Rare and Weird Mental Disorder

The mental disorder or mental illness is a psychological disorder that reflects in human behavior, actions or mannerism which is generally related to disabilities, distress or depression and not considered as a normal development of the person’s culture or traditions. Mental disorders are separately classified to neurological or psychiatric disorders, mental retardation and learning disabilities. Some person with mental disorders are defined with combined feeling of perceived such as paranoia, nervous breakdowns and depression. Here are some mental disorder that we find so strange, weird and bizarre.

1) Stockholm syndrome this syndrome commonly affected are the kidnapped victims, the feeling of “symphatizing with their abductors” instead of hating them. Below are kidnapped victims of having Stockholm syndrome.

Natascha Kampusch, kidnapped at 10 in 1998

Natascha Kampusch, kidnapped in 1998 at age 10

Wolfgang Priklopil, kidnapped 10 year old Natascha Kampusch

Natascha Kampush of Vienna, Austria was kidnapped at the age of 10 on March 2, 1998 on her way home from school. Her captor, Wolfgang Priklopil kidnapped and kept her in a secret custom built basement of his old grandparent’s home. Kampush escaped on August 23,2006 , age 18, while Priklopil was busy answering a call, and Kampush was cleaning her capryor’s BMW850i in the garden. Priklopil committed suicide by jumping in front of the subway train rather than go to jail. When Kampush learned about his death, she sympathized and cried, and lit a candle in the morgue, and felt very sorry for Priklopil.

Lima Syndrome

Lima Syndrome, captors sympathize with their kidnap victim

Lima syndrome is the opposite of Stockholm syndrome, here the abductors feel sympathy for their kidnapped victims.

2) Cotard Syndrome

Cotard Syndrome

This rare mental syndrome is called the Cotard syndrome, and it was only in 2007 that this rare mental illness was acknowledge by the scientists.

3)  Body Integrity Identity Disorder

Body Integrity Identity Disorder

The Body Integrity Identity disorder is the most rare but damaging mental disorder, where victims believed that a missing limb makes them more happy, and the need of amputating one of their “unnecessary limb”.

4) Alien Hand Syndrome

Alien Hand syndrome

Alien hand syndrome weird disease

Patient with Alien Hand syndrome

This strange mental disorder make the patient feel the sensation of having no control whatever their hands is capable of doing something, like hurting themselves. The Alien Hand syndrome is a mental disorder as a result from brain infectious diseases or brain surgery.

5) Diogenes Syndrome

Diogenes syndrome a behavioral disorder

Diogenes syndrome most common among elderly people

The Diogenes syndrome is a mental disorder most commonly affecting the elderly person, and it is also known as senile squalor syndrome, described as extreme self-neglect, domestic squalor, apathy (indifference of emotions), social withdrawals, hoarding of rubbish things and person with this disorder lack of shame, and most affected are the elderly person.

6) Trichotillomania Syndrome

Trichotillomania sufferers pull hair

Trichotillomania syndrome

Trichotillomania, hair pulling syndrome

Trichotillomania syndrome, a mental disorder characterized as DSM-lV impulsive control disorder of ulling out their own har leading to loss of hair. Oftentimes, this chronic disorder is hard to treat especially in adults. This disorder is triggered by stress and depression. The DSM-lV as an impulsive control disorder or psychiatric disorder like the pyromania disorder or seting fire, kleptomania or uncontrollable shoplifting or stealing something, onychopagia or nail-biting, body-focused repetitive behavior or self-physical injury, pathological gambling or addiction in gambling and many more.


Nail and cuticle bitting


Pathological Gambling

7) Muchasen Syndrome

Müchasen Syndrome

Muchasen syndrome is a mental disorder of an individual of fabricating “fake illness“, to draw attention to themselves.

8) Mythomania Mental disorder

Mythomania Syndrome (Pinocchio nose)

Mythomania is a mental disorder where an individual can not help telling lies or invented false stories. But in somme cases of Mythomania, they tell lies but with truth elements.

9) Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Multiple Personality Disorder

The Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or also known as Multiple Personality disorder in the ICD-10, a mental disorder of having two or more personalities, associated memory loss or forgetfulness. According to some studies and research physical and sexual abuses are most common cases, extreme anger may be of child abused cases, depersonalization, frequent panic or anxiety attacks, suicidal behavior, paranoia, identity confusion, great fear or phobias and extreme depression. This mental disorder is also called split-personality syndrome.

