Weird Nanus and Little People

Dwarfism is a medical condition of short stature, or sometimes described as person below 4 feet 10 inches, but sometimes defined as not a disorder. There are estimated 200 distinct medical conditions, that vary with the conditions and characteristics of dwarfism, a person described as extremely smaller than a normal size with head, limbs and body proportioned to each other in size. It could be described as miniature version of something. Midget is also characterized as person who have abnormal size that may be caused by syndromes like, nanus (hypophysial dwarfism, Levi-Lorrain dwarfism, pituitary dwarf, these conditions are caused by growth deficiency, hormones instead of genetic factors like Achondroplasia dwarfism. But Midgets, has now become offensive terms or could be an insulting words. Midget is used to described as “proportionate dwarfs”.
1) Achondroplasia Dwarfism
Jason Acuna , born on May 16, 1973 in Pisa, Italy with Chilean origin, and grew up in Torrance, California. Acuna is an American actor and TV host of Jackass and owner of a franchise store of the Chronic Tacos Restaurant in Redondo Beach, Caifornia. Acuna has achondroplasia dwarfism and stands 4 feet 0.5 inches (1.23 m) tall. Jason Acuna is better known as “Wee-Man”, star of Jackass Show.

Jason Acuna, alias Wee-Man, star of Jackass

2) Jyoti Amge, was born on December 16, 1993 and a resident of Nagpur, India and acknowledge by the Limca Book of Records as the smallest girl, and world smallest female teenager recognized by the Guinness World Records. Her dwarfism condition didn’t caused her any disability, but because of her bone’s weak condition, she had difficulties in walking.
Updated: As of December 2011, Jyoti Amge was named the shortest woman by Guinness World Record. At 62.8 centimeters Jyoti Amge is said to be shorter than the average 2 year old toddler.

Jyoti Amge, World smallest girl, Nagpur India


Jyoti Amge

Kenneth George Baker, or Kenny Baker, born on August 24, 1934, is a British actor and musician, who played the role of R2D2 in the popular Star Wars film series. He stands 3ft 8 inches (112 cm) tall.

Kenny Baker as R2D2 in Star Wars Film Series

3) Primordial Dwarfism
Primordial dwarfism is a diagnostic category that specify types of dwarfism proportionate body of individuals according to their ages, which could be very small for their age or even unborn baby. Primordial dwarfism is a very rare syndrome, and could not be diagnosed until the age of three, and said can live until 30 years old. While the MOPD, or Microcephalic Osteodysplastic Primordial Dwarfism type ll, can increase risk on vascular failure and could cause premature death. Below are individuals with Primordial dwarfisms:
Aditya “Romeo” Dev, was born in 1988, an Indian body builder, with 9 kg (20lbs) body weight and 84 cm , can carry a dumbells. He was recognized as the World’s Smallest Body Builder. In 2008, Romeo Dev was diagnosed with aneurysm, that may caused a threat to his life if left untreated. Moyamoya and aneurysm are the most common syndrome affecting MOPD individuals.
Image source:

Aditya Romeo Dev, Smallest Body Builder


Aditya :Romeo” Dev, World’s smallest body builder (image:)

Kenadie Jourdin Bromley, born February 2003, recognized as the World’s Smallest Girl , with MOPD weighing 2 lbs, 8 ounces during birth. She was not expected to live in more than a day, but miraculously survived. She was eight months old when diagnosed with Primordial dwarfism, a genetic condition.

Kenadie Jourdin Bromley, World’s Smallest Girl


Kenadie Jourdin Bromley, Primordial Dwarfism

4) Seckel Synrome , a delayed developmental since birth and extreme growth failure due to marriages between two cousins or nearest kin marriages. It is also known as “Bird headed dwarfism”.

Seckel Syndrome and Primordial Dwarfism


16 months old baby with Seckel Syndrome

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Dwarfism

Stacey Herald, with daughter (Smallest Mom)


Stacey Herald with her new born baby


Stacey Herald and family

Stacey Herald, the 35 years old smallest mom is from Dry Ridge, Kentucky is suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a kind of syndrome that causes brittle bones, undeveloped lungs and growth disability. Stacey is only 2ft 4 inches tall, and was warned by her doctors the risk of having a baby. But still, Stacey who was determined to have her own family took the risk to be a mother. Wil and Stacey Herald had three kids, the eldest daughter, Kateri, 3, has the same condition with her mom, the second daughter, Makaya born in 2008 was a normal and average child, the youngest son Malachi, have the same condition with mom Stacey and oldest sister, Kateri. Stacey as a mother took care of the three kids while Will is at work, doing household chores with specialize working place as a normal mother and housewife do. During the night, Will take care of the feeding and changing of diapers.


He Ping Ping, was born on July 13, 1988 in Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, measuring 74 cm (2ft 5 inches tall). When the parents noticed Ping Ping’s growth is too slow, they seek for medical diagnosis, and found out that he has bone deformity known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta , which controls his bone development and growth. On March 3, 2010, he was complaining of chest pains, and was admitted in a hospital in Rome. On March 13, 2010, Ping Ping died of heart complications at the age of 21.
Image source:

He Ping Ping, World’s Smallest Man, died at age 21


He Ping Ping, World’s Smallest Chinese Man with World’s Ta;;est Man of China

Jun Rey Balawing, was born on June 12, 1993, in Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines, was recognized as World’s shortest living man, measures 0.5993 inches (1ft 112/3 inches) and was declared world’s smallest man during his 18th birthday. He stopped growing at the age of two, according to his father.

