Weird, Incredible and Funny Inventions

Invention is a composition of devices, poetry or songs or products using creativity of the mind. Inventions can be an obsession and often times extend beyond the human knowledge or experience. An inventor can obtain legal protection for their inventions for an intellectual property or patent. Inventor of ancient times is now in our history and being recognized and use all over the world. An example of invention is the paper, which everyone is using for writing, wrapping, drawing or sketching, paper art like the Japanese Origami. Chindogu, a Japanese invention of daily gadgets, and may be a solution for every problem, but sometimes characterized as useless, and most of the time these inventions creates more problem and embarrassment for the users, often times results to customer’s dissatisfaction.

Hercules Beetle Origami (by: Robert Lang)


Orizuru, or Crane paper origami


1) Funny Inventions


Valentino LoSauro, from Fort Myers, Florida, invented his creation, two years ago, and claimed that he could cut hair twice as fast as the normal haircut. He is fondly called as Edward Scissorhands.

2) Invented for Housekeepers

Chindogu- Baby Mop


Baby Mop

When your baby is on the stage of crawling, then this dress-mop-in, is one creation suitable for the baby. He won’t dirt his baby suit and at the same time, the baby mop the floor.


Duster-Slippers for pet cats


Rag-Cleaner slipper


Fresh Air Mask

3) Incredible Inventions

Fan Bicycle (weird looking bike)


Bizarre Scooter


Bizarre Bike Designs


Futuristic Police Bike invention By Ciprian Frunzeanu


Incredible Big Bike


Incredible Motorbike


Pig Bike, amazing invention

4) Car Entertainment Invention

Billiard-Table Car

Snooker-Table Car

Sudhakar Yadav, from Hyderabad, India, created and designed the snooker table shape car. Yadav drives his three-wheeled car with a 150cc engine and run at 45 kph speed (28 mph) which took him four months to finished his invention.

Funny swimming Pool in a car

Weird and Funny Baby Carriages

Baby Carriages


5) Amazing Small Mobile Home

Smallest Mobile Home


Mobile Home exterior view

Mobile home kitchen and bedroom


Mobile home Driving-Wheel and Office


Funny and Weird Office Table and Chair ) Japanese Futuristic Car

Japanese Futuristic car



The Kandi-Coco Car

Electronic single- sitter car


Electronic Hybrid-Car

The Electric Hybrid car and Electric single-sitter car was designed and developed by Hammacher. The electric one-person car has a top speed of 7o mph and can travel up to 30 miles per charge, operating with zero emissions and can use less than half of its power or energy. This car is called Venture One produced by Venture Vehicles, and the price is $24,899.95.


7) Incredible Inventions : Future Computers or Laptop

eBall computer Set


eBall PC

Incredible invention of an Electronic Ball Computer measures 160mm and was designed for Microsoft Windows OS, when not in used you may thought it is only an ordinary ball-gadget, and when you open it, you will find out it is an amazing and incredible computer set that includes the display screen, a mouse and the virtual keyboard. The ball computer was designed and invented by Apostol Tnokovski, which aims to developed the smallest PC, when the idea comes in his mind.

Pen with Camera


Amazing Pen-Computer


Amazing Pen-laptop


Amazing Pen-laptop, Laptop of the Future


The Future Laptops

Incredible and amazing digital pen computers, a Japanese new invention that could amazingly developed monitor and keyboard on your office table or any flat surface. Pen computers are easy to carry in any functions, keep it in your pocket, bags or attache case and operate it as a normal desktop or laptop. But this device is not yet available in the market for consumers.

Rolling Laptop


Futuristic Laptop



Futuristic Laptop

The digital rolling laptop or D Roll Laptop, was a concept designed by Hao Hua, and may be the next generation laptop design.

8) Nose Stylus Gadget

Nose Stylus


Nose Stylus

With nose-stylus invention, it may be helpful to people who often misplace their stylus pen, although it will look funny, weird and awkward for the users.

9) Weird Umbrellas

Futuristic Umbrella

Umbrella and Tent in one




Handy bag-umbrella

Some individuals are too lazy carrying umbrella with them, and this invention is handy and easy to carry, you can use it as your bag and when you feel the heat of the sun prick your skin or sudden rain pours, just open your bag and transform into umbrella.

Personal Rain Saver

This upside-down umbrella was invented to collect rain water with installed tubing direct to a handy container. Although it is awkward, it could help us conserve energy, now the utility bills and bottled water price is going up.

10) Chinese Half-man Walked Again with New Body Invention

Peng Shulin’s New Body and Feet


Peng Shulin walked again using his new body and feet

A Chinese man named Peng Shulin was run-over by a lorry ( a big truck) in 1995, and with full effort of 20 surgeons to helped him survived the tragic accident, which left him half-body about 78 cm tall. Shulin was bedridden for many years, but the doctors in China made him walked again, who never gave up on him. Researchers and inventors created the egg-cup like casing to hold his body attached with two bionic legs.

11) Subway Chin-Rest

Subway Chin-rest

Subway Head Supporter

Japanese are known as workaholics and whenever they are on board a subway train, dozing or a short nap meant a lot to them. And these devices was invented for the commuters, so they could have the chance to take the nap. And one problem for these sleeping gadgets, is when they miss their destinations, thus the inventors designed a board with message attached, so passengers will know when and where to wake them up.

12) Toilet Paper-Holder

Toilet Paper holder

13) Amazing Kitchen tools

Corn Scraper Kitchen Tool


Pineapple Shaper


Seed Remover Kitchen tools


Lime or Lemon Squeezer

Butter Stick


Winnie-D-Pooh Bread Toaster

Frying-oil Brush Kitchen tools


Teapot Holder


Double-nose Teapot


All Purpose Kitchen Scissor


Pizza Cutter





These kitchen tools invention are helpful for busy working moms.

14) Shoe- Crazy Design Inventions

Crazy Banana Shoes Design


Crazy Rodent Shoes design


Crazy Dog design


Weird Dog shoes Design


Giraffe Shoes Design


Crazy Glass- High heel Shoes with Spider


Crazy Glass-Spine Shoes design


Invisible Heels shoes


Roses-Barbed Wired Shoes


Spiky Shoes


Sugoi Boots


Rainy Day Shoes


Crazy Sick-Feet Shoe


Crazy Sick-Feet Shoes



White Crazy pocket Shoe


Museum Shoe-Design

15) Cremated-Corpse Turned into Gems or Beads

Cremated ashes turned into Gems or Beads

Kim Il-nam, the 69 year-old, retired school principal from Icheon, South Korea, showing his father’s cremated ashes turned into gems. The skeletal remains of Il-nam’s father was exhumed and was cremated, and the ashes was turned into gem-like beads paying $870 for the process.

16)Weird and Funny Inventions

Eye=drop Funnel set

17) Dog Watcher window

Dog Watcher’s Window


Staircase shoe-keeper Drawer

18) Breast-feeder

Amazing Baby Breast Feeder

19) Hot Soup-Blower



Funny Inventions

20) Awesome Inventions

Awesome Jacuzzi


Hot-Tub Home Invention

These indoors bath tubs new inventions are awesome.

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