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Awesome Calendar Seasons

A season is a year’s division, marked by changes in weather, ecology and hours of daylight, a result from the yearly orbit of the Earth around the Sun and in the term of Astronomy, the axial tilt named by astronomers as obliquity, is the angle between a rotational axis of an object and its orbital axis, or, equivalent to the angle between its […]

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Awesome Unique Celebrity Chefs in the World

A chef is a highly skilled professional cook who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation and sometimes table settings. The chef term is derived and shortened from the term chef de cuisine. Chef is often used to refer to any professional cook, regardless of rank, though in most classically defined kitchens, it usually refers to […]

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Awesome and Weird Table Settings

Table settings is the most important preparation for any Formal, Casual or Buffet event, or even a small family affair, which every host/ hostess’s priority is their guests, these awesome and weird table settings, should be set for the comfort of every guests that leave’s a good impression on how you hosted your party. Table […]

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