Jun Rey Balawing, Crowned as the new World’s Smallest Man at age 18

5) Other Syndromes that causes Growth Delay and Dwarfism : Noonan Syndrome

Noonan-Syndrome symptoms seen on babys-foot

Noonan-Syndrome symptoms seen on babys-foot







Noonan Syndrome is a congenital disorder and common inherited chromosomes, and regarded as dwarfism affecting both male and female individuals.

6) Turner Syndrome or Ullrich-Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome or Ullrich-Turner syndrome, also known as Gonadal dysgenesis, surrounding several female conditions, in which the monosomy X or missing chromosomes, describing abnormalities of short stature in growth, broad chest, swelling, low hairlines, low set of ears, and thick skin-fold of the neck or Posterior Cervical Hygroma.

Turner Syndrome Baby


Turner Syndrome, Pam Peterson, 1962-2005

7) Down Syndrome is a congenital disorder of extra 21st chromosomes, that causes delay in the child’s development growth, physically and mentally. The extra genetic material causes abnormalities development of stature, and features of down syndrome patients.

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

8) Theme Park of Dwarfs, Kunming, China
Mr. Chen Mingjing, a Chinese businessman-entrepreneur, developed the Theme Park of Dwarfs in Kunming, China, charging tourists $9 per person to watch performances of the “dwarfs”. Mignjing spent $115 million to create the miniature kingdom in the 13,000 acres of rolling hills and lakes in southern Yunnan Province . They build a 230-foot-high Theater that looks like a “protruding trunk of a pre-historic tree” and standard size cabins for the guests.

Kingdom of Little People in China


Theme Park of Dwarfs , Kunming, China

9) Dwarfs
Dwarf is an individual, with smallest or shortest stature. In a child’s imagination, dwarfs are small person with magical powers and believed that Black dwarf can cast a spell or perform black magic like the character of Rumpelstiltskin. While the White dwarf, are the kindhearted dwarf like the characters described in the fairy tale story of Snow white and the Seven Dwarf.




Rumpelstiltskin, the mean Dwarf


10) Gnome
Gnome is a fabled character, who lives underground, a dwarf-like creatures, a species of extremely small in size, characterized as wrinkled old men, could be described as sometimes mean or kind individuals.




11) Goblins
A legendary evil creature, an outlandish bizarre and strange, weird and bizarre in appearance and character.


Goblin Reading a Book







Leprechaun with evil smile

Leprechaun, an imaginary creature in Irish folklore, described as an old man, wearing red or green coat, who enjoys taking parts of mischief or misfortune to human beings, especially for those offenders. The Leprechauns keep their self busy and spent most of their time making shoes, keeping their pot of golds at the end of the rainbow. The Leprechauns are about 3 feet tall.


Gremlins (Mogwai)


Gremlin turned into a monster

Gremlins or Mogwai are strange and weird small creatures in which they regenerate other creatures and transform into small monster creatures. Image source

12) Elf / Elves (plural) or House- Elf
Elf or elves (plural), are imaginary divine beings of Germanic mythology. They believed that elf or wights, have magical powers used for their own benefits and to injure mankind.
Dobby, House elf in Harry Potter


Dobby, House-elf in Harry Potter Film Series


Dobby and Kreacher, House-elf, Harry Potter


Gollum, Lord of the Ring House-elf


Gollum, Lord of the Ring, House-elf

13) Hobbits
The Hobbits are fictional individuals inhabiting the Middle-earth, and characterized as 2 to 4 ft (0.61 – 1.22m)tall, or the average height of 3ft 6 inches(1,07m). Their feet are covered with curly brown curly hairs and brown curly hairs and leathery-like soles.

Hobbits (distinct human-like)



14) Trolls
The trolls are described as dwarf size creatures, or maybe they could be as tall as a normal human being, depending on the country where the story originate. They could be hairy, cute, funny but, may be they could be so mean to human beings.

Trolls Couple


Sea-Troll Live in Water

15) Pygmy/ Pygmies
Pygmy or pygmies (plural) are various tribes with small statures with the average height of 150 cm (4ft 11 in) for the adult pygmy. Pygmoid are the slightly-taller group of pygmies. Pygmies of Central Africa are the Aka, Efe and Mbuti tribes. In Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia Papua New Guinea and Brazil are called Negritos.

Aetas or Ati, Pygmies of Luzon, Philippines
Aetas or Ati is a negrito ethnic tribe of the Philippines, with various names depending on the region of the negritos. In Palawan they are called Batak, Mamanwa in Mindanao region, Baluga in Central Luzon, and many more names called in their own dialects.

Aeta or Ati , Philippines Pygmies or Negritos


Malaysian Pygmies or Semang


Andamanese Negrito couple, Pygmies of Andaman


Aka Pygmy tribe, meets another Pygmoid woman

World Smallest People:

Edward Nino Hernandez, 24, World Smallest Man of Colombia


Khagendra Thapa Magar, World Smallest Man

Lin Yu-Chih, Smallest Man, Taipei, Taiwan

Midget Atheletes


Midget Golfers


Mini Golfer


Cazemiro Ribeiro aka Vagner Love, Soccer


Midget Basketball Players

Midget Wrestlers


Mighty Mike as Sumo Wrestler

Midget Rocker


Mighty Mike, Rock Band Motley Crues


Mighty Mike as Elvis Presley


Mighty Mike as Kiss

Midget Pole Dancer


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