Archive | November, 2012
Oasis Ahaggar Mountains

Amazing and Strange Natural Environment

The natural environment surround all living and non-living things that exists naturally on Earth. The complete ecological units functioning as natural environment without any intervention by human that includes, microorganisms, soil, vegetation, rocks, natural phenomena, atmosphere of the earth, that happens within the boundary of natural environment. The natural resources and physical phenomena boundaries lacking in clear […]

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Unique Styles and Trademarks of Famous Musicians

Singers or musicians performing on stage, fit to their specific appearance with unique styles, costume, stage make-up or any stagecraft to make their “trademark” noted by their audience. By this unique trademarks, they are always remembered by their fans or followers. Here are some “noted unique trademarks and styles” by famous artists of the music […]

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Weird Facts on Human and Animal Sexuality

The capacity to have concerning sexual love and desire experience and response is called, Human sexuality. The human sexuality is also referred to someone who is sexually attracted to another person, which is determined by their weird sexual orientation, whether it is to heterosexuality or opposite sex, to homosexuality or the same sex, bisexuality or having both these […]

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