Weirdest and Amazing Hotels

I always love to travel and after I booked my ticket I usually surf and search for the finest and cheap hotels to the place of my destination. I always searched for the weirdest hotel, motel, hostel or backpacker’s accommodation, that may suit my taste and kind of adventures. The hotel is an establishment where travelers paid their lodging for holidays or as residential purposes, according to the type of room they have chosen. Hotel rooms are numbered or have names for the guests to identify their rooms. Unlike in United Kingdom, there is a law regarding hotel requirements, such as serving food and drinks to their guests. Hostels, are budget type of hotels, with social accommodation rendered to guests where they can rent bunk-beds or beds, like a dormitory style, with share-a-bathroom, lounge and kitchens. Backpackers and students or travelers with enough budget can easily afford the hostel’s rates. Motor hotel or motel, are sometimes called motor inn, motor court, motor lodge, tourist lodge, cottage court and many more names, is a hotel with parking area for their motor vehicles or private garage thus, sometimes it is called garaged motel or drive-in motel.

1) Capsule Hostels , Japan

Capsule Hotel, Ginza, Japan


Japan's Capsule accommodations


Weird Capsule Hotel rooms, Osaka, Japan


Capsule Hotel, Shanghai, China

The Capsule hotel or hostels, are developed in Japan, for the intention of providing basic and affordable rates for overnight accommodations. Since Japan’s recession in 2010, more guests are renting the capsules, especially the unemployed or underemployed, and could also avail a monthly rental.

2)  Weird Hotel in China

Strange and Wacky Hotel, China


Pingpong Hotel (proposed design), Huainan, China


Futuristic Hotel, Songjiang, China


Songjiang Hotel, China

3) Hang Nga Guesthouse Inn, Dalat, Vietnam


Hang Nga Guesthouse or Crazy House, Dalat, Vietnam

Hang Nga Guesthouse, Dalat, Vietnam

Hang Nga or Crazy Treehouse with spider web design


Hang Nga Guesthouse Eagle Room


Hang Nga Guestroom Tiger Room

Hang Nga Guesthouse is located in Dalat, Vietnam, also known as Crazy House, because of its weird and spooky features. The hotel is built with large scary tree with unusual designs of rooms, with some spider web hanging on the ceilings. Hang Nga is named after the female architect,  who created and designed this weird hotel.

Imperial Boathouse, Cheong Mon Beach, Thailand

Imperial Boat House Resort Hotel, Cheong Mon Beach, Thailand


Imperial Boat House Resort with Large Ship shaped swimming Pool

4)  Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

Three Camel Lodge, Nomadic style, Mongolia

Three Camel Lodge interior

Three Camel Lodge, bedroom


Three Camel Lodge with entertainment

The Three Camel Lodge is developed with traditional nomadic style located in the middle of Gobi Desert, built with  eco-friendly weird Buddhist architectural designs. There are 30 Nomadic gers or tents made from woods and felt, without using nails to hold the tent together. The authentic tents range from $300 per night.

5)  Helga’s Folly Hotel, Kandy, Sri Lanka


Helga's Folly Hotel, the most weird and unique hotel, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Helga's Folly Hotel, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Helga's Folly Hotel Bedroom


Helga's Folly Hotel exotic room

Helga's Folly Hotel , weird lobby


Helga's Folly Hotel Hallway leading to the rooms

Helga's Folly Hotel, weird dinning room

Helga’s Folly Hotel, this unique hotel have 40 rooms with unique authentic designs, located on a hillside near Kandy town. The rates are about $100 per night or depending on the rooms of your choice.


Safari Tree house Resort Hotel, India

Safariland Tree house Resort, India


Safariland Tree house Resort suite


Safariland Tree house Resort hotel suite, India

Safariland Tree house Resort, located in the heart of mountainous of India region, and the most unique and awesome hotel built in gigantic trees. These tree houses are made of bamboo materials that makes them eco-friendly. Room rates from $150 to $250 per night, depending on the room.

6)Bulungola Lodge, South Africa

Bulungola Lodge, South Africa

Bulungula Lodge Resort , South Africa


Xhosa Lodge, South Africa


The Giraffe Manor Lodge, Nairobi


Giraffe Manor Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya


The Giraffe Manor Hotel, Nairobi


Giraffe Manor hotel, is a small hotel built in Lang’ata, suburb of Nairobi, Kenya for the purpose of saving and breed endangered Rothchild giraffe, and soon be paired and put them back into the wild. Profits of the hotel will go to charitable institutions.

