Unique Way of Communication and Strange Gestures

Gesture is one way of communicating by sending and receiving wordless or visual messages from the sender and the receiver, through sign language, body language, facial expressions, eye contact, and lip reading (commonly used by the deaf person) and gestures, which includes the hand movements, face or other parts of the body. Most non-verbal gestures can express display of affections or display of interaction received by a person through finger-pointing, eye-gazing, and verbal or non-verbal communication. Most gestures differs from other cultural and social settings of a country. Gestures differs from sign language.

1) Okay hand gesture

Okay sign gesture

An Okay or ok is made by connecting the thumb and forefinger in a circle form, a signal for okay or approve, and commonly used in diving signal. The okay hand gesture is an offensive sign for the South American and southern European.

Thumbs- Up

Thumbs up from a Beijing Buddhist monk

A thumbs-up or thumbs-down, is a hand gesture or signal which is commonly used for approval or okay sign. The thumbs-down is a sign of turning-down or disapproval from a person. In an Ancient Roman gladiatorial fight thumbs up means to spare the gladiator or thumbs-down means death for the defeated gladiator. The thumbs-up hand gestures is not acceptable in the Middle East country,this is an interpretation of an insult or an interpretation of saying “its up to you”, and same meaning of expressing disapproval in parts of West Africa, South America, Sardinia and in Iran, this gesture is an offensive to morality and decency (equivalent to western hand gestures using middle finger). In Italy, Germany, Greece and Hungary, it indicates number one and okay. In Russia and Finland, means “awesome“, good or well-done. In Australian Sign Language or Auslan, it means which means terrific or good. In America Sign Language or Ameslan, if the thumbs-up hand gesture is done and wiggled left and right, it means number ten, when held steadily and push toward other person it means “yourself” and if it is “lifted up” by the other palm it means “asking help”. In Japanese Sign Language or Nihon Shuwa, the thumbs-up means indicates male gender and the pinkie finger indicates female gender. In India,the thumbs-up gesture may be accepted, but can have negative gestures in Indian cultures, especially when it is wagged from side to side, in a revers pendulum movement, it means will not work” or disagree, and the most acceptable hand gesture of Okay sign is the popular soda logo in India “Thums Up”.

Thums Up Soda, popular soda logo in India

Hitchhiker’s Thumbs-Up hand gesture

Western Hitchhikers, used the thumbs-up hand gesture sign to solicit a ride from vehicles passing their way and destinations.

Thumbs-Down Hand Gesture

Thumbs Down Hand Gesture

Thumbs-down hand gesture means disapproved or turned-down or denied.

2)  Shaka Hand gesture sign

Shaka Sign Common greetings among surfer culture

Shaka surfer greetings

Shaka hand gesture as sign of “call me”

Shaka hand gesture sign is a common greetings among the surfers and also a Hawaiian custom of holding the flower necklace (lei) to place over the visitor’s head on the as an Aloha spirit greetings. It is also known as sign of communication of saying “all right, cool, and smooth”. In Florida and the East Coast of Brazil, Shaka sign means “hang-loose”. In some states, Shaka sign also means, “hello, goodbye, till next time, or take care. When you use Shaka hand gesture, with your pinkie finger at the mouth and the thumb at the ear, it means “I will call you over the phone or please call me”. But if the thumb is at the mouth and the pinkie finger points towards the sky with the head tilted back, it refers to “drinking”. In the Caribbean , commonly in the Lesser Antilles Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, if the thumb faced yourself and the pinkie finger facing in front (or pointing to a person) it means “sex with that person”. In China the Shaka sign is the symbol of number six.

3) Shocker Hand Gesture

Shocker hand gesture

Shocker hand gesture, an obscene sign

The shocker hand gesture is an obscene sign with a sexual connotation with the ring and thumb finger bent down, and demonstrating  of inserting the index and middle finger into a vagina and the pinkie finger into the anus.

