Archive | August, 2012

Weird Ghost Towns and Deserted Villages

An abandoned city, town or villages is called “Ghost Towns”. There are many reasons why a city or town was abandoned or deserted. When I was younger, I thought a deserted town maybe named a ghost town, the town is manifested by ghosts. The town or city was abandoned maybe because of declined economic activities […]

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Weird Wonder of the World

There are many listed Wonders of the World, most of them are forgotten, and some new discovered wonders of the world. Most of this Wonders of the World, are strange and weird to other countries, that made them so curious to see and experience the beautiful natural nature or man-made scenery. Here are some lists […]

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Strange Mourning Practice

Mourning is, in the simplest sense,of grief over the death of friends, relatives or family members, describing a cultural complex of behavior of the bereaved family and friends. Customs vary between different cultures, traditions and religions.   Wearing black clothes  is one common practice  in many countries, although some countries forms of dress depends on the ethnic traditions. People  […]

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