Tongabezi Safari Lodge, Victoria Falls, Zambia


Tongabezi Honeymoon Cottage


Tongabezi Safari Lodge, Victoria Falls, Zambia


Tongabezi Safari Lodge bedroom


Tongabezi Safari Lodge, suite room


Tongabezi Safari Lodge, bathroom


7) Beckham Creek Cave Haven Inn


Beckham Creek Cave Haven Inn, Arizona


Beckham Creek Cave Haven room, Arizona


Beckham Creek Cave Lodge suites

8)  Elkep Elvi Cave Hotel, Cappadocia

Elkep Evi Cave Hotel, Cappadocia,Turkey


Elkep Evi Cave Hotel, Cappadocia, Turkey


Elkep Evi Cave Hotel suites, Cappadocia, Turkey


Elkep Evi Cave Hotel Interior


Sidi Driss Hotel, Matmata, Tunisia


Sidi Driss Hotel, Matmata, Tunisia


Sidi Driss Hotel, Tunisia


Sidi Driss Hotel's room, Matmata, Tunisia


9)   Kokopellis Cave Bed and Breakfast Hotel, Mexico


Kokopelli's Cave Hotel, Farmington, New Mexico


Kokopellis Cave Bed and Breakfast Hotel, Mexico


Kokopelli's Cave Hotel, suites

Kokopelli's Cave Hotel suite


Guadix Troglodyte Motel, Spain

10)  Hobbit house Hotel, Woodlyn Park, Otorohanga, New Zealand

Hobbit house Hotel, Woodlyn Park, Otorohanga, New Zealand


Hobbit house Hotel, awesome suites


Hobbit house Hotel full view,

11) Magic Mountain Hotel, Huilo Huilo, Chile

Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile


Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile


Magic Mountain Hotel suite room


Magic Mountain Hotel, Dinning room

Baobab Hotel, Huilo Huilo, Chile


Baobab Hotel, near and same are from Magic Mountain Hotel


Baobab Hotel's room

Elqui Domos Lodge, Chile


Elqui Domos Lodge, Chile


Elqui Domos Lodge during the night

12)  Hotel de Glace in Quebec City, (Ice Hotel)

Hotel de Glace in Quebec City (Ice Hotel)


Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel) in Quebec City


Hotel de Glace Ice hotel room, Quebec City

Hotel de Glace located in Quebec City, where every year, they rebuilt this amazing cool hotel, with 225 kilograms of ice and 6,800 kilograms of snow. The ice hotel consists of 34 guestrooms, and of course you can see the hotel during winter time.


Ice Hotel in Sweden


Ice Hotel in Sweden


Jukkasjarvi Ice Hotel's Room, Sweden


Jukkasjarvi Ice Hotel, Sweden

13)     Igloo Hotels


Kakslauttanen Igloo Village Hotel, Finland


Kakslauttanen Igloo Hotel, guest room


Igloo Hotel

14) Liberty Hotel in Boston, Former Charle Street Jail (1851) or Suffolk County Jail


Former Charle Street Jail or Suffolk County Jail, now Liberty Hotel in Boston

Liberty Hotel Boston , Lobby and interior


Liberty Hotel suite room


Liberty Hotel rooms, "detention cell style"


Hostel Celica, Former Detention Cell, Slovenia

Hostel Celica , a former detention cell, Slovenia


Hostel Celica, budget suite room



Hostel Celica , Guestroom


Hostel Celca, Suite Room

Weird Detention Cell style room


Weirdest Prison cell Style, Motel


15) Don Q Inn, Dodgeville with Boeing C97

Don Q Inn, Dodgeville, Wisconsin


Don Q Inn with Boeing C97, Dodgeville, Wisconsin


Don Q Inn, weird "Love suite room"

Don Q Inn, C97G Boeing Stratofeifhter Lobby


Don Q Inn Boeing C97 Aircraft, Dodgeville, WisconsinJumbo Stay Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden


Jumbo Stay Hotel, Dinning Room


Aircraft Hotel


Aircraft Hotel room


Winvian Hotel Aircraft Lodge, Connecticut


Winvian Hotel Aircraft, Connecticut


Winvian Hotel interior (cockpit area), Connecticut


Winvian Hotel, suite room, Litchfield Hills, Connecticut


Winvian Cottage hotel suite room

16)  Palacio de Sal Hotel (Salt Palace Hotel)

Hotel Palacio de Sal, Uyuni, Bolivia, weirdest hotel made of salt


Palacio de Sal Hotel, suite room ( Salt Palace Hotel), Bolivia


Hotel Palacio de Sal, Lobby , Uyuni, Bolivia


Palacio de Sal Hotel


Palacio de Sal Hotel Lobby, Bolivia

The Palacio de Sal Hotel or Salt Palace Hotel, is made of salt-blocks, located at salar de Uyuni, the world’s salt flat (grounds covered with salt and other minerals) of La Paz, Bolivia. If you plant to stay  in this fantastic and weird salty hotel, there is a rule of “prohibiting licking the walls, furniture, ceiling or other parts made of salt to avoid degrading the quantity”. The hotel has dry sauna place and room for steam bath, a whirlpool bath and saltwater pool.

