Archive | May, 2011

Weird Superstitions Belief

Superstition is the state of believing something without any evidence or proof. In this superstitions list we explore beliefs, folktales– general concept not based on knowledge. Some superstitions sometimes affects the normal lives of people who believes in them. Superstitions also called “old wives tales ” , are often times observed by many whose traditions […]

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Weird disorders-Pica Disorder

It’s a fact that there are several weird disorders that we may or may not know about. In this post, I discuss about Pica Disorder (pica- pronounced as “pie-ka not pee-ka”), is disturbing and weird. People with pica disorder often have the cravings of eating things that are inedible.   I used to work in […]

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Poison Plants

There are many kinds of plants that have risk of high poison, and cause serious illness and sometime could be fatal to humans and animals. We might have it in our garden, in our parks where children play, or out in the woods. These poison substances in plants may cause us injury, illness or even […]

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