World’s Tallest People

Giantism or commonly known Gigantism, is a condition of excessive growth and height above the average of a growing child. Over production of growth hormones during childhood, before the long bone epiphyses close, causes abnormal growth in heights.


Here’s a list of tallest people:

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1) World’s Tallest Man in China

Zhao Liang-world's tallest person

Zhao Liang, who maybe the world’s tallest man with his mother (dowhile)


Zhao Liang- tallest man in China

Zhiao Liang, tallest man in China

Zhao Liang was born in 1982, and may be tallest man in China or could be the tallest man in the world, with his height 8 feet 1.1 inches (2 m 47 cm). He is working in a circus as a performer in China.

2) Sultan Kozen, World’s Talles Man in Turkey

Sultan Kosen-tallest man in turkey

Sultan Kosen, World’s Tallest man from Turkey ( dowhile)

World's tallest man in Turkey

Sultan Kozen Tallest man from Turkey (dowhile)

The tallest basketball player in Turkey, Sultan Kozen, was born in 1983. Before his back surgery, he was measured 2 m 42cm, and after his surgery he was measured again, 2m 47 cm.

3) World’s Tallest Woman in Maasai Tribe

Maasai Tribe most tallest woman

Tallest Woman of Maasai Tribe (softpedia)

4) Bao Xishun, World’s Tallest Man from China

Bao Xishun sitting down with wife

Bao Xishun with pregnant wife Xia Shujuan (english.people)


Bao Xishun with wife Xia Shujuan

Bao Xishun World’s Talles man from China ( english.people)

Bao Xishun from Xunhua, North China, Hebei province, measures 2.36m tall, and soon to be a father. Picture taken with pregnant wife, Xia Shujuan.

5) Tallest Woman from USA

Sandra Elaine or Sandy Allen was the world’s tallest female from the United States. She stood at 7 foot 7 and 1/4 inch.

Tallest Woman in USA- Sandra Elaine/Sandra Allen

Tallest Woman from USA, stands 7 feet and 4 inches tall ( zest info)

6) World’s Tallest Teenager

Marvadene Anderson, Tallest Teenager

Marvadene Anderson, Tallest Teenager, New Jersey (omgfunnypictures)

Marvadene Anderson, a 16 year-old student in Hew Jersey, hails from a Jamaican family, stands 6 feet 11 inches tall.

  • Elisamy Silva 14 year-old tallest teenager

    14 year old tallest teenager- Elisamy( sallyreck)


Tallest Brazilian 14 year old

Elisamy Silva, 14 years old, Tallest Teenager, from Brazil

Elisamy Silva, 14 year-old girl from Brazil, now a model, she stands 206 centimeters (6 feet 9 inches).

7) World’s Tallest Man Leonid Stadnyk


Leonid Stadnyk, World’s Tallest Man (image Credit: deaflion)


Leonid-Stadnyk- Tallest Ukrainian Man

Leonid Stadnyk, Tallest Man from Ukraine (forumsgclub)

Leonid Stadnyk, was born in 1970, is a Veterinarian practitioner from Podolyantsi, Ukraine. He stands may be 8 feet 5 inches, although this is not official since he won’t allow officials from Guinness World Record to take his measurement. Some people think he stands only 7’6 tall. It was believed that his surgery when he was age 12, might caused his extraordinary height, resulting to overgrowth of pituitary glands, same as Robert Wadlow’s case.

8) World’s Tallest Woman from Pakistan, Zainab Bibi

Zainab Bibi, Pakistani Tallest Lady

Zainab Bibi World’s Tallest Woman ( flixya-)

9) Tallest Man in Indonesia, Suparwono

Suparwono Indonesia's Tallest Man

Suparwono. Tallest man In Sumatra, Indonesia (wordlstrangest)


Tallest Indonesian man named Suparwono

Suparwono, tallest man in Indonesia

Suparwono, the 25 year-old Tri Tunggal villager on the Island of Sumatra, failed to get the title of Tallest man in the world. He measured only 7 feet 11 inhes, 2 inches shorter than Sultan Kosen of Turkey.

Suprarwono getting measurements

Measuring Suparwono for Guinness Entry Tallest man in the World


Sultan Kosen remains tallest man over suparwono

Sultan Kosen, retain his Title as the World’s Talles Man over Suparwono (world’s strangest)

Sultan Kosen of Turkey, retained his title as the World’s Tallest Man in Guinness World record over Suparwono, of Sumatra, Indonesia and Bao Xishun of China.

Bao Xishun

Bao Xishun, title was overtook by Sultan Kosen of Turkey on August 2009

Bao Xishun, the former Guinness World Record holder of World’s Tallest Man, was overtook by Sultan Kosen of Turkey, measuring 2.36 m (7 feet 8.9 inches) tall.

Xhao Liang secind worlds tallest

Xhao Liang, Second World’s Tallest from Henan, China

Xhao Liang, was the second World’s Tallest Man, measuring 2.46 m ( 8feet 0.9 inches)

10) Tallest People in the World

Zeng Jinlian is Guinness world’s record tallest female. She stood at 8 ft 1 and 3/4 in.

Zeng Jinlian world's tallest female

The Tallest Woman in China, 36 meter tall, has Brain Tumor ( edward khoo)


Gabriel Estevao Monjane, Tallest African from Mozambique (sgclub)

Gabriel Estevao Monjane, officially holds the record of World’s Tallest Man at 8’1 tall, from the year 1988 until his death in 1990. He was born and raised in Mozambique. He worked and performed in a Portuguese circus. Gabriel may be the tallest African ever recorded.


Tallest Model from Brazil

Tallest Models ( bikeradar)



Eve, Tallest Model threatened by 6’9 Brazilian teenager ( style pop crunch)

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