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Unique Tourist Attractions

A country, state, region, city or town that is dependent to a significant revenuer from tourism is called a tourist destination which is marketed as a place for tourists to visit. For example, in Siem Reap town, is a famous destination in Cambodia, best known for their amazing Angkor temples,  or the small town of Lopburi in Thailand, where crab-eating Macaque […]

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Unusual Facts About the World’s Richest People

An idiosyncrasy is an unusual feature of a person, which also means odd habit. This term is often used to express eccentricity or peculiarity, a synonym may be known also as quirk. Quirk is an idiosyncrasy, a slight glitch, mannerism or something unusual about the manner of someone’s style or style of something. 1)   Bill Gates Bill Gates is best known as a billionaire, Philanthropist and the […]

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