Strange, Funny and Bizarre Circus Performers

Circus is a group of skilled and professional performers or artists, performing different acts to entertain, together with the company employees and officials, performing trained animals, traveling wagons to transport the circus from one place to another, animal cages and other circus equipment. Circus is a public entertainment, usually set in a large area or place with large tents as an outdoor or indoor arena for featuring clowns, acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, hooper, tightrope walkers, jugglers, magicians, unicyclist, cannonball, fire eating, knife throwing, and many more stunt-oriented artists. The ringmaster often led the opening ceremony and introduced every act that will be performed for the show, and the most visible performer in the circus. The ringmasters are often the owner, manager and artistic director of the circus.

Circus Traveling Trains or Wagons

Circus traveling wagon trailer

Circus animal cage trailer

Circus train

Circus Tent

Circus Tent


Ringmaster Paul Binder, Big Apple Circus

Tommy Hanlon Jr, Ringmaster of Silver Circus, Australia, 2001

1) Tightrope Walker

Korean Tightrope walker

High wire act Acrobat

High wire act by Huang Shan Wire workers in China

Tightrope walker

2)  Circus Hooper


Circus hooper

hooper, Judith Lanigan of International Circus and Street

Twirling and Fire Poi Dance

Fire Twirking dance

Fire Poi Dance

Poi Circles or Glowstringing flowers

Fire dancing also known as  Fire Twirling or Fire Spinning, are the group of performance of disciplined artists involving manipulation of fire objects, such as wicking (strand of loose woven, braided or twisted fibers) soaked in fuel and draws out flames. Baton twirling, rhythmic gymnastic and juggling are also “disciplined objects manipulation performances”.

3)  Contortionists

Contortionist on top a round table

Contortionist girl

Contortionist, backbend style

Contortionist in a trunk, frontbend style

4)  Acrobatics

Wuhan Acrobatic troupes

Wuhan acrobatic troupes

Wuquiao acrobatic troupes

Wuqiao acrobatic contortionists

Shanghai acrobatics

Acrobatis in unicycle

5)  Trapeze

trapeze performers

Triple Trapeze

Flying trapeze

Aerial Silk

Aerial silk performer

Aerial silk act

Aerial Silk performer

Aerial silk in white

Triple Aerial silk acts

Cord Lisse Performers

Cord Lisse act

Cord Lisse performer

Cord Lisse perforemr, Nicole

6)   Hair Hanging Performer

Hair Hanging performer of the Ringling Bros circus

7) Gymnastics

Double ring leap gymnast


Gymnastic performer

Rhythmic gymnasts

Rhythmic gymnasts with hoop

Front Handspring gymnasts

Pikefront Somersault

Somersault animation

Rhythmic Gymnastic and Baton Twirling

Rhythmic Gymnastic

8) Chair Balancing

Chair balancing

Balancing of Chairs

Chair balance

Unicycle Balancing

Giraffe- style Unicycle balancing

Freestyle unicycle

Hockey unicycle

Multi-wheeled Unicycle

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing

Wheel gymnastic on Ice

Wheel gymnastic

9) Stilt Walker

Stilt walkers, prformed by Circus Amok

Stilt walker in a parade

stilt walker, the Ice Queen

stilt walkers on bikes

10)  Circus Clowns

Circus clowns

Clown Juggler


11)  Jugglers

Scarf Juggling

Juggling act

Balls juggling

Chapeaugraphy Circus Act

chapeaugraphy circus act

Funny Hat chapeaugraphy act

12)   Plate Spinning

Plate spinning, the opening ceremony

Plate spinning

Plate spinning

13)  Fire Eating Act

Fire Eating Act

Fire Eater

Fire Eater or Fire breather, are an amazing and weird performers of sideshows, street performers and circus, using set of simple cast iron- torch soaked in kerosene or fuel and draw flames, insert in the performer’s mouth and extinguish the flames. In the late 1880s, the Hindus, Fakirs and Sadhu was a common performance as their spiritual rituals, and later became a common sideshow performances. Fire eating should be done by professionals or skilled performers, due to hazardous and danger on the health of exhalation or inhalation of gas.

Fire Breathing

Fire Breathing by Napalm Dragon

Fire breathing

14)  Sword Swallowing

Sword swallowing

Sword swallowing of two swords

Sword swallowing of 18 swords

Sword swallowing is an act of an artists of inserting sword into his mouth down to his esophagus towards the stomach, and considered dangerous and a high risk of internal injuries. The process is not actually “swallowing of the sword”, by an act of volition or holding back a conscious choice or putting down by force of an object into the body.

Glass Eating Act

Glass eating act

Glass Eating performance

15) Human Blockhead

Human Blochead, with nairl in her nosem Coney Islands Sideshow

Human Blockhead, Roslyn Walker, using 6 inch nail

Human blockhead, using screw driver

16)  Globe of Death

Globe of Death peformance

Globe of Death

Wall of Death Performance

Wall of Death performer

Wall of Death act

17) Freak show and Trained Animal’s Show

Bearded woman, Jennifer Miller, she is a juggler and fire-eater performer

Freak circus performer, a microcephalic person

Freak giant woman

Freak man

Freak body builder

Trained Animal Show

Goat and Monkey acrobat performance

Chimpanzee on a toilet bowl reading newspaper

Chicken on a skateboard

Taming Lions

18) Ventriloquist Show

Ventriloquist and puppeteer, Ramdas Padhye

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham with his dummy

Mime Shows

Mime Artists Jean and Brigitte Soubeyran

mime artist

Mime artists Act

19) Magic Shows or Illusionists

Magic Show by Simon

Magic show by Dandy Dan

David Copperfield, Illusionists

David Copperfield's Magic show

David Copperfield's Magic and illusions

David Copperfield

David Blaine’s Magic and Illusions

David Blaine 60 hours upside -down act

holding-breath underwater for hours

Criss Angel’s Magic, Illusions and Levitations

Criss Angel's levitation

Criss Angel Levitation

Harry Houdini, Famous Escapologist, Magician and Stunt Performer

Harry Houdini (Ehrich Weiss or Harry Weiss) 1899

Houdini in handcuffs 1905

Houdini performing Chinese Water torture cell

20)  Knife Throwing Act and Human-Dart Board Act

Knife throwing performance

Knife throwing performance

Knife throwing trick

Human Dart-Board

Human dart board

Bennie the Human dart board



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