Pitchfork Hand Gesture

Pitchfork Hand Signal

Sparky, Mascot of Arizona Sun Devil, carrying a Pitchfork

Arizona State University’s hand gesture used as symbol for Arizona State Sun Devil Team, with Sparky, Arizona Sun Devil Mascot carrying Pitchfork.

Sic ’em Bears hand gesture

Sic ’em Bears claw gestures

Sic ‘Em gesture by Baylor president, Ken Starr

The Sic ‘Em Bears hand gesture by raising one hand and curl the fingers as bear claws, a hand sign as support to the Baylor University athletes.

4) Fig Hand Gesture  (Dulya) and other Obscene Gestures

Fig Hand gesture


In some countries, the Fig sign gesture is a symbol of good luck charm; but an obscene hand gestures in France, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and some parts in Greece. Although, in ancient Greece it is a sign of good luck charm and fertility. In American sign language it is a sign of letter T.

The Finger Hand Gesture

The Finger gesture, an obscene gesture in the Western culture

The “finger” is an obscene hand gesture sometimes called flipping someone off, the bird or giving finger to someone, which means, fuck off, fuck you, screw off, or back off! In Ancient Greece, it is called “katapugon (male) or Katapugaina (female), and used in comedy as an insult and means “submit penetration to the anus.

Bras d’honneur Gesture

Bras d’honneur an obscene arm gesture

Bras d’honneur hand gesture

The Bras d’honneur gesture is an obscene gesture by elbow bent, with the opposite hand grasping the elbow which is similar to the finger gestures. In the United States, it is sometimes called “the arm” gesture or “Italian salute”. In Brazil it is called “banana”, in Mexico “mentada de madre”, in Catalan “fer botiffara”, in Spain and Portugal “corte de manga”, in Poland “kozakiewicz’s” gesture, in Croatia “bosanti grb (The Bosnian-Coat-of-arms).

Mooning Gesture

Mooning act of disrespect gesture

Mooning gesture

Mooning is the gesture of lowering pants and underwear exposing their bare buttocks which some considered an indecent exposure. But in literal meaning, this gesture is an obscene act which expressed their  protests, provocation, disrespect or expression of contempt and derision.

5)  Dap Greeting hand gesture

Dap greeting hand gesture

The Dap gesture greeting is a friendly form of handshake most common in western cultures. It is also referred to as the “first bump gesture”.

Fist Bump

Fist Bump hand gesture

The First Bump gesture is a symbol of respect and similar to High Five and Handshake gestures, and also can be a part of Dap gesture.

Elbow-Bump Greeting Gesture

Elbow-bump gesture of two surgeons, during Avian and Swine Flu outbreak

Elbow Bump greetings gestures

The elbow bump gesture is an informal greeting gesture, but during the Avian and swine flu outbreak the health officers used the “rubbing elbow” or elbow-bump as greeting gestures as to prevent spreading the virus from direct contact to any person.

High Five Gesture

High Five between two U.S. Navy sailors

High five between Drew Storen and Wilson Ramos of the Washington Nationals

High Air-five between two ladies

The High-five gesture is an act of celebration or also similar to handshake, by raising one hand and slap the palm of the other person.

6) Hand Shake Gesture

Handshake gestiure

Handshake during Awarding ceremonies

handshake between two tennis player after the match

The “handshake” gesture between two people and act of greeting ritual, and grasping each other hands, and moved up and down.

7)  Salute Hand Gesture

Salute by a Lieutenant, Junior Grade, United States Navy

Salute of a Captain of French Navy, holding his sabre or saber to his face

The salute is a gesture of sign of respect commonly used in the military forces.

