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Strange Single Celebrity

A bachelor is a man who is unmarried or never been married, and the term eligible bachelor denoting a young man who was not only unmarried and eligible for marriage, but also considered “eligible” in financial and societal terms for the prospective bride, and considered to be a particularly desirable potential husband due to financial status, […]

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Common Weird Skin Problems

There are common skin problem that may annoy us and just looking at these weird skin diseases it makes us uncomfortable or disturbing feeling. Our common reaction, buy some ointment or see our nearest dermatologist. Some people do self medication due to some skin disease are quite embarrassing and just wanted to keep it by […]

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Michael Jackson's impersonator, JD

Weird Impersonators and Artists

A person who imitates or copy someone’s behavior or actions of other individuals such as famous celebrities in politics, music and acting industry, is called an impersonator. There are several known entertainers who portray an impersonator, impersonating a celebrity generally for entertainment, or makes fun of the celebrity’s recent scandals or known weird behavior characters. […]

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Enrique Iglesia

Famous Filipino American Celebrities

Several Filipino Americans have made important and notable contributions to the American culture, politics or society, American media, music and movie industry. In Hollywood there are Filipino0American actors who made names in the Film and music industry in the United States, including Tia Carrere, Lou Diamond Phillips, Phoebe Cates, Mark Dacascos, Rob Schneider, (Allan Pineda) of […]

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Celebrity Odd Jobs Before Becoming Rich and Famous

Odd meaning unpaired, occasional, strange or unusual, or a person who is look upon as eccentric with strange job as a regular activity performed by an individual to earn money. An ordinary person usually begins a job by becoming an employee,a volunteer or maybe staring up a new small business. A job duration, in an odd […]

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