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Celebrities Odd Jobs Before They Became Famous

Odd jobs also known as summer jobs in the United States, is working at a series of unrelated or unspecialized jobs, often of a low-paying or a person who does boring or unpleasant work for little money. Some famous celebrities worked odd jobs before they became famous actors.  1) Sylvester Stallone  Sylvester Gardenzio “Sly” Stallone is an American […]

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What Is Water Poisoning?

Drinking an extreme amount of water, in a short time can cause risk to our body, and it may cause the level of salt, or sodium, to drop too low in our blood, and is known as hyponatremia. In some cases it could be very serious, and can be fatal. It is also known as […]

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Hoax Deaths of Famous Celebrities

A death hoax is a report of a person’s death, which is reported incorrect or rumored death, which in most cases the person has intentionally faked his or her death. Hoax deaths or fake death among celebrities had been widely popular via media or Internet in the past years. Death hoaxes are not a new event, there were hoax […]

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