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Famous People Deaths

As requested, I am writing the 3rd series on famous people deaths. As any ordinary girl, I admired and became an avid fan of celebrities who became famous. Singers who sang my favorite songs, film directors who’ve directed my favorite movies and other celebrities that made me smile will always be remembered. Famous people deaths […]

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The Poison Mushroom

In this post I discuss about poison mushroom, its appearance and resemblance to those edible mushroom types. (you can read our post regarding edible mushrooms by clicking here) Mycetism refers to harmful effect of mushroom poisoning. There are many kinds of symptoms that occur with the victim of mushroom poisoning this include gastrointestinal discomfort. Often […]

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Mushroom Types- Edible

In this post I listed type of edible mushrooms. In a simpler term I discuss about mushrooms types that are edible or eatable. Mushrooms have different or hundreds of species, growing below the ground (hypogeous) or growing above the ground ( epigeous), an edible fruiting bodies of various kinds of fungi, or called mushrooms, which […]

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Crude Noose

15 Insane Weird Deaths Stories

You probably read and heard insane weird deaths stories that are ridiculously unbelievable. Some of these stories are true and some are fictional (like the urban legend thingy). I decided to compile and research about true weird death stories. I managed to come up with 15 weird death stories and I hope to gradually add […]

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