Two Finger Salute

Two Finger Salute


Three Finger Salute

Three-fingers salute, Serbian Army, Kosovo

Three-finger salute by Sasha Pavlovic

Scout Salute

Scout Sign and Salute gesture

United Macedonia Salute

United Macedonia Salute

Zogist Salute in Albania

Zogist salute by Royal Albanian Army

Zogist salute of former Mexican President Vicente Fox

Bellamy Salute gesture

Bellamy salute

Bellamy salute by George Bush

Nazi Salute

Nazi Salute by Adolf Hitler

Nazi salute

Vulkan Salute

Vulkan salute gesture or Blessing gesture

Vulkan salute hand gesture by Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek

Roman Salute

Roman salute by Di Canio

Roman salute by Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou

Hat Tip salute gesture

8)  Talk to the Hand Gesture

Talk to the Hand gesture

Talk to the Hand gesture

Talk-to-the-Hand gesture, means “No one listening”, a sarcastic and obnoxious gesture when someone will not listen to you.

Stop-talking hand gesture

Moutza Hand Gesture

Single Moutza hand gesture

Double Moutza hand gesture

Moutza hand gesture by the Greek people

The Moutza hand gesture in Greece which they extend the five fingers in front of the person they want to insult. Moutza is a traditional insult hand gesture among the Greeks.

9) ILY Sign or I Love You hand gesture

ILY hand gesture (I Love You sign)

ILY hand gesture is commonly used by the deaf and mute people sending message of I Love You sign

The ILY hand gesture is an informal way of saying “I love you” to a person, especially for the deaf and mute people. It also signify the letters “I, L and Y” in American Sign Language.

Horn Sign Gesture

Sign of Horns

Sign of Horn (or Metal sign in Music industry)

The “Sign of the Horn” is a hand gesture commonly used by rockers performing concert, especially the heavy metal music. Though in many areas in the Mediterranean countries, the sigh of the horn has a vulgar meaning and have various meaning in different cultures.

Hook ’em Horns Hand Gesture

Hook ’em Horns hand gesture

The Hook ’em Horns gesture is a symbol used by the University of Texas of Austin for cheering and greeting their teams. This gesture is used as slogan of the university.

10) Loser Hand gesture

Loser sign hand gesture

Loser sign hand gesture


The “Loser” gesture is an insulting act, where the thumb is extended and the forefinger pointing upward, that resembles letter L.

11) Pointing Finger Hand Gesture

pointing finger hand gesture

Pointing Finger hand gesture

The Index Finger or Pointing finger, is a gesture often used pointing to a person in an arguments or pointing at a person in a crowd. The pointing finger also represents “letter d” in the American Sign Language alphabet.

12) Waving Hand Gesture

Wave of the hand gesture

Waving of the Hand gesture (to say hello and goodbye)

Waving or wave of the hand gesture, is an act of greeting and saying “hello” or bid farewell and say bye bye or goodbye. It is also a hand gesture used by a person who acknowledges his or her presence in the meeting area.

Beckoning Hand Gesture

Beckon Hand gesture

Hand Beckoning gesture

Beckoning hand gesture is an act of informal calling of a person to come nearer to him or her.

V Sign Hand Gesture

V Sign Hand Gesture

Japanese girl in Kimono showing the V sign gesture as sign of Peace

V sign by Hwang Mi Hee

The V sign gesture is a hand gesture of victory in most western countries, Peace sign hand gesture of the hippies in the 1960s and act of cuteness in Asia like in China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan. The V sign gesture if pa;, facing the face is an insult and an offensive gesture, especially in the United Kingdom.

V sign gesture with palm facing his face is an insult gesture

Hand Raised gesture

Raised Fist hand gesture

Raised Fist hand gesture

The raised fist is a salute or logo commonly used by the leftist activists.

13)  Knock On Wood Hand Gesture

Knock on Wood hand gesture, usually knock underneath of the wooden table

Knock on Wood gesture

The knock-on-wood hand gesture, is used when someone speak of “unfortunate event”, and knock-on-wood gesture is done to “prevent the misfortune” and will not occur.

