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Weird Funeral and Burial Practices

Weird funeral and burial practices are still being performed in different parts of the world. The ceremony for remembering, sanctifying and mourning for our dead loved ones is called a funeral. Funerary customs include beliefs, practices, rituals of traditional cultures of interment, offering of prayers for the deceased. “Funus” is the Latin word for funeral, […]

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Extreme Body Modification Implants

The body extreme body modification implants or body alteration is the process of changing or modifying human body for for non-medical or aesthetic purposes like denoting affiliation, rituals, sexual enhancement, trust and loyalty, shock values, self expression and religious rite purposes. And the most extreme body modification is the subdermal implants or the 3-D implant […]

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Unusual Body, Facial and Dermal Piercings

Piercing like tattooing is a form of self expression for many and for some it is a form of representing their traditions and beliefs. So when do we consider body, facial and dermal piercing unusual? I guess you’ll be the judge. Body piercing is a kind of body modification wherein certain areas of the skin […]

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Extremely Strange Tattoos

First of all I came up with this blog title extreme strange tattoos because of my friend April. She just recently got a new tattoo—not all people find it pleasing, but I know why she have it Before I get into the list let me give you some quick facts about- why people get tattoo, […]

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Wedding Traditions and Meanings

The wedding ceremony is a social union between two people with legality officiated by a priest, higher official of the community and this sacred vow is called marriage. Wedding traditions and meanings varies cultures, tribal groups and religion. In some cases, some wedding customs follows superstitious beliefs examples are: presentations of gifts such as jewelries,money,flowers […]

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80's Gym Shorts

80 s attire- unique or tacky ensembles

Nineteen Eighties is the decade of colorful ensembles-80s attire (1980′s fashion). I was actually born in the eighties and I did enjoy listening to Cindy Lauper and Madonna. Anyway, in this post I simply highlight those 80s attire you’d be the judge as to whether these 80s pieces are unique or just plain tacky. 1. […]

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