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Strange and Weird Smallest Animals

I only thought that pygmies or dwarfism congenital disorder affects only the human being, and I was amazed while doing my research for my next blog, that there are “tiny” animals, plants or insects that exists. I’ve included the smallest animals in the world. 1) World Smallest Horse World Smallest Horse Smallest Horse The 5 […]

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Biggest Animals

We often come across images on the internet pertaining to big creatures. Often times when we see big animals, we usually ask ourselves, do these thing really exists? People can’t blame others for being skeptical about what they see on the web. After all with all the software out there that enables users to manipulate […]

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A List of Endangered Animals

Animal is derived from Latin word “Animalis”, which means “having breath”. Animals moved with natural impulse of unstudied behavior or manner and can be aggressive sometimes. Often times animals are referred to as close relative of humans, like the mammals and other vertebrates animals.   There are various kind of species in every animal family. […]

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