Archive | January, 2014

Amazing Korean Festivals

How I wish to visit South Korea and experience the unique and amazing Korean traditional Festivals, the famous Korean national and local festivals, that Korean people have continued to commemorate in various ways, according to cultural and traditional traditions. Korean traditional festivals are based mostly on its agricultural and cultural rituals and myths. The Korean […]

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Weird Traditional Chinese Feasts

The whole world just celebrate the traditional New Year in many different ways or practice, but it always means a new life and a new beginning to start 2014. The traditional Chinese holidays are constituting the essence part of offerings for harvests or prayers. For the Chinese communities Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is the […]

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Strange Before and After Transformation

Plastic surgery is a medical term for specializing with the deformed skin, or parts of the human body, for correction or restoration of form and function. Plastic surgery has many types of  sculpting or reshaping of skin or flesh capable to reform as an art of modelling through reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery and burn […]

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