Strange and Weird Smallest Animals

I only thought that pygmies or dwarfism congenital disorder affects only the human being, and I was amazed while doing my research for my next blog, that there are “tiny” animals, plants or insects that exists. I’ve included the smallest animals in the world.

1) World Smallest Horse

World Smallest Horse

Smallest Horse

The 5 year old horse, known as “Thumbelina” weighed 60 lbs and 17 inches tall, and recognized as the world’s smallest horse.


Smallest Horse


Einstein, World Smallest horse

Einstein, a pinto stallion bred, weighed 2.7 kilograms and 35 centimeters tall from New Hampshire, United States. Einstein could possibly break Thumbelina’s record which is 43 centimeters tall.

2) World Smallest Cattle / Cow

World’s Smallest Vechur Cattle

The 16 year-old Vechur cattle breed from India , a rare breed of cattle, have the average height from 31 – 35 inches (81 -91 cm) tall. The 16 year-old pygmy Vechur cattle bred is shown here with a 6 year-old HF cross-breed cattle.


Swallow the World Smallest Cow

Swallow is a Dexter-bred cow from Halifax, United Kingdom, measuring 33.5 inches (85 cm), is the world’s smallest cow.


3) Smallest Goat

Dark Gary Agouti Pygmy Goat



Pygmy Goat


Pygmy Goat

Pygmy goats originated from Cameroon Valley, West Africa, and a small domestic breed of goat, and are usually raised as backyard pets, rather than dairy product or goat meat purposes. Doe or female goat weigh 23 to 34 kg (51 to 75 lb), while the bucks or male goat 27 to 39kg (60 to 86 lb). Their heights range from 16 to 23 inches (41 to 58cm) tall.

Enchanted Hill Nigerian Dwarf goat

The Nigerian Dwarf goat is the smallest size in dairy goat breed of West Africa. Nigerian dwarf goat are now becoming popular as domestic pets due to easy maintenance and easy to train. Most of Nigerian dwarf goats have blue eyes making them dominant with this traits and they are so gentle.

4) World Smallest Chihuahua Dog

Ducky, World Smallest Chihuahua Dog

Ducky, world’s smallest chihuahua weighing 1.4 pounds (0.6 kg) high and 19.2 inches (49 cm)long. He lives in Charlton, Massachusetts.

Heaven Sent Brandy, Smallest Dog

Heaven Sent Brandy, is a female chihuahua measuring 15.2 centimeters (6 inches). The 6 year old world’s smallest dog is owned by Paulette Keller from Largo, Florida.


Scooter, 6mos old Maltese breed dog

Scooter, the 6 months old Maltese pup breed, measures 20 centimeters from his nose to his tail. Introduced by owner Cheryl Mcknight here showing that the dog is almost as big as a coffee cup.


Boo Boo, one-year old Hairy Chihuahua smallest dog

Boo Boo, the 10 centimeters tall, long haired chihuahua, from Raceland, Kentucky is the Guinness Book of World Records title as the smallest living dog. In this picture, Boo boo is posing near a match box.


5) World’s Smallest Cat


World Smallest Cat


Mr Peebles World Smallest Cat

Mr. Peebles, is a 2 year-old cat, declared by Guinness Book of Record in 2004 as the smallest cat, 15.5 cm (6.1 inch) tall and 49 centimeters (19.2 inches) long. Mr Peebles lives in Central Illinois.


6) Fennec Foxes

Fennec Fox, 10 months old


Baby Fennec Fox

Fennec fox is the smallest among canid species in the world. The fennec fox have 12 years life span in the wild, and longer in captivity.

7) Tarsier Monkey


Tarsier Monkey, smallest monkey found in Philippines


Tarsier Monkey, Philippines

Tarsier Monkey measures about 85 to 160 centimeters (3.35 – 6.30 in) tall. The male Tarsier weigh about, 80-160 grams (2.8 – 5.6 0z), females are more lighter than males.

8) Marmoset Monkeys

Marmoset Monkey


Pygmy Marmoset


Pygmy Marmoset or “little lion” monkey

The marmoset monkey, is the smallest breed of monkeys native to Peru, Eastern Equador, western Brazil, and southeastern Colombia, which they are sometimes called as; mono de bolsillo or pocket monkey, finger monkey and leoncito or Little Lion. Marmoset monkeys have the life span of 11 to 12 years in the wild, and around 20 years in captivity. The female marmoset weigh 120 grams (4.2 oz) and the male weigh 140 grams (4.9 0z) and 14 to 16 cm length.

9) Sloths

Smallest Sloth

Albino Sloth


Green Sloth

The sloths are slow-moving animals native to Central and South America. Most sloth are just the size of domestic pet dogs, but some could be in smaller sizes.

10) Silky Anteater

Silky Anteater


Smallest silky anteater


Silky Anteater, smallest anteater

The silky anteaters (Cyclopes didactylus) is native to Central and South America, Brazil. Venezuela, Mexico and Paraguay. The silky anteaters are the smallest specie members of anteaters, weighing less than 400 grams (0.88lbs) and their length range from 360 to 450mm (14.1 to 17.7 inches). They have golden-brown compact fur, their snouts are short, their tails can grasp or can hold objects and they have large claws.

11) Pygmy Hamster

Pee Wee, Smallest Hamster

Peewee , pygmy hamster


Smallest Hamster

Peewee claimed to the smallest hamster 2.5 centimeters (0.9 inch)tall, smaller than a fifty cents coin. He stopped growing after three weeks old, unlike his five bothers and sisters, who are normal in size, about four to five inches long.

