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Creepy Bog Bodies

What is Bog body? A bog body is a human cadaver that has been mummified in a natural process found buried within a peat bog. Bog bodies uncovered from bog peat were sometimes both geographically and chronologically known as bog people. These unearthed bog bodies, or bog people are the human preserved corpses naturally and some animals […]

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Weird and Creepy Destinations

If you love traveling and experience weird tourist destinations or weirdest shopping experiences , here are some places that may amaze you, that will make you  free from your stress from your daily routine work or boredom. 1) Japan Noodle SPA A “Ramen bath or SPA” located in Nantsuttei, Hadano, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan’s famous […]

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Strange, Creepy and Weird Necropolis

The large burial ground or called “cemetery” with unique, strange ancient tombs is known as necropolis. Necropolis is a Greek term “nekropolis” which means “city of the dead“. Most of ancient necropolis are found outside the abandoned city or large towns, used only as burial grounds. The prehistoric burial grounds that do not include structures […]

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