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Singers Behind the Famous Animation Theme Songs

Theme songs is a music piece that is often composed specifically for a radio program, TV program or shows, video games and movie themes usually played during the intro, title sequence and ending credits, commonly accompanied by lyrics, most often associated with the show. Most theme song is named for the title of the work, called the title song. The term theme […]

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Peculiar Fame of Old Time Group Singers

Many group singers venture to sing in group, just like their famous old time group singers since the 1950s , some became popular, gained peculiar fame and made names, some failed, or maybe their fame was too short. There are groups that sold millions of recording and made hit to the chart. Some group singers […]

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Old Time Favorite Singers and their Strange Life and Careers

During my growing up years, my parents are fascinated with old time favorite singers like Frank Sinatra, Jerry Vale, Vic Damone, Dean Martin, Johnny Mathis, Matt Monroe, Connie Francis, Perry Como, Nat King Cole, and many more. And now I was influenced by my parents for the love of music, especially the music from the […]

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