Strange Traditional Dwellings

A building or structure occupied for dwelling for one or more families, better known as house. The house have many kind of dwellings styles and depends on the country’s traditional style of houses they built, from nomadic tribe huts to modern day style. The house have the same dwellings purposes such as residential, home for a family, human-built dwelling (abode), accommodation or lodging and housing unit. Household, is the family members that lives in the house. The growth of settlement from the town to cities, human designed way or styles to identify the houses and some lot area.

1) Traditional Dwelling in Malaysia



Traditional Dwelling, Indonesia




Traditional Thai Dwelling , Thailand


Traditional Dwelling in the Philippines

Traditional Dwelling, Balay Negrense, Philippines

Traditional Dwelling, Balay Negrense, Philippines


Traditional Vietnamese Dwelling , Vietnam

2) Traditional Japanese Dwelling

Traditional Korean Dwelling or Hanok

3) Traditional Chinese Dwelling

4) Traditional Dwelling in India

5) Traditional Dwelling in Africa

6) Traditional Dwellings in the Middle East

7) Traditional Earth-houses

Traditional Cave Houses

8) Traditional Scottish Dwelling , Scotland

9) Traditional Movable Houses

Trailer house or Mobile Homes

10) Traditional Stilt houses

11) Cabin Log Houses

12) Shanty, Shacks, Huts or Small Houses

Shack Houses


13) Bungalow and Chalet Traditional styles


Traditional Cottage

14) Snow House :Igloo, Quinzhee or Lumitalo


15) Traditional American House Style

16) Traditional Wigwam or Tent Houses


17) Traditional Round Dwellings

18) Traditional Dwellings in Germany

Traditional House in Ukraine

Traditional Dwellings in Russia

Traditional Dwelling of Sweden

19) Traditional Dwellings in Greece

The Republic of Greece is a country in southeastern Europe and borders of Albania, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria, to the North and the east of Turkey.

Traditional Dwellings in the Republic of Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island, the Eurasian Island country and member of the European Union in the eastern Mediterranian, East of Greece, South of Turkey, West of Syria and Lebanon, and North of Egypt.

Traditional Old Style Dwelling in Bucharest, Romania

Romania is a country located at the crossroads of central outside the Carpathian arch and border of the Black Sea.

20) Traditional Dwelling in Portugal

Portugal, now Portuguese Republic is located in south western of Europe on the Iberian peninsula, west of Atlantic ocean and the country of Spain on the south. Azulejos Alicatados is made of tin-glazed ceramic tiles. a traditional house design in Portugal influenced by the Arabs, Romans and Germanic people.

Traditional Dwelling in Spain

Most Spanish of modern days preferred to live in a modern style houses.

Palloza, Pallouza or pallaza, is the traditional architectural dwelling of the Serra dos Ancares. The palloza is a round-shape structure with conical shaped roof made of rye stalks (grass grown as a grain as a forage crop, flour, rye bread, rye beer, whiskeys, vodkas and animal feeds).

Traditional Dwelling in Italy

The village of trulli found in the southern Puglia region, Italy, is one of the World’s Heritage Sites because of it’s strange, weird architectural design made of limestone conical roof shape located at the Itria Valley, Alberobello, southern Italy. There are many residents still living in these strange traditional house, but most of the building were turned into restaurants, hotels or guest houses for tourists.

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