Archive | April, 2011

Weird Killer Disease of Human from Bites and Stings

There are various kinds of weird human diseases caused by animal or insect bites. Some diseases are caused by tick-borne disease or bites from infected animals or insects. Inhalation of dust that is infected with animal feces can also cause this type of weird human disease. Often times we associate mosquito bites with illnesses such […]

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Holy Week and Sacred Weird Beliefs

Holy Week, or Semana Santa as popularly known in Spain, Philippines or any Hispanic speaking language countries, are famous with their traditions. Holy Week is the last week of Lent, and the week before Easter, where Catholics and other non-Catholic celebrate, and mark the solemn events with their weird but sacred traditions and beliefs and […]

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Child Prodigy;Gifted Child, Weird or Wiz?

A child someone under the age of 18, who excels in one or more area of skill at an adult level level in a certain field, is referred to as child prodigy. At times, some might call them “wonder child” or “genius child.” Genius children might be excelling in different fields like music, math, arts […]

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