Weird and Strange Products

Things or stuffs produced from raw materials and finished as goods or merchandise are called product. Product used in businesses have variant categories and purposes, such as in economics and commerce, marketing, retailing and manufacturing. Products are classified into two category, products are easily detected and imitated (tangible) and products that are easily recognized by their brand name but difficult to imitate (intangible) because of their serial numbers, bar codes and model. Some products can be weird, hilarious and strange to consumers, and out of curiosity, they buy the item or product.

1) Weird Kids Stuffs

Lollipop dipped in a “toilet bowl” with flavored powder-milk (business pundit)


Weird Daniel Craig Lollipop (somethingbizarre)


Egg-Chocolate-Bacon (image:weirdnews)


Chocolate Skull (image:something bizarre)

We all love chocolate and sweets, except when you are diabetic. Every time I picked my groceries, I always have my sweets in my list, but what most attracts me is the weird shapes.

Chocolate Pills (Something bizarre)

Chocolate pills? That makes sense. I remember my mom, she always had problem swallowing pills complaining of the bitterness taste of the pill or tablet.

2) Computer or gadget’s Protection


Funny and Strange Product (Ellen)

That’s weird, is this product protect us from radiation? Or just don’t want to show anyone what it is stored on your gadget.

3) Funny and Weird Baby Products


Weird Baby Keeper (


Weird Baby Product, Facifeeder (


Billy Bob Pacifier (newbornbaby zone)


Funny Baby Pacifier (enbusytrade)

Funny-looking pacifier, I just hope they don’t produce “vampire teeth” design.


Monkey Bottle Hugger (newborn baby zone)


Mother’s Milk Pack(excitefun)

Being a mom, you always want the best for your baby. Funny baby product can add humor to mother and baby relationship.

4) Wacky Christmas Decorations

Funny Christmas Decoration



Weird Christmas Tree (somethingbizarre)


Weird Upside-down Christmas Tree (


Christmas Tree made of Beer Bottles product


Peeing Santa Decor


Santa’s Sleigh, upgraded

Christmas is celebrated once a year, by Christians around the world. It is our traditional practice to decorate our homes with elegant, funny, weird or bizarre Christmas ornaments. And searching for weird images really amazed me and made me laugh.


Santa farting-butt decor (

5) Funny Japanese Product

Funny Woman’s Leg pillows (



Lap Pillow or woman’s leg pillow, Japanese Product (

Lap Pillows or woman’s leg pillow are made from urethane foam.

Funny Towels ( by:Brian Chua)

6) Beer and Cola Product

Weird Japanese Drinks (weird Japanese drinks)

Pepsi introduced to Japanese soft drink market variant flavors such as cucumber, mint and basil and yogurt.


Coolpis Kimchee Drink (weird and bizarre Japanese soft drinks)

The Korean traditional dish Kimchee (made from fermented cabbage, radish and red hot chillies) is now manufactured as drinks.

Bird’s Nest Drinks (most unusual drinks)

Bird’s Nest soup is the most expensive and famous cuisine among Chinese. Bird’s Nest soup comes from sparrow bird’s saliva, and now manufactured as drink product.



Bilk Drinks (milk +beer) (craziest Japanese products)

7) Bacon Products


Bacon Pop Soda (weird news)

Jones Soda Marketing Director, Mike Spear revealed in a press release, that “Bacon is the 8th Wonder of the World”, maker of other beverages made of ham, turkey, and green peas soda.

Weird Squeezed Bacon(bizarre and creative food products)

8) Coffee Products

Weird Coffee Inhaler (bizarre products)


Espresso bean coffee chocolate-coated candy (candyaddict)

Weird handy coffee , awesome. If you are a coffee lover you might as well love using weird coffee mugs.

9) Weird Coffee Mugs Products

Awesome Sexy coffee cup



awesome Big-tummy coffee cup

Awesome toilet-bowl coffee cup


Awesome coffee cup


Awesome Coffee Cup

These are awesome coffee mug products. (credit images: likepage-blogspot)


Coffee cup and doughnut keeper


Coffee cup in Zero Gravity


Coffee cup made of coffee beans product


Coffee mug Golfer’s Putt

10) Weird Ice Cream Product

Basashi Ice Cream (image

Basashi Ice cream have two flavors, the horse meat flavor and the chicken wings flavor.


Dried Astronaut Ice Cream Product (stevepanglerscience)

Ice Cream have different flavor and style of representation of product to consumers. But having a horse meat and chicken wings, flavored ice cream, weird, isn’t it?

11) Funny Swimsuits


Weird Bathing Suit (


Japan Funny Swimsuit (

Japan Funny Swimsuit (funnydesivalley)


Shark Swimsuit (


Mankini Borat Swimsuit


Jim Carey in Jenny McCarthy swimsuit


Cats in Swimsuit

Pet lovers can now bring their cats for swimming and tanning with these amazing products.


Large Swimsuit Product

If you are large but sexy, then no worry at all, here are large or extra large swimsuit products.

12) Weird Food Products



Weird Canned Cheeseburger (something bizarre)


Weird Bread on Stick


Weird Pizza Cone



Weird Egg Roll


Weird Buddha Pear (something bizzarre- blogspot)


Weird Pyramid Watermelon


Strange Product : Coffee Mug (cool picture gallery)

13) Funny Pet Dogs Wig Products

Pet Dog Wigs (to win wigs) Pet Dog Wigs Manufacturer Factory-YIWU Towin Hair Products


Funny pet dog wig


Funny Pet dog wig


Pet dog wig


Pet dog wig



Pet dog wig


Pet Dog wig

Pet lovers who love to groom their dogs or cats, wigs can help them become glamorous.

14) Strange Food Keeper Products

Food Cover , smoke from hot food comes out from pig’s nose

Food Keeper (


Bread Toaster


Tea Bag Holder


Funny Straw


Aquarium Book-shelf Holder


Funny Belt product


Lamp Shade for kids

15) Funny Chinese Imitation Products

Nokla Gadget (crazy and funny stuff)

Sang Ericson CP (crazy and funny stuff)

Ballstar Rubber Shoes (

Numa Shoe


Like Brand Product

Cuggi Brand

Girgio Armwni Brand


LGG Jeans

Borio Biscuit

S&M Chocolate Candy

Roxana Body Deodorant

Gaytorade Drink

JohnDaphne Whiskey

Red Label Whiskey


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