Gorgeous and Weird Amazonian

The all female warriors are called amazons in Greek mythology and in classical era, by the “Father of History”, Herodotus, described the woman warriors from Scythia in Sarmatia (now known as Ukraine), Asia Minor or Libya. In modern times, the women warrior or amazonian are called “Women in the Military”, have many roles in the military, commonly in combats. The Western armies began to accept female soldiers in early 1970s to serve an active duty and began increasing number of role for the women armies. But only few allowed women in combat duties that includes the countries of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Norway, Serbia, Sweden and Switzerland. In some countries, they are recruited very young and enroll as cadets in any military academy of their country. In some parts of Africa and Asia Minor, some “leftist groups” recruit children to become “child soldiers”,  as young as 7 years old and used them as front-liners, messengers, snipers and worse part used as sex slaves.

1) The Amazons of Russia

Maria Bochkareva, Russian woman who fought for World War l

Maria Leontievna Bochkareva (nicknamed Yashka), is a Russian peasant woman who formed the Women’s Battalion of Death and fought during the World War l.

Moscow's Women Battalion

Russian female soldier

Russian Amazon4

Russian Police woman

2) Ukranian Amazons

Lyudmila Pavlichenko a soviet sniper on world war ll

Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a Ukranian successful sniper in the history, and  served in the Soviet during the World War ll.

Ukraine female Army

Ukrainian female pilot

3)   Croatian Amazons

Azra Basic, a former Croatian Military Police hiding in Stanton Kentucky

Azra Basic, a Croatian woman accused of war crimes against civilians during the Bosnian

Azra Basic, 52 year old, Croatian woman was arrested in a small town of Stanton, Kentucky after two decades in hiding was accused and charged of murdering a prisoner by stabbing him in the neck  and tortured others by forcing them to drink human blood and gasoline in 1992 during the bloody conflict in Eastern Europe. Basic, a former Croatian Military Police, was accused of various “inhuman tortures and crimes” such as setting fire on a prisoner, pulling out of fingernails or ripping prisoner’s ears using pliers and “carving of cross and letter S” into  prisoner’s flesh. Basic, also known as “Issabella” by the local residents,  settled some years ago in Stanton and worked in Stanton Nursing Homes and Nestle Prepared Foods, a sandwhich factory in the hilly rural area of Stanton. In the late April 1992, the Croatian military arrested ethnic Serbs from the Cardak settlement, imprisoned and tortured them.

Croatian female soldier

Croatian female military

4)  Serbian’s Amazons

Serbian female soldiers

Serbians gorgeous Amazons

Czech Republic Amazons

Czech Republic soldier

5) Military Berets

Portuguese female soldiers in Green Berets

Republic of Congo female soldiers in Dark green berets

Italian female soldiers wearing Maroon berets

Peruvian female soldier in black berets

Norwegian female soldiers in Red berets

North Korean female army in Red beret

UK female soldiers in steel-blue berets

6)  Dahomey Amazons

Dahomey Amazons

African Liberation Front female soldiers

Kenyan female soldiers

Rwanda - Congolese female soldiers

The Dahomey or Mino amazons, majority from the ethnic groups of West African Fon or Fonnu people, and all-female military groups of the Dahomey kingdom, now known as Benin. The Dahomey amazons is compared to the ancient Anatolia and Black Sea mythical amazons by the historians. In 1851, Seh Dong Hong Beh (meaning God Speak true), lead the 6,000 all-female army against the fortress of Abeokuta, Egba. Now in modern days, female army are used by rebels and the African government as well.

7)    Muammar Gadaffi’s Amazons

Gaddafi's female bodyguard, armed with pistol, in Addis, Ethiopia on June 6, 1983

Gaddafi's gorgeous female bodyguards

Gaddafi's female bodyguard murdered by opposition rebels

This gorgeous Gadaffi’s amazonian, escaped and fled with her boyfriend, but was caught by the opposition armies, shot both of them and was murdered.

Gaddafi's bodyguard, found in disguise and was murdered

This gorgeous but killer bodyguard was recognized in spite of her make up and disguise, she was tortured and beaten to death.

Gaddafi's bodyguard, murdered

This female bodyguard was abducted, gang-raped and tortured by the opposition soldiers and strangled her to death. She was found in a decomposed stage.

