Archive | April, 2013

Celebrity Hired Surrogate Mother

The arrangement between a couple with (maybe hired or depends on the agreement) a woman that will carry and deliver a child is known as surrogacy. The traditional surrogacy can be the genetic mother of the child being born, which can be conceived through “home artificial  insemination” using fresh or frozen sperm cells or impregnated […]

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Famous Korean Drama Actors

Korean drama or k-drama for short, referring to television miniseries dramas, filmed and produced in South Korea. These Korean drama became a phenomenon and popular of the Korean wave called Hallyu, throughout Asia and other parts of the world, and also “drama fever” in some countries. The popularity of the Korean drama programming became available in […]

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Dazzlingly Beautiful Celebrity’s Children

Some famous celebrities kept their children away from “public” and want them to be kept in private, for security reasons I guess. Some kept them in private, to avoid intrigues and used their children for “news biz scoop” purposes. But there are celebrities who are just proud to show the world their beautiful children, and […]

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