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Strange Death of All Star Wrestlers

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., (WWE,) refers to the professional wrestling promotion, founded in 1952 by American professional boxing and wrestler promoter, Roderick James “Jess” McMahon (May 26, 1882 – November 22, 1954) and co-founder American wrestling promoter  Joseph Raymond “Toots” Mondt (January 18, 1894 – June 11, 1976), and, known as the world’s largest wrestler’s main […]

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Chronology of Death of Famous Showbiz Personalities

This is a chronology of notable death of famous showbiz personalities from 2012 to 2014. The names and cause of death and are written according to family name or pseudonyms that include their screen names, stage names, pen names, aliases, gamer identifications, and reign names of emperors, popes and monarchs. In January 2012 showbiz personalities death starts with American singer Etta […]

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Weird Unexpected Death of Celebrity’s Children

Shocking and unexpected death of celebrity’s children, sometimes makes their fans, puzzled, why in spite of their parents popularity, living in fame and luxurious life, why this sudden and tragic death of their child becomes controversial.  No matter what the age, if the parent is still alive, they can suffer the death of a child. […]

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Glimpse on the Shocking Death of Famous Celebrities

When we thought of famous celebrity, all we could imagine is that their life is fulfilled, that they are fortunate and successful person, and live a luxurious life that any human being could dream. But when we hear them die in a mysterious way or their life was miserable before death, then we asked ourselves, […]

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