12) African Pygmy Hedgehog


African Pygmy Albino Hedgehog


African pygmy Hedgehog

The African pygmy hedgehog is native to Africa, and weighed about 1 to 1.5lbs (0.5 to 0.7 kg), and their length about 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm). The African pygmy hedgehog has a pointed snout, round dark eyes (but have keen eyesight), and depend on their hearing and smelling sense, unbarbed spines, 4 toes at the back and 5 toes in front.

13) Teacup Pygmy Pig

Teacup pygmy pig

Teacup pygmy pig


mini Juliana Teacup pig, smallest and rare breed

Teacup pigs, the smallest breed among pig species, and becoming popular as house pets, due to their intelligence, easy to train and manageable. Teacup pigs weighed about 30 to 65 lb and have the life span of 15 to 20 years. They can be trained to litter in their provided litter box and learned by only a week. Teacup pigs, are so gentle and intelligent and wants more attention like a two year old kid. The mini Juliana teacup pig is a rare and smallest breed.

14) Malo Irukandji Jellyfish (World’s Smallest Jellyfish)

Irukandji Jellyfish, World smallest jellyfish


Irukandji Jellyfish, World smallest jellyfish

Malo Kingi or Irukandji jellyfish, is the world’s smallest jellyfish, although it is so tiny as a human fingernail, the toxic is potent and cause Irukandji syndrome, with symptoms of vomiting, extreme pain from affected area, rising of blood pressure and could cause death.

15) World smallest Seahorse

Hippocampus denise, World Smallest Seahorse

Pygmy Seahorse, Hippocampus Bargibanti

Denise’s pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus denise) is a Syngnathidae fish family commonly found in Indonesia, Vanuato, Palau, Malaysia, Solomon Islands, Southern Japan, Northern Australia and New Caledonia, found in coral reefs, their natural habitat. The pygmy seahorse are camouflaged or can imitate the colors of their background, making it difficult to see when they are among the gorgonian corals. They have a total length 1.5cm (5/8 inch). The Hippocampus bargibanti are smaller than Hippocampus denise.


Worm Pipefish



Green Pipefish

The Pipefishes (Syngnathinae), small fishes subfamily and the seahorse described with long body, having bony-ring like of seahorses, they have tubular snouts with tiny mouth, slow swimmers because they don’t have large fins and have prehensile tails for holding and grabbing plants. They measure 1 inch to 26 inches long. The pipefish come in various colors and patterns and can even changed their colors to adapt their environment just like the Hippocampus denise seahorse.

Wolfi Octopus, Smallest Octopus in the world


World Smallest Octopus

16) Paedocypris Progenetica, Smallest Fish


Paedocypris Progenetica, Smallest fish


World’s Smallest Aquarium with fish

The Paedocypris Progenetica is claimed to be the world’s smallest fish commonly found in Asia measuring 7.9 mm long.

Male Angler fish, World’s Smallest Fish


Female Angler fish, the male, 6.2 mm long, fused at the back of female

Male Angler fish, World’s Smallest fish

The male angler fish was claimed to be the smallest fish in the world with 6.2 mm long. Male angler fish is difficult to find, only female angler fish are visible in open-water (pelagic) and bottom-dwelling (benthic) or deep sea. The male angler fish looks like a “parasite” clinging on the female’s back, by biting the skin and releases enzymes digesting the skin of his mouth and her body fusing the pair to the blood vessel, and the male waste away partial or complete parts of his body like brain, heart, eyes and digestive organ, end up as gonads (testes for males and ovary for females).

Smallest Pufferfish

17) Bee Hummingbird , World smallest bird


Bee Hummingbird, World’s Smallest Bird

Hummingbird World smallest bird

Bee hummingbird or Zunzucito (Mellisuga helenae) is a species of hummingbird found in Cuba and Isla de la Juventud, weighing 1.8 grams (0.063 oz) and a length of 5 cm (2.0 in), claimed to be the world’s smallest bird.

Pygmy Owl


Serama Chicken, Smallest chicken breed


Serama Bantam Chicken smallest chicken breed

18) Hog Nosed Bat ( Craseonyoteris Thonglongsai)

Kitti’s Hog Nosed Bat


Kitti’s Hog-nosed Bat, World’s Smallest bat

The Kitti’s Hog-nosed bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai) is also called Bumblebee bat, native to western Thailand and southeast Burma occupying limestone caves along the rivers. The Kitti Hog-nosed bats weigh about 2 grams (0.071 oz) and measuring 29 to 33 mm(1.1 to 1.3 in), and maybe the world’s smallest mammal. Etruscan Shrew, is the main competitors for its smaller size.

Etruscan Shrew, World’s Smallest Shrew


Etruscan Shrew, World’s Smallest Shrew

Etruscan Shrew (Sunsus etruscus), world smallest shrew measuring 38 to 53 mm (1.4 to 2.1 in) and weighed 1.2 to 2.7 g(0.042 to 0.095 oz). This species are very rare and belong to endangered species, can be found from Europe, North Africa to Malaysia.

19) World’s Smallest Frog

World Smallest Frog

Macaya Brest-sot Frog, World’s Smallest Frog

The Macaya Breast spot frog . also known as Brazilian Psyllophryne Oidactyla or called Gold Frog, (Eleutherodactylus thorectes), was rediscovered after 20 years of searching which was last seen in 1991, and was found during the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The Macaya breast-spot frog measures 9.8 millimeters native to Brazil.

20) Speckled Padloper Tortoise, World’s Smallest Turtle

World Smallest Turtle


World’s Smallest Turtle

The Speckled padloper or speckled Cape tortoise (Homopus signatus) is the smallest turtle in the world measuring 6 to 8 cm (2.4 to 3.1 in) for males, and the female measures 10 cm (3.9in) weighing about 95 to 165 grams (3.4 to 5.8 oz). The speckled padloper tortoise are endemic to South Africa.
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World Smallest Newspaper


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World Smallest Origami


World Smallest Teddy Bear


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