Fat People and Obesity Shocking Facts

Obesityis a medical condition of Body Mass Index (BMI), a measurement which compares weight and height and characterize person with excess body fats or overweight if their BMI is 22 to 30 kg/m and greater weight of 30kg/m for the obese cases. This medical condition Obesity, increase high risk of fatality, chronic physical and mental illnesses. Obesity is sometimes considered as a disease, which brings various complications like Gynecomastia (abnormality of breast enlargement on male obese patients), prone to heart diseases, Type2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, certain types of cancers, and osteoarthritis.

Below is a collection of images we gathered from the internet. Our intention is to show how obesity affects people’s lives and how it causes disability to most.

1) Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the abnormal enlargement or development of mammary glands in male obese patients.

2) Prader-Willi Syndrome

Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is a rare genetic condition in which seven genes on chromosome 15(q 11-13) are missing or undeveloped chromosome 15q partial deletion on the paternal side chromosomes. PWS is always related to an extreme “unsatisfied appetite” and resulting to obesity. PWS have high ghrelin (28 amino acid peptide and hormone) level and may be contribute directly to increase appetite, hyperphagia (over-eating) and obesity.

Angelman syndrome is a “sister” of Prader-Willi syndrome, in which genetic disorder material is obtain or inherits from the maternal side but in the same region. The Angelman syndome (AS) is a neuro-genetic condition characterized by delayed development of mental and physical structures, sleep disturbance, seizures, always smiling and laughing and always in a happy mood condition, thus it is called happy puppet syndrome.

3) Sexy Fat Ladies in Bikinis

4) Fitting Time

5) Diet Time

Obese (image credit healthylifecarenews.com)

Obese (image credit healthylifecarenews.com)







6) Huge Drivers

7) Extended Tummies and Buttocks

8) Funny Fat dancers

9) Overweight and Obesity

Obesity Disability

10) Baby Fats

Xia Hao, the 3 year old kid from Guangzhou, China weighs 140 pounds or 110 pounds more than the weight of a three year old child.

The 11 months old baby from Colombia, weighing 61 lbs 12 ounce (28kg) and four and a half tall larger than his 8 year-old brother. His mother Milena Orosco de Agudelo, claimed that her baby began gaining weight at age 2 months old, and at first thought it was just normal and healthy. But then the baby became overweight, and seek for medical attention. The “giant baby” had undergone many tests to see if the baby is obese or having a Hyperthyroidsm.

Obese People Compared to Fat Animals






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