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Traditional Unique and Exotic Cuisines

The culinary art or style of cooking is practiced according to country and specific cultural customs, creating the country’s delicacies known as cuisine. Cuisines are given their titles according to regions, origins, religions and influenced by other foreigner that usually migrated into their country using ingredients and spices. Some countries follow a strong influence on […]

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Strange Traditional Dwellings

A building or structure occupied for dwelling for one or more families, better known as house. The house have many kind of dwellings styles and depends on the country’s traditional style of houses they built, from nomadic tribe huts to modern day style. The house have the same dwellings purposes such as residential, home for […]

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Traditional Herbal Medicinal Plants

Herbalism or Botanical medicine or herbology, is the traditional old folks practice of treating ailments. In Asia it is the most common and cheapest way to treat infectious diseases, though most modern day people in Asia or any part of the world would prefer to see their doctors and buy the prescribed medicines. The herbal […]

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