Archive | November, 2010

Weird and Bizarre Dating Sites

In the late 50′s to 80′s there were no dating sites online. Back in those days people commonly write letters or do phone calls to people they haven’t met. It’s usually called pen pals or phone pals “dating.” Pen pal is writing love letters sent through snail mails and the concern party will probably receive […]

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Bizarre and unique kind of dating

Apparently, dating has become unique and a bit bizarre. I came across what you now called virtual date. Just imagine meeting someone online and dating him/her virtually, to me, it is unique and really weird at the same time. I took the time to try it; to my surprise, it is definitely enjoyable. Let me […]

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Weird and Strange Traditions

There are still countries that practice ancient weird traditions. Countries like Asia and Africa, still adapts these weird traditions. Here are some of these weird and strange traditions that I have researched. Some of these practices are banned by their government and some are still being accepted up until today.   1) Eunuchs ,Ancient China […]

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