17) European Weird Hotels


Harlingen Harbor Crane Hotel, Amsterdam

Harlington Harbor Crane Hotel, Harlingen, Amsterdam


Harlington Harbor Crane Hotel suite room, Amsterdam


The Harbor Crane hotel is now converted into a luxurious hotel, provided by a modern lift, and the most weirdest and exciting thing, is that you can control from the operator’s cabin your personal crane. Oh, and reminder too, you have to wear your hardhat while working!

Kolarbyn-Skinnskatteberg Forest Log Cabins (Primitive Hotel) Sweden

Kolarbyn Cottage (Primitive hotel) in Skinnskatteberg, Sweden


Kolarbyn Hut bedroom


Kolarbyn Log Cabin in Sweden

Kolarbyn Log Cabin "suite room"


Kolarbyn Dinning Room

The Kolarbyn Cabin Log hotel, is a “primitive hotel” with no electricity, and use candle to light up the room. Guests can cook foods, as the primitive way of cooking using fire woods. During the night all you can hear are the crickets, bat’s noises or any night bird’s cry. There is a fireplace provided to warm the room. Isn’t that romantic but eerie?


Woodpecker Hotel, Vasteras, Sweden

Woodpecker Hotel, Vasteras, Sweden


Woodpecker Hotel View Annie Everywhere, Vasteras, Sweden


Woodpecker Hotel room


Utter Floating Inn, Harlingen, Sweden


Utter Floating Inn, before launching into the water

Utter Floating Inn, Harlingen, Sweden


Utter Floating Inn Twin- bed room

The Utter Floating Inn was a former lifeboat converted into a floating lodge, for adventurous people, who loves fishing.

18) Jules Underwater Hotel, Keylargo, Florida

Jules Undersea Lodge , Key Largo, Florida


Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida


Jules Underwater Lodge Suite's window (diver outside)


Jules Underwater Lodge suite


Jules Underwater Lodge Living room

The Jules Underwater Lodge resort can  is above 21 feet beneath the sea level, entering through an opening in the bottom of “hotel”,  by scuba diving. Guests will enjoy watching marine life through their cabin window.


Poseidon Resort Underwater Hotel, Alabama


Poseidon Resort Underwater Hotel, Alabama


Poseidon Resort Underwater Hotel Suite Room, Alabama


Poseidon Resort Dinning Restaurant, Alabama (Underwater hotel)


19)  Null-Stern Hotel, Switzerland  (Former Nuclear Bunker)


Null-Stern Hotel, Switzerland (former Nuclear Bunker)

Null -Stern Hotel , Switzerland, one of the room (Former Nuclear Bunker)


Null-Stern Hotel, Room and Lobby area, Switzerland

The Null-Stern Hotel, was a former nuclear bunkers and was converted into hotel in June 5, 2009, and later coverted into a museum in 2010 located in Teufen, Appenzellerland, Switzerland.

Concrete Mushroom Lodge (former Nuclear bunker) , Albania

Concrete Mushroom Lodge (former Nuclear bunkers) Albania


Concrete Mushrooms (former bunkers) Albania


Concrete Mushroom Lodge, suite

The former nuclear bunker in Albania, about 750,000 abandoned bunkers are transformed into hotels. That could be extremely weird,  staying in a “bunker”, and imagine a sniper sneaking out your window.

 Sand Hotel, United Kingdom

Sand Hotel, UK


Sand Hotel Room


Sand Hotel room, under the sun

The Sand Castle Hotel located in Weymouth Beach, Dorset, England, is built of sand, no roof and no toilet. This sand hotel last only until the rain comes. The rate per night is $21 or 10 British pounds.


20)  Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, Manaus, Brazil


Ariau Amazon Towers Lodge

Ariau Tower Hotel, Brazil


Ariau Amazon Towers suites, Manaus, Brazil


Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel , bedroom

The Ariau Amazon Towers Lodge located on the right bank of the Rio Negro, the largest fresh water in the Amazon, the Anavilhanas Archipelago. The weird authentic is the largest treehouse hotel in the world.



Wigwam Motel, San Bernardino, California


Wigwam Hotel in Wigwam Village, South Dakota

Can Sleep Hostel, Skanderborg, Denmark

This hostel was built for drinkers and these creative beer in can style hostel is really weird.

Daspark Hotel, Austria

This weird and unique hotel is made of real drainage pipes located in a park in Austria. Backpackers can afford the rate of this unique Daspark hotel room.

Weird Hotel in Bratislava, Slovakia The Propeller Island City Lodge,Vampire suite with coffin beds, Berlin , Germany



The Propeller Island City Lodge, Vampire suite coffin beds, Berlin, Germany


Guest inside her comfy bed


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