Unusual, Odd and Funny Jobs

The present recession is felt in Europe, United States of America and other Asian countries, and the economy is down; where many business firms have lower production, as measured by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment, capacity utilization, investment spending, household income and expenses, business profits, and rising of inflation, company’s bankruptcy, and unemployment rate is very high. The recession can occur, if there is widespread of spending or dropping, following an adverse event that sudden changes with the prices of commodities and services. People most affected are those who depend on wages, salaries, fixed incomes or welfare benefits; and the loss of job have a negative impact on the stability of the individuals and their families health and well-being. Many have landed and forced to accept odd jobs for their family’s welfare. Job hunting would be very difficult for those who don’t have college degree, and are forced to look for a job that they may thought, will fit their knowledge and skills. Here I found some odd and unusual jobs,some jobs are  considered weird and funny.

1) Antenna Installers

Antenna Installers from a tall building

Statue Cleaner

Statue Cleaner

2)  Window Glass Cleaners

Glass window cleaners

Window cleaners

Sorry guys, they are not Spiderman’s  assistants! In UK, window cleaner is considered the most dangerous and risky job.

Building Painters (Interior and Exterior)

Building painter

Building painter or exterior house painter

  4)  Carpentry  (job for men and women)

Female carpenter at work

woman carpenter

    Coffin Makers

Coffin makers in Teshie , Ghana (famous for weird coffin designs)

Coffin salesman (Macau, China Coffin factory)

Flower Arranger of Flower Maker

Flower arranger (wedding, birthdays, any occasion and funerals)

Flower arranger at a funeral in China

Flower arrangements for funeral services

5) Embalmers or Morticians

Embalmer, 10 highest paying dirty jobs

Embalmer or Mortician

Embalming the dead person procedure

6)  Crying Ladies or Professional Mourners

Professional mourners in Chinese funerals (Crying Ladies)

professional mourner Liu wear her costume getting rady for enactment of grieving daughter

Professional mourners in China, spice up the funerals, and paid for services rendered

Professional mourner Liu, 25 , from Taiwan, is paid for her re-enactment of a grieving relative and paid for her professional fees of T$2,000 ($60 USD) to T$3,000 for her half-day job for singing, crying and crawling on the ground.

professional mourners in Rudaali, India

Funeral Clown

Funeral Clowns

Funeral clowns

If in Asia, especially the Chinese, hire professional mourners, in Ireland, they hire macabre clowns or funeral clowns to make the grieving family laugh and comfort them in their hour of sorrow and grief. The funeral clowns are paid higher fees for their services.

7)  Mascots and Clowns

Clown performer

Clown performer


Kung Fu Panda mascot

Jollibee mascot dancing and performing

Big Bird from Sesame Street mascot

a "mascot" performer, tired and texting

In some countries, clowns are hired especially on “children birthday parties” to perform magic tricks and host parlor games. Same with the mascot, where they are used for merchandising or representing as “company logo” for public identity. Some hire mascot to perform for their victory party, company party or town feasts.

8) Ice Cream Taste Tester  / Food Taster

Ice Cream Taste Tester

Ice cream taster tester

Food Taster

Food taster

Food taster

Pet Food Tester

Pet food tester

9) Smell Testers

Smell tester of a deodorant brand

Smell-perfume tester

Urgently needed: Sniffing fart

10)  Balloon makers

Balloon maker with customer

balloon maker at a party

Organ Grinder

Organ Grinder with monkey toy

Organ grinder with his monkey pet

Condom Tester

Condom tester (checking holes on it)

11) Beekeeper

Beekeeper job

Beekeeper, weird and odd job

12) Banana Gasser

Banana Gasser in Colombia

Apple Pickers

Apple picking job

Grape Picking and wine making

Grape picker

Emptying wine tank of the grape skin

13) Fish Scale remover / Butcher

Fish scale remover or scutery maid

Skilled Butchers

Skilled butchers

Potato peeler job

potato peeler job

potato peeler

Onion Slicer

Onion slicer

14)  Stuntman or stunt woman

Stunt woman (making double for Bella)

Stunt women from Charlie Angel's 2, jump from explosion

Stuntwoman lying down on a garbage box full of rats

15) Environmental Cleaner

Environmental cleaners, funny and weird jobs

Drainage diver, uncloggibf the drainage, funny odd jobs

Sewerman, unclogging the sewers in Chennai, India

Toilet Keeper and Cleaner

Toilet Keeper and Cleaner

Elephant Poops Catcher

elephant poops catcher

Elephant poops catcher or Elephant Nanny

16)   Walking the Dog Job

Walking the Dog job

Walking the dog job

17)    Snake Charmer Job

Snake Charmers in India

snake charmer in Thailand

Snake charmer Khum Chaibuddee, kissing King Cobra, Thailand

Milking Snake job

Milking snake (extract of toxic venom from the snake's fang)

Milking snake ( removing or venom from the snake's fang)

Milking Cow

traditional way of milking cow

Milking cow the modern way

18)   Fire Scientists

Fire Scientist working on his laboratory

Fireman relaxing while working

Fire dancer

19)  Wanted: Circus Assistant

Throwing-knife assistant

Knife-throwing assistant

Human Cannonball “bullet”

Human cannonball show

Human cannonball

Lion Trainer and Tamer

Lion trainer, attacked by lion

Sea lion trainer

Sea lion trainer



20)  Odd Jobs

Independent Duty Corpsman, draws blood from a patient

Carer or caregiver at a nursing home

Fast Food delivery man

hairdresser and beauty therapist

Laughter Therapists

Outsourcing / Call Center agents

Office work, squeezing office-mate

Technician on pedals

Tax payer reminder

Target range assistant

Clapperboard job

Some tips during employer’s interview:

1) Applicant should wear proper suit, not over dressed:

Lady on purple dress

man in jogging suit

2) Hygiene or cleanliness makes a good impression, not like this:

homeless in a cool suit

3) Avoid chewing bubble gum and blow it in front of the interviewer:

Blowing bubble gum

4) Avoid nose-picking in front of the employer or interviewer:

Nose picking

5) Never put your feet on the table or talking to somebody on the phone while interview is going on:

Feet on table and talking on the phone

6) Avoid eating during interviews:

eating during interviews

7) Avoid using “filler words” such as “umm, okay, well, actually, anyway, anyhow, I mean” and never interrupt while interviewer is talking:

woman covering mouth while talking

8) Be sure you listen and pay attention to the interviewer, show your interest to what he/she is explaining, especially if you are On The Job training:

Not listening to employer or interviewer

not paying attention

9) Be sure to have good answer on your skills exam to impress your employer to be:

Cheating during exams

10) Body language show professionalism and on how the way you talk:

Folded arms during interviews, shows unprofessional

Hands in pocket


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