Archive | January, 2013

Weirdest Museums and Collections

An institution known as museum is conserving a collection of artifacts, historical and scientific objects, arts and cultural exhibits that can be temporary or permanent. Ancient museums started as private collections of individuals, families or art institutions of natural, rare, strange or weird objects or archeological artifacts. There are several types of museums and category, such […]

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Strange Trees in the World

A tree is a woody plant with an elongated stem, or trunk that supports the leaves and branches, , supporting leaves or branches, and used for many lumber purposes or even firewood, and specified by height, size and shapes of trees. The broad terms for woods includes tree ferns, bamboo, banana, taller palms, oaks and several […]

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Weird Herbs and Spices

I love collecting recipes of different foods from other countries. I found it so very interesting and weird, from my usual recipes that I cook everyday. However, I find the spices and herbs so weird, so I began researching how do these particular herbs and spices looks like, so I have the idea. Spice is […]

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