Crossed Finger Hand Gesture

Crossed Finger Sign gesture

The crossed finger is a hand gesture of crossing the index finger with the middle finger as to nullify a promise and a wish of good luck.

Sign of the Cross gesture

Sign of the Cross

The Sign of the Cross gesture is commonly used by Christian Catholics as sign of respect before entering a church, begin with a prayer and sometimes used as an expression of fear upon hearing a sad and scary news.

14) Genuflect and Kneeling Gestures, a sign of Respect

An officer, genuflect and hand the Flag to Mrs Reagan, after the late President Ronald Reagan’s funeral

Soviet Union naval Infantry men genuflects holding their AKS-74 rifles

Kneeling Gestures

Kneeling of the Royal guard in Bangkok, Thailand

15) Clasp of the Hand Gestures

Victory Clasp-hand gesture, as sign of winning

Clasp-Hand Gesture as Greetings in some country

Namaste hand gesture greetings in India

Namaste greetings in India, clasp-hand gesture

Thailand greetings, clasp-hand and greet friends and visitors

Sampeah Cambodia greetings. clasp-hand gesture

Khmer Greetings

Tibet greetings hand gestures

16)  Air Kiss Gesture and Cheek to Cheek Kiss

Flying kiss or Air Kiss gesture

The air kiss, commonly called the “flying kiss”, is a sociable gesture commonly used by celebrities or an individual during departure, arrival or gathering. Some air kiss is accompanied by “mwah” sound.

Cheek to Cheek kissing, is one way of greetings in most Western countries

The Cheek to cheek greeting gesture is a sociable way of greeting a friend. On the Middle East this is the common greetings among Islamic greetings. In the Philippines, it is known as “beso beso” ( a Spanish term of Kiss).

Eskimo Kiss greeting gesture

The Eskimo kiss is the nose to nose gesture and traditional greetings among the Eskimos.

Hand-kissing gesture

Curtsey Gesture

Curtsey gesture

17) Mudra Hand Gestures in India

Chin Mudra hand gesture of an Indian monk

Mudra Hand gesture

Mudra Prana

Mudra Bhudy

Mudra Gyan

Mudra Mahasirs

Mudra Uttarabodhi

Mudra Varada

Mudra Ganesha

Mudra Kubera

Mudra Mukula

Mudra Mantangi

Mudra Ushas

18) Japanese Hand Gestures

Batsu hand gesture saying No good or wrong in Japanese

Japanese hand gesture shiku shiku or boohoo, crying gesture

Japanese hand gesture of Come here (Chotte kitte!)

Japanese hand gesture “coming through” or “in a hurry” (Isoideyo)

Japanese “just enough” and “thanks” (Kekkou desu)

Japanese gesture of pointing to a person O’Honorable Clock

Japanese “who me”

Japanese hand gesture of Money or Okane

Japanese hand gesture for “girlfriend” (Kanojo) showing pinkie finger

Japanese boyfriend hand sign showing “thumb up” (Kareshi)

19) Various Hand Gestures

Tapping finger gesture sign of waiting

Applause hand gestures

Angle-hand Gesture

Air-qoutes Hand Gesture

Awkward-turtle hand gesture

Choking hand gesture

Slash or cut the throat hand gesture

Facepalm hand gesture

Gurn or Making-face gesture

Nod gesture (saying yes)

Shrug Gesture

Time Out hand gesture

Thank you hand gesture

Wanker Hand gesture

War chant hand gesture or Tomahawk chop, a cheering gesture

Rubbing Hands, a gesture of excitement or cold climate

20) Sign Language and Sign Numbers

Hand gesture for sign numbers 1 to 10

Number 11 Hand sign gesture

Number 12 sign number hand gesture

Number 13 sign number hand gesture

Number 14 sign number hand gesture

Number 15 sign number hand gesture

Number 16 number sign hand gesture

Number 18 sign number hand gesture

number 20 sign hand gesture

American Sign Language Hand Gestures

Sign Language Alphabet


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