The 400 “Gaddafi’s Amazonians” or  “Revolutionary Nuns”, was first seen in the 1990s and all female bodyguards are named after Gaddafi’s only daughter Aisha. These chosen “Gaddafi’s Amazonians” or “Revolutionary Nuns” were recruited to be Gaddafi’s personal all-female bodyguards and took a vow of chastity, oaths of virginity and should be well groomed, with heavy make-up and mascara, clad in high heel shoes and dressed in camouflage uniforms. Five of Gaddafi’s amazonian complained of abused and raped by Gaddafi and sons, and after they get bored of the women, they are dumped like garbage and passed onto Gaddafi’s private armies.

Galyna Kolotnytska, gorgeous Ukranian private nurse of Gaddafi

Galyna Kolotnystka, Gaddafi's gorgeous private nurse and mistress fled to Ukraine

8)  Female Suicide Bombers

Sana'a Mehaidli in her SSNP uniform, female suicide bomber at age 17

Sana’a Mehaidli, “The Bride of the South”, born on August 4 1968 and died April 9, 1985, she was 17 years old during the time she blew herself , filled her Peugeot car with explosives and drive directly to an Israeli convoy, killing two Israeli soldiers and injured twelve people.

Ayat Al-Akhras, 18, female suicide bomber

Ayat al-Akhras, Facebook profile

Ayat al-Akhras, an 18 -year-old all A’s-student, a teenage Palestinian,  female suicide bomber wearing a belt around her waist, with explosives, and blew herself up at the entrance of  Jerusaba’s Kiryat Hayovel supermarket, killing  17 year-old Rachel Levy and the security guard of the area.

Rachel Levy, 17 year-old Israeli, victim

Wafa Idris, female suicide bomber of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Wafa Idris, a female suicide bomber of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, she was 28 years old, divorced, and a paramedic of the Red Crescent. Idris detonated a 22 lb bomb at Jaffa Road , at the center of Jerusalem killing an 81 year-old Israeli man, and injured 100 more people on January 22, 2002. She is the cousin of Ayat al-Akhras and Darine Abu Aisha (all female Palestinian suicide bombers).

Hanadi Jaradat, a Paletinian suicide bomber,

Hanadi Jaradat, (September 22, 1975- October 4, 2003) a cousin of another female suicide bomber, Ayat al-Akhras, from Jenin, blew herself up on October 4, 2003, in Maxim Restaurant in the northern of Israeli City of Haifa. Fifty one people were injured and killed 21 people (4 were ISraeli children and 3 Arab nationals). She was named the 6th female bomber, who sacrificed their own lives because of their fanatic beliefs.

9)  “Child female soldiers”

a female child soldier

Female child soldier in Asia

Child Soldiers

Child soldier in Chechnya

African child soldiers

10 year-old Chinese child soldier with oher children troops, from the X Force, May 1944

Child soldier are usually used by the military,  private armies, rebels and leftists groups as spies, messengers or porters, look-outs and the worse thing as sexual slaves. Child soldiers are also used for propaganda or human shield.

10) Female in the United States Army, Abused of Authority?

Prvt Lynndie Rana England, United States Army

Lynndie England, sentenced to 3 years in prison

Lynndie England, holding a leash tied to around the neck of a naked prisoner inside the Abu Ghraib Prison in Baghdad, Iraq

Megan Ambuhl, US Army Specialist

Megan Ambuhl, Army Specialist and first person to be charged with abused and torturing of prisoners in Iraq

Naked prisoners in Abu Ghraib Prison in Baghdad, formed in a pyramud pile while Megan Ambuhl, looks on

Sabrina Harman, US Army Specialist

Sabrina Harman, US Army Specialist, denied that she took the pictures

 Gorgeous female soldiers: trained to kill to defend their countries

Australian female soldier

Austrian female soldier

Algeria female soldiers

Bahrain female soldiers

Iran female army

Israeli female soldiers

Turkish female soldiers

Chilean female soldiers

Cubans female soldiers

Chinese female Military

Chinese Police Women

Indian Female Action Force soldiers

Indonesian female soldier

Mexican female soldiers in traditional unhiforms

Philippines female army

Mongolia Female soldier

Malaysia Female Soldiers

Libyan female soldiers

Pakistan female soldiers

Pakistani Amazonians

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