Weird Foods and Delicacy

I travel a lot in Asian neighboring countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China. Everytime I travel I see to it that I could visit the stalls and try the street foods. Aside from its weirdness and strangeness to eat, its affordable. Here are some of those I have tried and tasted:

1) Fried Crickets


Deep Fried Crickets (Image:Xose Castro)

Deep Fried Cockroaches

Deep Fried Cockroaches (Source Image: Spolster)

Fried Cicadas

Fried Cicadas

If you are in Bangkok, try to drop by the Koh San Road where various kinds of street food from worms to any kind of insect are found. They are cooked in different menus but more common as BBQs and deep fried.


Thailand Street Foods Cart (Image: Asian Jokes & Humor Blog)


In this cart you could buy various kind of cooked insects, which is famous in Koh San Road, Thailand.

2) Balut (Boiled egg with duck embryo)

Balut Egg with Embryo (source: Travelblog)

Balut is very popular in the Philippines, it is commonly sold by vendors every night in a basket covered with thick cloth so it would remain hot or warm. It is eaten with bit dash of salt, and do you know it contains high in protein and person with hypertension, don’t dare eat too much of this.

3) Locot (Fish Poops)

Locot (Fish Poops) Source: Travelblog

They are commercially sold in the restaurants or bars in Visayan region and Cebu City. They won’t tell you this locot are fish poops and they will tell you those are seaweeds. Eaten the way it is, no need to cook and garnished with vinegar, dash of salt, red chili, red onions chop and celery stalk if desired or cucumber.

4) BBQ Rat

BBQ Rat (Source: Travel Blog)

This rats are found in the ricefields and sugar cane fields, and are larger than an ordinary house mice or rats. So this rats are guaranteed clean and taste like chicken. This are Chinese favorite and very popular in Southeast Asia Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines and China.

5) Frog Delicacy

Frog Menu

This are one of the Chinese favorite cuisine. In Singapore, if you happen to drop by People’s Park in Chinatown, there is a popular Chinese Restaurants serving any kind of porridge toppings, and frog is one famous toppings. In the Philippines they fry the frog, adobo ( a famous dish in the Philippines), tinola or Batute (stuffed frog with ground meat, famous in Pampanga, Philippines).


Frog Legs


6) Monkey Brain

Monkey Brains (source: Travelblog)

Indonesian still do monkey hunting nowadays and considered a delicacy in Indonesia, especially the brains. Though internationally they are prohibiting monkey hunting, still killing and cooking monkey meats are still practiced and sold in the markets of Indonesia.

7) White Ants Grub Menu

White Ants Grub Menu (source: Travelblog)

White ants grubs are served famously in many Thailand restaurants. They are the size of a puffed rice, some came in little black eggs, half egg and half embryo or some fully developed baby ants.

8) Human Poops Burger

Human Poops Burger (source: wurstundfleisch)

Do you find it gross? This was discovered by Mitsuyuki Ikeda, a Japanese scientist, where he extracted the protein from the human excrement solid form and mixed with soya and put steak sauce flavoring derivative, as a meat substitute and formed as burgers. It is not commercially sold in Japan yet.

9) Casu Mazu (Maggot Cheese or Cheeseworms)


Casu Mazu (Maggot cheese)


The Casu Mazu (Maggot cheese) or cheeseworms, are found in aged cheese and delicacy in Italy. Though eating or harvest of Casu Mazu are prohibited at present in Italy, you can still purchase maggot cheese at the black markets.

10) FUGU (Blowfish)


FUGU (Blowfish in Japan)


The blowfish or Fugu in Japan, is one of the famous sashime served in famous restaurants in Japan. This high tetrodotoxin is the reason why blowfish are actually prohibited to be eaten and cause fatal death. So in Japan only restaurants with licensed and professional chef could serve Fugu sashime dishes.

Source: Asian Joke and Humor Blog

11) Beondegi (Silkworms in Korea)


Beondegi (Silkworm)


This silkworm larvae are popular snacks in Korea. But the Silkworm larvae delicacies are not famous only on Korea but in other parts of Asia. They served it fried or BBQ. “Crysalis or pupa” in Korea are steamed or boiled and put on seasoning when served.

12) Fried Tarantula (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)


Fried Tarantula (Phnom Penh and Skuon Cambodia)


Eating tarantula in Cambodia began during the old Kampuchea and became a practice now. It is sold or served in restaurants or street food stalls.

13) Sea Urchins


Sea Urchins (Famous in Japan)


When you open this sea urchins, the inner part is so delicious and very famous in Japan and any part of Asia as well. In the Philippines they make it a pica-pica for group drinkers in bars or restaurants.

14) Chicken Feet (Asia)


Chicken Feet (Asia’s Favorite)


The Chicken feet is among the Chinese favorites cooked in many ways like BBQ, stew, spicy chicken feet or toppings for porridge. But this is most famous in Thailand, especially in the Philippines and popularly called “adidas”.


Isaw (Chicken Intestine) Philippines


Isaw or chicken intestines are one of the most popular street foods in the Philippines. This Isaw are usually eaten as pica-pica for drinkers because it is very affordable. Not only chicken intestines are sold on BBQ stands but you can find chicken gizzards, liver, heart, head, chicken-ass, blood called “betamax” (they made it solid and sliced in cubes and skewed ), pork ears are also famous.

15) Hu Hu Grubs (Maori, New Zealand)


Hu Hu Worm (Maori, New Zealand) Image source: Matt Mueller


Maoris called Hu hu larvae “Pepe Tunga”, very edible with cheesy, or buttered meat flavor found in dead woods.

Witchetty Grub or Witjuti (Central Australia)


Witchetty Worms or Witjuti (Central Australia)


Commonly found in Central Australia, this large, white wood-eating larvae of moths, commonly known as Bardi grubs are slightly cooked in hot ashes and can be eaten raw.

Mopane Caterpillar (South Africa)


Mopane Caterpillar (South Africa)


This moth species are called Mopane caterpillar or commonly known as “Mopani or Gonimbrasia Belina.” The mopane or mopani caterpillar are very edible an important source of protein for poor Africans.

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