10) Foreign Accent Syndrome

Foreign Accent Syndrome

Linda Walker, suffering Foreign Accent syndrome after stroke

The Foreign Accent syndrome is an acquired and rare speech disorder, where the patient’s speech is extremely affected after a stroke, brain injury or trauma, which the brain’s speech center is affected and damaged, causing the patient to talk intheir native language but different accent. Linda walker is an example of Foreign Accent syndrome case, where her Newcastle accent changed into a Jamaican-Slovakian and Canadian accent after she suffered from a stroke.

11) Synesthesia Syndrome

Example of associations between graphemes and colors that are described more accurately as ideasthesia than as synesthesia

How someone with synesthesia might perceive certain letters and numbers

The Synesthesia syndrome or synaesthesiae, is neurological disorder affecting the stimulation (sensory of the muscles, nerves or sense of touch or smell). For instance, the patient perceived number 13 as color red, or the taste of coffee as ice cream.

12) Capgras Delusion

Capgras Syndrome

Capgras Syndrome love hate delusion

Capgras syndrome is a rare mental disorder in which the patient’s belief that a member of her family was replaced by an impostor, although they could recognized other member of the family.

  Fregoli Syndrome

Fregoli Syndrome

The Fregoli syndrome is mental syndrome where the patient believed that this family member is a different person and only disguising.

13)  Stendhal Syndrome


Jerusalem Syndrome (mount Olives, Jerusalem

Paris syndrome

The Stendhal syndrome, is a psychiatric illness that can happen to anyone, when exposed to extremely beautiful huge arts displays in a small space; they experience rapid heartbeats, hallucinations and confusions and dizziness, which is very common among tourists, where their fascination in beautiful cultural and artistic arts and also the whole cities. Same with Jerusalem syndrome, where tourists are the most affected soon they arrived Jerusalem, a phenomenon affecting tourists seeing breathtaking scenery upon arrival in Jerusalem, and become psychotic. This is also similar with the Paris syndrome, where Japanese tourists are affected with this rare mental illness.

14) Bigorexia

Bigorexia syndrome

Bigorexia is a disorder in which an individual’s belief that “he do not have enough muscles”, and the obsession of having big muscles. The symptoms of Bigorexia includes: feeling great depression when they missed their gym session, addicted to steroids, constant facing the mirror, and neglecting personal life like family or friends, socializing and work.

15) Piblokto or Arctic Hysteria syndrome

piblokto pibloktoq or arctic hysteria

Piblokto syndrome, tearing clothes hysterically

Piblokto or Arctic Hysteria syndrome, a condition that affects most of the Inuit women and dogs, a form of specific culture condition, living within the arctic region, with signs and symptoms of uncontrolled screaming and wild behavior or hysteria, depression, and tearing off their clothes because of extreme cold insensitivity and coprophagia (eating of feces especially on dogs).

16) Androphobia , Fear of Men Syndrome


Misandry, hate to men

Androphobia syndrome is the great fear of men, which is far from misandry (hate for men), Androphobia or great fear in men according to research, eventually is a traumatic childhood experience, such as childhood rape or abused by father, brother, uncle or any male member of the family.

17)  Paraphilic Infantilism syndrome

Paraphilic infantilism

Paraphilic infantilism

Paraphilic infantilism

Paraphilic Infantilism also known adult baby syndrome or auto-nepiophilia can be a sexual fethish for infant-like state, behaviors like bottle feeding or wearing diapers, or having sexual pleasure from infliction or reception of pain or humiliation, pedophilia or diaper fetishism.

 Pedophilia syndrome

Old man, loves young girls and boys

Old man, loves young girls and boys


Pedophilia is a condition of matured man or woman, having the urge to have sex with children, and a psychiatric illness which is condemned by our society and now became a legal issues.

18)  Exploding Head Syndrome

Exploding Head syndrome

Exploding head syndrome, an unusual mental disorder, a very rare but scary illness, where the patient experiences loud noise in their heads, and the feeling of exploding of their own head.

19)  Hybristophilia Syndrome or Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome


Hybristophilia or Bonnie and Clyde syndrome

Ian Huntley, Soham double child murderer

Hybristophilia is a mental disorder where an individual is attracted to people who committed an outrage or crime. One example is Ian Huntley, the murderer of Soham two children, Holly Chapman and Jessica Wells. He received numerous mailed letters everyday from his fans.

20) Somnophilia syndrome or Sleeping Beauty syndrome /Kleine-Levin syndrome

 Louisa Ball, Kleine – Levin Syndrome or Sleeping Beauty syndrome

Kleine – Levin Syndrome

The KLS or Kleine-Levin syndrome, a rare disease that afflicts males, a neurological disorder described as recurring periods of excessive amount of sleep, eating, where patient becomes drowsy and sleeps mostly on the day, and hypersomnia during the night or excessive sleep, rises to bed to eat and go to bathroom.

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