s Chuck Norris’s Stalker- The first website that comes up on Google’s page after clicking the the search phrase is a bit hilarious (see the following screenshot)

Where can I find search term

Where is Chuck Norris search term


10. What can I do with an iPad? What a weird thing to Google about! Hmmm… let’s see, whoever is searching about this can definitely donate their iPad to me that’s the best thing they can do with an iPad.

what can I do search term


3 More Weird Things To search About

11. Complete my search phrase “My mom is...”

my mom is search term

12. Can I eat my…. period? At least someone sarcastically smart has told the searcher what she needs to know (maybe it’s a he– it could be an internet troll searching about this mess). I still think that this is another strange thing to search about, there’s only two types people that comes to my mind- either this person is just curious about tasting her period or this is just another work of an internet troll.

can I eat my search term


can I eat my search term


13. This is probably the best reason as to why people are entering weird things to Google search.

I don't have a search term


Thanks for reading, if you have other weird things to Google about please let us know by contacting us or by sending us your comments! We also love to read and hear your opinions, comments and critiques.

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