Archive | November, 2013

Horrible Disasters in the World

A natural or man-made or technological hazard that cause  physical damage, destructions, loss of life or abrupt changes in the environment is known as disaster. A disaster can be very difficult to define as any tragic event that stemmed from horrible events such as earthquakes, floods, accidents caused by catastrophe, fires such as bushfire or forest […]

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Rich and Famous Bollywood Celebrities

The largest film producer in India and one of the world’s largest film production centers of the film industry based in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), Maharashtra is known as Bollywood in informal term commonly used for the Hindi language, the term is often incorrectly used in referring the Indian cinema or formally known as Hindi […]

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Unique and Amazing Places to Visit

A city is a large locality or populated area and permanent settlement are general terms used in statistics, archaeology, geography, landscape history or temporary community where people live or have lived, without being specific as to population, size or location. A settlement can range in size from a small number of houses or group of […]

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