Weird and Strange Flowers

Flowers signifies lots of positive things. Their aroma and colors gives people such a relaxing feeling. However, not all flowers could provide the same effect. In fact, there are weird and strange flowers that are famous not for their color and beauty, but because of their odd features.

1.) Lithops (Living Stone Plant)


Lithops Plant



Lithops Julii


In Ancient Greek, Lithops means “stone-like,” and also known as ” living stones.” The leaves are not green and have various kinds of colors like, brown, gray and cream with dark patterns and red lines. Lithops grows in dry regions of Southern Africa.

2) Amorphophallus or Titan Arum


Amorphophallus or Titan Arum


Amorphiphallus or Titan Arum are also called “shapeless male genitalia” and “corpse flower” because of awful odor that smells like rotten flesh. The name comes from the shape of the protruding black spadix and are usually found in Indonesia.

3) Rafflesia Arnoldii


Rafflesia Arnoldii


This stinky, parasitic plant are found growing in Borneo and Sumatra, Indonesia. It was named the largest bloom and can grow over 3 feet across. It has fleshy-red color with spots and smells like rotten meat. It has a hole in the center that can hold 6 or 7 quarts of water, it has no leaves and stems.

4) Hydnora Africana


Hydnora Africana


Hydnora Africana grows in dry land and desert of South Africa, and have red fleshy color. This parasitic flower attacks nearby roots of shrubs in the deserts. The rotten-smelling blossom attracts herds of carrion beetles.

5) Dracunculus Vulgaris


Dracunculus Vulgaris



Dracunculus Vulgaris


The Dracunculus Vulgaris, the burgundy-colored leaf-like flower have a slender-like black appendage. It has foul odor that stinks like rotten flesh like rafflesia, Hydnora africana or Titan Arum

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