Archive | October, 2013

Adorable Child Stars, Where Are They Now?

Child actor or child actress is generally applied to a child with career in acting in television, films and stage, or adult performer who beagn acting as a child, thus, they are called former child actor/actresses. Child stars who continued with their acting career until they reach as teens, they are called teenage actor or teen […]

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Weird Characters Portrayed By Famous Actors

A person in a narrative work of arts such as novel, play, TV shows and series, and films, is called a character performing strange, weird, odd or eccentric behavioral character of a person played by an actor. A particular character, enacted by an actor in the theater, or cinema, involving illusion of being a human […]

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Awesome Unique Celebrity Chefs in the World

A chef is a highly skilled professional cook who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation and sometimes table settings. The chef term is derived and shortened from the term chef de cuisine. Chef is often used to refer to any professional cook, regardless of rank, though in most classically defined kitchens, it usually refers to […]

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