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Peculiar Fame of Old Time Group Singers

Many group singers venture to sing in group, just like their famous old time group singers since the 1950s , some became popular, gained peculiar fame and made names, some failed, or maybe their fame was too short. There are groups that sold millions of recording and made hit to the chart. Some group singers […]

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Unique and Peculiar Chefs

Culinary arts is the art of cooking and food preparation, and have the knowledge in the science of food, nutrition and diet foods. The culinarian, is the person who studied the Culinary arts, and they are also called cook or Chef. Most Culinarians worked in restaurants, hospitals, hotels and delicatessens (means “delicacies or fine foods”) […]

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Peculiar Collecting Hobbies

A hobby is an activity or interests because of pleasure or just for relaxation purposes, such as gardening, bird-watching, hunting, woodcarving and collecting products or favorite items. However, collecting of items are becoming an obsession for some collectors, thus, it makes them weird or peculiar with the kind of collections they gathered. Some collectors would […]

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